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Greenville recs? [SC]

Hey, all.

I'll be in Greenville, SC for 4 nights this week. I'm going for a conference, and I'm traveling alone.

I'm staying at the big Hilton, which I believe is located right outside of downtown. The conference is at the TD Convention Center.

I'm looking for must-eat recs while I'm in the area. I'd like casual cafes for breakfast and lunch, and I'd like a couple good dinner options. Nothing too fancy. Somewhere I'd feel comfortable dining at the bar alone.

So, throw your recs this way. I'm really looking forward to great chow.

Feb 23, 2015
emiliewasmyeve in Southeast

Chicago Foodies to Cannon Beach

Thanks for these responses. ANYTHING that we should try in CB?

Chicago Foodies in Seattle--Bday Dinner?

This Westward thing actually sounds awesome! What a great way to end a 2-week trip and to celebrate my wife's bday. Two questions (considering the $175/person price): Will we have a good view of the fireworks? And is the food there good (or is it all about the atmosphere)?

Thanks for all the replies!

Chicago Foodies in Seattle--Bday Dinner?

Four of us will be in Seattle in early July, on either side of an Alaskan cruise.

The day we get back from the cruise, which happens to be July 4th, is my wife's bday. I'd like very much to arrange a memorable meal to celebrate.

Initially, I wanted to do Sitka & Spruce, but they are closed for the holiday. So, we have reservations there before we leave for the cruise, instead.

Now, I'm looking for other suggestions. A little guidance: we are four 30-32 year old Chicago foodies, wanting to experience something we can't experience at home. We definitely would prefer something a little higher end, as it is for a special occasion, but it doesn't have to be super high-end or super fancy schmancy in order to be memorable. In other words, special doesn't always mean fancy. However, for this meal, dives would be out.

Typically, we love inventive, local cuisine, and places with a focus on small plates are always a plus for groups.

We wouldn't want sushi or a seafood-focused restaurant, as my wife doesn't love seafood as much as the rest of us.

Any ideas? We're staying near Pike's Market, but we are willing to cab it anywhere.

Thanks for your help!

Chicago Foodies to Cannon Beach

Four of us are taking a girls' trip to Cannon Beach, OR in a couple of weeks. We will be staying right on the beach, in town for 5 days.

We are all big Chicago foodies, and we're looking forward to eating our way through--and around--CB.

I'm looking for any and all recommendations for "must eat" spots. We'd love mostly casual, local finds, but we're also interested in a "nicer" place for a girls' night out.

We're also willing to drive up to 45 minutes away for a good meal or two.


Chicago foodie to Vegas--steakhouse help?

Hey, all.

My wife and I are big Chicago foodies, and we're going to Vegas next weekend for my birthday. It's our second time in Vegas, and we go to stay with/visit my grandparents who live there.

Where we've eaten before: Bouchon, Craftsteak, and a few other places that were just "meh."

This time, here's what's on the agenda:
Julian Serrano (for my bday dinner--missing Barcelona)
Tableau (for a girly brunch with my mother and g'ma)
Heritage Steaks (for the dinner with both grandparents)

I'm not second-guessing Heritage Steaks, as I saw some comments on the boards that it wasn't as good as Craft.

I'm looking for an alternative (and it may be too late, as we go this weekend). Let me first explain that my grandparents are the world's most picky eaters. They are the kind of folks that--bless them--eat those $3.99 buffet kind of meals.

My grandfather is also G-Free, dairy free, and sugar free. So, yeah. Eating out with them is TONS of fun.

Either way, Saturday is their anniversary, and we're forcing them to go. Steakhouses are usually good bets because the food is recognizable to them and most things can be ordered a la carte.

So, any recommendations for something OTHER than Heritage? Or votes to stick with Heritage?

I'd also love to hear about some casual local places that are off of the strip.

Thanks in advance!

Apr 20, 2014
emiliewasmyeve in Las Vegas

Favorite spot for coffee and pastries/desserts?

The no chairs thing is kind of a killer for a long and lazy Saturday afternoon coffee stop, but we'll still have to try it early one Saturday for the pastries!

Mar 07, 2014
emiliewasmyeve in Chicago Area

San Pedro Belize

BUMP for San Pedro, as we will be there in 10 days. Any other recs? Are these all still good bets?

We will be stay at The Phoenix, and we are hoping to eat lots of local fare.

Favorite spot for coffee and pastries/desserts?

Thanks, folks! We're going to give Bad Wolf a try on Saturday afternoon and keep our fingers crossed that--by some miracle--a pastry or two is leftover.

Mar 05, 2014
emiliewasmyeve in Chicago Area

Favorite spot for coffee and pastries/desserts?

I had such good luck with my last question, I'm asking another:

What's your favorite spot in the city for an afternoon of coffee-drinking and dessert/pastry-eating?

We frequent Floriole, Kopi Cafe, and the Juilus Meinl on Southport, but we are looking for some new places, especially ones that offer a good selection of pastries/desserts.

Feb 28, 2014
emiliewasmyeve in Chicago Area

Best whole fried red snapper?

I can now confirm: the whole fried red snapper at Los Nopales is FANTASTIC! It rivals some of the best I've had in my travels.

Thanks for the recommendation, folks!

Feb 28, 2014
emiliewasmyeve in Chicago Area

Best whole fried red snapper?

Hey, folks.

I'm looking for a casual (or dive-ish) place to get whole fried red snapper. I live in Andersonville. So, while I'd be willing to drive anywhere in the city, somewhere on the North Side would be a bonus.

I'd settle for any version of this dish--Thai? Mexican? Central or South American? (My favorite ever was on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.)

Whatcha got?

Feb 28, 2014
emiliewasmyeve in Chicago Area

Chicago foodies to Montreal. 1st timers.

Thanks SO much again, folks!

I especially appreciate the Chicago comparisons, as they give me some frame of reference. Yes--I am looking for places like Avec and the Publican in terms of ambiance and approach.

Okay, based on your recs, I've swapped our reservation at Le Bremner for Le Filet. I've also made a reservation at Liverpool House (Joe Beef is totally booked for the weekend we're going).

We'll try to squeeze in some of the bars, bakeries, cafes, and snack spots in between. :)

Thanks again!

Chicago foodies to Montreal. 1st timers.

Thanks so much, everyone! This is SO helpful.

I've made reservations Les 400 Coups for the birthday dinner and at Le Bremner for our first night. I also made reservations for tea at Birks (based on a TripAdvisor rec)--sounds like the perfect things for a girls' weekend!

We'll also plan to eat lots of bread and cheese and pastries at many of the places mentioned, and we're definitely going to hit up the farmers market.

Our budget is very flexible; we'd like a couple of high-end places (maybe have those covered) and many casual spots.

Any farm to table places with less complicated fare? Great ingredients, simple preparations, small plates? Maybe something a little more on the casual side? Looking for casual but hip, if that makes sense.

And yes, if there's a great place for cocktails near our hotel, we'd love it hear it!

Chicago foodies to Montreal. 1st timers.

3 of us are going to Montreal July 4-8 for a girls' weekend. It will be our first time in the city, and we are very excited. We are bringing along my 18-year old sister in-law, and it will be her first time out of the US. So, she's particularly excited.

We want to do a lot of wandering, a little sight-seeing, and a lot of eating. We're staying at Le Place d'Armes in Old Montreal, for reference.

So, while we're looking for "can't miss" things to eat.

We'd like recommendations for cafes, nice lunches, local fare, places in the neighborhood in which we're staying, and a few nicer dinners. One of us will be celebrating a birthday while we're there, and we'd like to have a couple of high-end restaurant suggestions.

We are Chicago foodies, and we like to eat good food, but that doesn't always mean fancy schmancy. Our preference is for small plate, farm-to-table restaurants. We like French food, but we aren't crazy about French cuisine that reads as pretentious. And, since we're all under 30, we'd like to go to a few "hip" spots.

Looking forward to your recs! Thanks so much.

Pizza delivery at 41 & Madison

Hey, NYC folks. We are 2 Chicago hounds that just spent a fantastic long weekend in NYC and ate a TON of both low and high end chow.

Since our plane leaves at 8:00 tomorrow morning, we want to relax in our fabulous hotel room tonight and order pizza in.

We are at the Library Hotel on 41st & Madison. What would be our best option for pizza delivery? The hotel is pushing Familigia, but the reviews aren't so great. I figured you guys would know best, anyway.

Thanks in advance!

Feb 12, 2012
emiliewasmyeve in Manhattan

Local spot for seafood near Newport/Jamestown, RI

We're heading to Providence, RI for a weekend with friends. We plan on driving out to Newport and Jamestown one day and are looking for a good locals place for clams and lobster. Any suggestions? If it's on the water, even better!

Can't miss in Key West?


Jan 05, 2011
emiliewasmyeve in Florida

Can't miss in Key West?

My partner and I are Chicago Chowhounders visiting Key West next week. We're looking for any and all dining recommendations.

While we'd love to hear a couple places for a romantic dinner, we're mainly interested in casual local spots.

We're looking for good seafood, brunch places and a Cuban spot or two. Also, we'll be driving to Bahia Honda Park one day. Anything we should catch along the way?

Thanks in advance for all of your help!

Jan 04, 2011
emiliewasmyeve in Florida

BBQ with outdoor seating?

Myself, along with several friends, are wanting to have a casual BBQ dinner on Memorial Day (and we don't want to cook it ourselves).

Any recommendations for a great BBQ spot? We'd love a casual place (aren't all BBQ places casual?) with outdoor seating. I'm hoping to get some great ribs, too.

Though we live in Andersonville, we'd be willing to travel.

Thanks in advance!

May 28, 2010
emiliewasmyeve in Chicago Area

Saugatuck/Holland/Douglas finds?

Tomorrow, we're headed to Saugatuck for a few days. If it's worth the drive, we may also head up to Holland for an evening. We need any chow recommendations.

We will definitely be hitting up Everyday People Cafe in Douglas. We ate there last year and LOVED it.

We're also thinking of trying Salt of the Earth in Fennville. Any reviews?

We've heard about CityVu Bistro in Holland, but I've read mixed reviews.

Anything we're missing?

Everyday People Cafe
11 Center Street, Douglas, MI 49406

Salt of the Earth
4760 Red Bank Rd Ste 100, Cincinnati, OH 45227

May 17, 2010
emiliewasmyeve in Great Lakes

Authentic macarons?

Yes--the Sarah's Candies macarons were the most disappointing ones I've had in the city.

I'm still sticking with the new TJ's frozen version. However, Whole Foods recently starting having an "International Cookies" display in their bakery and they have some delicious macarons that--I believe--they get from Delightful Pastries.

Feb 04, 2010
emiliewasmyeve in Chicago Area

Midweek downtown breakfast?

Tomorrow, we're having a spa day at 600 W Chicago Ave. We'd like to do breakfast beforehand (at 10ish). We live on the northside and have eaten at most of the breakfast/brunch places on this side of the city. Downtown, we've only eaten breakfast at Yolk.

We're not against going to a hotel (that could even be kind of fun). However, we'd like to find a place that has good food, a nice atmosphere, but not too nice that we couldn't wear jeans. Maybe a place two gals can get a mimosa on a Wednesday morning?

Any suggestions?

Jan 19, 2010
emiliewasmyeve in Chicago Area

Relocating to Chicago, foodie seeks real estate advice!

I'd agree that Andersonville has everything you're looking for. As I was going down your list, I was thinkingk, "check! check! check!"

Also, I'd have to disagree that Andersonville is an older crowd. I'm a 20-something that has lived there for 5 years and I find it to be a very young and hip community. Not to mention, you'll get twice as much for your money.

I also drive to work downtown and, after a 5 minute drive to LSD, I'm usually there in 20 minutes.

Hope this helps!

Jan 14, 2010
emiliewasmyeve in Chicago Area

Authentic macarons?

I'm a macaron fanatic, too. We've done a bit of a crawl in Chicago and, truthfully, have never found any that compared to the ones in Paris. Vanille and Sarah's were the best we tried. Also, Whole Foods has a new "International Cookies" section in the bakery and they had some pretty decent macarons.

HOWEVER, and I will probably get slammed for saying this, Trader Joe's has recently started carrying them in their freezer section. They come in a box of 12: 6 vanilla and 6 chocolate. I guess macarons are the new "it" dessert--similar to the cupcake a couple years ago.

Anyway, we gave them a shot and both my partner and myself agreed that they were the best macarons we've had. EVER. Since they were frozen, I was really skeptical about the texture. After 20 minutes under a towel and they were PERFECT--crisp on the outside and buttery inside.

Unlike other ones that we've tried in the city, you could really taste the marzipan in these. Also, the buttercream and ganache fillings were amazingly smooth and flavorful.

Just try 'em. And they are only like $4/box.

Jan 14, 2010
emiliewasmyeve in Chicago Area

Mid-week lunch?

I'm back for more of you chowhounds' sage wisdom.

Next Thursday, my partner and I are seeing Oprah (I know, I know) on Thursday morning. We're excited and figured that, since we'll be off work, we should make a day of it.

We will be done by lunchtime and are trying to figure out a good place to go for some delicious mid-day chow. I'm looking for a sunny, bright and cheerful cafe-ish setting. I'm in the mood for some New American/bistro fare. I wish The Bristol was open for lunch. We haven't tried that place, yet.

Any recs that seem to fit our bill? We'll be downtown for the show, but don't mind traveling a bit.


Jan 13, 2010
emiliewasmyeve in Chicago Area

NYE w/ 2 teens?

Ha... yes! Graham Elliot!!

Thanks for these suggestions! I've never been too impressed by Red Light, but Carnivale had a good atmosphere. That is definitely an option!

We ate at Mercat a couple months ago and it was wonderful. However, we've done tapas with them quite a few times, so maybe something a little different?

I really have been wanting to try Cafe Des Architectes. I'm going to try that one out!

Thanks, all!

Dec 21, 2009
emiliewasmyeve in Chicago Area

NYE w/ 2 teens?

We have my sister and brother-n-law coming to town for NYE. They are 15 and 17 and love to try the "big city" restaurants when they are in Chicago.

We'd like to go somewhere that will be really festive. Here are our hopes:

1. Somewhere downtown. It's just "cooler" that way.
2. No more than $100/person.
3. Somewhere that would allow business casual attire.
4. Somewhere with food for the 17-year-old with an adventurous pallette and food for the 15-year-old who is pretty picky.

We were thinking of Billy Graham or Tizi Melloul. We haven't been to Billy, but went to Tizi a few years ago and thought the atmosphere was fun.

Last year, we took them to Marche and they LOVED it.

Any other ideas?

Dec 21, 2009
emiliewasmyeve in Chicago Area

(Teen) Girls Night Out?

We have some friend coming in from Indiana for Mother's Day weekend. She's bringing her 2 teenage daughters and--as per usual--they'll want to spend Saturday downtown.

We're (5 gals) trying to figure out a dinner place that fits the following specs:

1. Smart casual
2. Would "wow" the girls with a "downtown atmosphere"
3. Is mid-end in price ($25/entree)
4. Any kind of good cuisine. No big chains.
5. Comfortable/fun

Any ideas??

May 05, 2009
emiliewasmyeve in Chicago Area

Rt. 30a Seafood Shack-ish?

Thanks for the tips! Stinky's and Red Bar have both been mentioned to us by the folks here, too. So, we're definitely going to try those out!

Any places where we can get local crab legs or peel & eat shrimp?

As beautiful as Rosemary Beach is, I'm astounded at the lack of seafood at the restaurants around here!

Mar 22, 2009
emiliewasmyeve in Florida