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Foods that are Unfairly Maligned

Sardines! Whenever I open a tin of King Oscar's at work I get these weird looks from my coworkers. One of them is a pescatarian and she refuses to try one. Really, any food with a face or food in a can gets unfairly maligned in our culture. Sardines have two strikes against them in that regard. Heck, in Spain or Portugal you would be paying top dollar for a tin of quality seafood.

Sep 16, 2012
MINosher in General Topics

Christmas in Charleston, Brunch?

Hello fellow Chowhounds-
We will be spending Christmas in Charleston, SC this year (12/24-12/30) and we will have a large crew with us. There will be 2 adult couples, a grandmother, a teenager, tween triplets, a 5 year old and a 2 1/2 year old. We have a rental house on Foley Island, but would like suggestions from the Chow Community on places that will be good to eat, but satisfy this diverse group. Also, we were wondering if there were any suggestions about a brunch place for Christmas Day. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

ReLo to Grand Rapids, MI

Hi grmdmom! Are you one of the pediatricians at Alger Pediatrics? I'm going to be starting as the new Pediatric Infectious Disease specialist at DeVos Children's in about a month. I'll be working with Ron Hoffman's wife. Perhaps we can CHOW together sometime.

Apr 02, 2007
MINosher in Great Lakes

ReLo to Grand Rapids, MI

Thanks to everyone who has responded to this post. We are moving in about a week so I'll be able to try all of your suggestions. I got a few asian leads from a Grand Rapids native who is studying at the University of Michigan. I'll post them here for your review.

Pho place: Pho Soc Trang
4242 Division Ave S
Kentwood, MI 49548

Other Vietnamese: Golden 28 Chinese Vietnamese
627 28th Street SW
Wyoming, MI 49418

Upscale Asian: XO
58 Monroe Center NW
Grand Rapids, MI

Thai: Bangkok Taste
674 Baldwin St
Jenison, MI 49428

Asian Grocery: A Dong Oriental Food Market
3614 Division Ave. S
Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Hong Kong Market
4242 Division Ave. S
Kentwood, MI 49548

I'll let you know what I find once I arrive in town.

Mar 28, 2007
MINosher in Great Lakes

ReLo to Grand Rapids, MI

Hello Fellow Chowhounds,
I am going to be relocating from Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids in the next few weeks and would like to hit the ground running with regard to restaurants. I will be living in the West Village Subdivision in Ada and working downtown at Spectrum Health. However, I’m willing to drive for some good chow. We have a toddler and another one on the way so I’m not really looking for super fancy places. Here is our Grand Rapids, MI foodie wish list:

1. A good authentic Chinese restaurant. Can be hole in the wall with rude servers as long as they have good food. Dim sum and live fish/crabs/lobsters in tanks a plus. I’ve heard Wei Wei Palace is the only place in Western MI with decent Chinese.
2. A Pho joint. Again, can be hole in the wall as long as they serve a Pho with good noodles and delicious broth. A menu with pho containing mystery meat meatballs considered a plus.
3. A Thai place. Someplace that goes beyond Pad Thai. Dishes served with sticky rice on the side considered a plus.
4. Authentic and Tex-Mex restaurants. I’d like a place with a good chicken mole or tripe soup as well as a place to get fajitas or a sloppy burrito.
5. Asian market. A place where you can buy 25 pounds of jasmine rice and pick a live crab out of a tank would be nice.
6. Family restaurant. Preferably not a chain, but a mom and pop place that welcomes toddlers and has a nice staple of comfort foods.
7. Bakery. A place where you can get fresh bread, a chocolate croissant or a pear tart.

I think that is a good list for right now. If you can help with any of these on my list I would be grateful.

Mar 09, 2007
MINosher in Great Lakes