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Bui on Solano in Berkeley

Has anyone tried Bui? Is it any good? When I drive down Solano, I'm overwhelmed by all the restaurants and wonder which ones are good enough to try...besides the wonderful Rivoli!

Friday foodie tour in Berkeley

Along with Cheese Board, there are two Arizmendi's - one in Emeryville, one on Lakeshore in Oakland. You can go to their websites and look at the pizza calendar and phone in to reserve one, if it's one you like as they often sell out. Bear in mind that while Arizmendi Emeryville ( takes plastic, Arizmendi on Lakeshore ( does not. They all close early on Mondays. I wish they'd change their website addresses to reflect the different locations!

Wood House in Rockridge

I ate dinner there during the first week they were open and found the staff to be extremely friendly and accomodating. The shoestring fries were too salty - I told them and they whisked them away and brought more that were great! The burger was Nieman Ranch and quite tasty. I wasn't as hot on the warm chocolate cake - I prefer one that isn't quite so sweet...