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Oakland: Korean food on Telegraph for novice?

I think the place you're referring to used to be called Luxury. My wife and I ate there a few times, and really liked it. We were leaving Sahn Maru the other day and noticed the sign had changed, so she jogged in and asked the person what happened. The owner apparently didn't really want to talk about it, but said they changed over about a month or so ago. Glad to see the Yang Nyum Chicken was still on the menu, though. Whew!

Apr 17, 2007
helava in San Francisco Bay Area

Citizen Cake Rum Butter Cake with Key Lime Cream and Tropical Fruits

Hrm. I tried out the recipe today. It's the first cake I've made in years, so I'm pretty certain that any weirdness is due to my lack of cake-baking skillz... but it turned out a bit... shortbread-y? It actually looks quite a bit like the cake in the photos, so I'm not sure whether that's the intent or not. Taste was good, but the cake was denser than I'd expected...

Apr 09, 2007
helava in Recipes

Oakland or Berkeley Sushi - besides Kirala?

Angelfish or Yume, both in Alameda, but both worth the drive. Best sushi I've ever had anywhere. Best "bang for the buck"? Geta, off Piedmont Ave.

Apr 06, 2007
helava in San Francisco Bay Area

Knife Sharpening in East Bay?

The guy at the Oakland Saturday market absolutely butchered one of my housemate's knives. Heated it up to the point where it discolored the blade, trashed the edge... if I were the guy, I'd have offered to replace the knife, as I'd have been utterly humiliated to offer that as a representation of my professional work. I'd never take a knife to that guy in a million zillion years.

Mar 09, 2007
helava in San Francisco Bay Area