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Galettes bretonnes in Toronto?

Hunting for a restaurant that serves these savoury buckwheat crepes. I have been disappointed by 'creperies' that I have been to in TO as they always serve their savoury in a standard crepe rather than the buckwheat galette. Has anyone found a restaurant serving galettes? (fingers crossed!)

GOOD Mexican food.

I recommend La Jungla on Dufferin. In a crappy location and ugly...but the food is good and the most authentic I've found. They have the right cheese (the white crumbled stuff - I don't know what it's called...I've only seen in Mexico or at Kensington) to sprinkle on the beans, you know? Also Kensington Market has some good & authentic central american food stands...empanadas, pupusas & such.

Ajax - Whitby Restaurant Suggestions?

Try Krebs in Grandmother (who has a pretty limited diet) enjoys it and so does the rest of the family. Hot Rocks (don't be fooled by the strip mall location) is good too, although the food may not be to the liking of a more elderly food taste as the seasonings, etc are more modern.

Very best Indian

Lahore Tikka in Little India is fantastic....but it's meat dishes are its best.
A really great little restaurant is Jodhpore Club on Baldwin. Eggplant Korma is yummy - and there are quite a few good veg options. Pretty nice atmosphere....and Baldwin area is nice to walk around.