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Fried Chicken in San Francisco

Let's talk fried chicken. I must say that I am very picky about my friend, the fried chicken. I've also got to admit, that my tastes may not run like the rest of you. I was vegetarian for 5 years, and do you know what I missed most? KFC. It almost broke me a couple of times, but I held up. (I became unveggie because I was not too good at getting enough protein without waaaay too many carbs. But I still don't eat much meat, and love love love beans. People at work actually think I'm vegetarian, rather amusing.)

But chicken! With skin and a perfect battering (I'm not an extra-crispy gal, it's all the wrong ratio). I've tried Popeye's and Church's, and they just weren't my style. But I'm actually into organic, sustainable eating, and KFC isn't really on that list. I've been trying out restaurants in this here bay area, looking for a piece of good ol' good for the world fried chicken.

So far I've tried Farmer Brown twice and Maverick once. I've read the reviews, they said "good!". But you know, neither really kicked my bucket over. Both times Farmer Brown's chicken had the right ratio of breading to bird, a moist piece of chicken inside, but... not enough salt or any ol' flavor. Twas bland. The horror!!! It might as well have been a bunch of flour soaked in oil. And the very odd thing, Farmer Brown doesn't put pepper on the tables, just salt. So I couldn't even help the wee chick out.

Maverick also has an earth-friendly fried chicken available (comes with greens! grits! a black pepper sauce). I also liked their ratio of breading to bird, the chicken was super moist inside, the crispyness was there. But the breading was sweet almost. Sweet is not what I was looking for, in my hushpuppy maybe, but not on my chicken. So again, I will head out to see if I can find a good piece of fried chicken.

And just so you know, I did find it once. My friends, D & R, made some mighty fine chicken one evening. We sat out in the garden out back as they fried the chicken, and oooowwweeee, savory! So good!