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Breakfast off 95 in CT

I second Chip's in Orange.

Is there ANY good Sushi in CT???

Wasabi Chi in South Norwalk is very good.

Wasabi Chi
86 Washington St, Norwalk, CT 06854

SONO Sunday Lunch

Strada 18 on Washington is very good, some moderately priced items on the menu. Burger Bar is a good call for something more casual, if it's nice you can sit outside. If you go make sure to get the Brie and truffle oil fries.

Strada 18
122 Washington St, Norwalk, CT 06854

Meatpacking District

Try drinks at the Standard and Buddakan for dinner.

75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Jun 16, 2011
jenstella in Manhattan

Italian Restaurant Fairfield County

Try Via Sforza or Strada 18. I'm not a fan of Biagio's. 55 Degrees is good too.

Strada 18
122 Washington St, Norwalk, CT 06854

Lunch Stop on the way to Hartford from NYC

Try Strada 18 in South Norwalk, right off 95 - exit 14. No clams's Italian. Or Osianna in Fairfield. You can sit outside & the food is good (not open for lunch on Sunday).

Strada 18
122 Washington St, Norwalk, CT 06854

40th birthday in Norwalk...

Try Match or Barcelona in Sono. If you are willing to venture to Stamford, Brasitas is fun.

g/r/a/n/d in Stamford -- anyone been?

The food is average for the most part with a few exceptions. They have a nice sized cheese plate and the best guacamole I have ever had. However, I ordered a lobster salad which I could not finish due to lack of flavor. I would say stay away from meals and have appetizers with drinks, it can also get very noisy in there.

Does anyone know if Alga Marina is still in SONO?

I work in Sono and have not seen that restaurant. I think it might be gone.

Market - Stamford

I agree that Storch can put too many ingredients in one dish - they work well together but if one is picky like I am, there might be issues. I was looking at the menu for Market and it appears he has done this in his new venture as well. I find myself reading the description of a dish - then deciding what I would request to be left off the plate. With that said, the kitchen is always very accommodating and the service has always been good. I am a long time fan of Match and I'm hoping Market will become a favorite for me as well.

Here is a link to the website if anyone is interested:

Market - Stamford

Has anyone tried this place yet? They opened a few weeks ago... from the owner of Match. I have a reservation this Saturday, menu looks good.

Where to eat in Darien, CT?

I work in SoNo, Chocopologie is not one of my favorites. I had a disgusting meal there a few weeks ago, it was almost inedible. Strada 18 is worth checking out for lunch.

Match is also very good for dinner.

Osianna - Fairfield, CT

I have driven past that place many times. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for the review!

Dinner in between New Haven and NY?

Strada 18 or Match in Sono, or Quattro Pazzi in Fairfield. I have heard mixed reviews about the Dressing Room.

Easter Sunday lower fairfield county

I don't think the Silvermine Tavern is serving brunch this year for Easter, instead they are doing dinner. Try the Red Barn in Westport or The Brewhouse in Sono.

Looking for a fabulous bakery in S. Ffld Cnty...

I forgot about Sono Baking Company - their cakes are fantastic.

Looking for a fabulous bakery in S. Ffld Cnty...

How about Westport... Great Cakes.

Best Restaurants - New Haven

Have not tried bespoke, but it is getting good reviews:

Best Restaurants - New Haven

What would you say the best restaurant in New Haven is?

Westport dining

I have heard mixed reviews regarding the Dressing Room. Hope to try it soon.

New Haven - Blue Pearl

Has anyone been here for fondue? How was it?

Restaurant for Large Group Stamford/Greenwich

Was definitely not trying to compare Siena and Napa - they are on two different levels. I am actually eating there next Friday night with a group on a smaller scale. Some people in the large dinner group have a problem shelling out that much money for a meal.

$50 - $60 pp would be reasonable.

Thanks for the quick responses.

Baang in Greenwich

I went with a bunch of friends last year on a Saturday night for dinner and drinks. I like to think we are a "loud" group, but this was really too much. I felt like we were shouting all night.

Best Service in Westchester/ Fairfield Counties?

Siena on Summer Street in Stamford has excellent service.

Restaurant for Large Group Stamford/Greenwich

Can anyone recommend a restaurant with very good to excellent food (Stamford, Greenwich, South Norwalk etc) that can accommodate a large group (appx. 25 people) that is moderately priced? Napa was $105 per person before alcohol and tip. The set menu at Match started at $65 per person. We ate at Siena last time our group got together and while the service was excellent, I was not in love with the food.