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Reheating Prime Rib?

I sliced leftovers into 1" steaks and did the kitchen sous-vide technique but used a FoodSaver vacuum pack first. Then put the slice in a large sauté pan, on a rack in the pan so the plastic wouldn't directly touch the bottom of the pan. Ran hot water into it and put just enough heat to keep the water at 130 degrees. Kept it in for 15-20 mins to ensure enough heat transfer. Steak lost a bit of color but still tasted wonderful and was same med-rare as before.

Jan 04, 2014
austxguy in Home Cooking

Two Gay Foodies and a non-foodie Mom on the Strip - premiering on Bravo this Fall

She's not very foodie. Her idea of a special dinner to take her 2 sons out was embers at the Imperial Palace. It doesn't look terrible, but for a special dinner I want a bit more. Currently thinking if going to Bouchon with Mom, where I've been before and love, and then maybe Twist with my partner. Or would you recommend é for a great foodie dinner?

Oct 20, 2012
austxguy in Las Vegas

Two Gay Foodies and a non-foodie Mom on the Strip - premiering on Bravo this Fall

We're at the Aria and she's at Harrah's but can always grab a cab. Thanks for the reccs.

Oct 11, 2012
austxguy in Las Vegas

Two Gay Foodies and a non-foodie Mom on the Strip - premiering on Bravo this Fall

Ok. Not really. But my partner and I are visiting LV with my non-foodie mother next month and looking for a nice, but not too intimidating, experience for a dinner. We (partner and I) have loved L'Atelier Joel Robuchon in NYC but think it may be a bit over the top for mom. I'd love Jose Andres' place but the foam and liquid nitrogen might scare my mother. Bouchon would be nice but looking for something unique. Le Cirque?

By the way, I took Mom to Taillevent in Paris a few years back and that was pushing it.

Budget isn't an issue but lack of intimidation combined with a (near) foodie experience is the goal!


Oct 11, 2012
austxguy in Las Vegas

Corkage in Austin - Special Event Dinner

Thanks Andrew. I didn't know about the specifics of the TABC law but am definitely not surprised... thanks!

Mar 19, 2011
austxguy in Austin

BYOB in Austin and Central Texas

To let everyone know, Perry's Steakhouse downtown does NOT allow corkage of any sort... not sure if this is related to TABC laws or just their own policy.

Mar 19, 2011
austxguy in Austin

Corkage in Austin - Special Event Dinner

To let everyone know... Perry's Steakhouse does NOT allow corkage of any sort. I was pretty bummed as I had a special bottle planned for a meal but apparently there is no flexibility whatsoever in this area.

Mar 19, 2011
austxguy in Austin

Recs for Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Santiago, and Valparaiso?

Just back from a Sept trip to BA and Mendoza. Posted about BA restaurants and Mendoza wineries on other threads.

Went to two NICE dinners in Mendoza:

1884 Francis Mallman: Incredible experience. The space feels like a private club and the parrilla outside is stunning. The appetizer was a Humita, or corn soup with chilies. The steak was a Kobe like thin cut that was meltingly tender and finished with mustard and roasted olives.

Azafran: creative food but not up to the level of Mallman. Great wine list presented in a library, rather than a list. A bit more casual but felt fairly Americanized.

Wineries to visit in Mendoza?

Visited in Sept 2010.

Mendel: our favorite, small and family owned.

Catena Zapata: stunningly beautiful winery. Definitely felt like the "Mondavi" of the area.

Dominio del Plata (Susana Balbo's winery): OK. Wines were nothing special.

Melipal: went for lunch. Gorgeous architecture and food was top notch. Wines were good, not amazing. I'd say skip the tour and just do lunch with their wine pairings.

Achaval Ferrer: skipped the tour and just did tasting. Perfect!

Bressia: last minute stop near Catena. Awesome small, family owned winery. Actually did some barrel tastings with the winemaker's son! This was one of my favorites.

Regarding some suggestions that you need a car and driver, we rented a car and had a good map and did the touring on our own. As long as you have a sense of adventure, i'd recommend this as it leaves more money for wine!!

Also, Vines of Mendoza can be a great way to introduce yourself to wines in the area. And their tasting room in downtown Mendoza is quite charming.

Two weeks of chow in Buenos Aires - reviews

Was there in September 2010, over two weekends.

Best Parrilla: Parrilla Miranda ( Very modern Parrilla in Palermo Hollywood. Mostly all locals. The lomo was the best we've had ANYWHERE and quite large. They take reservations until 9pm but we showed up at 10:15 on a Saturday and only waited about 15 minutes at the bar.

878. A puerta cerrada with very creative food and a very good wine list.

Casa Coupage. WONDERFUL Puerta Cerrada in the owners' apartment. Steak wasn't as good as Miranda but the food was much more creative and the wine selections excellent.

Tegui. Very innovative and creative food. Modern space was beautiful but the service was horrible! Too many people running around with little coordination between them. I'd try it again though.

Best of Anchorage, Alaska

I have a 6 hr layover at ANC airport next month and would LOVE to try some local King Crab Legs or other seafood. The dining options at the airport look pretty bleak but it looks like downtown is just a few miles away. I'll be there from 8pm - 1am on a Tuesday night. Can someone offer a good suggestion for a crab/seafood spot that's easy to get to from the airport?


Jul 12, 2010
austxguy in Pacific Northwest

Toronto, Monday night, dining alone (preferably bar), great food and wine

I'm in Toronto for business for 2 nights and staying near the airport but want to come into the center city for a nice dinner for just ME! Since it's just me, I tend to prefer to sit at a bar but definitely want more than just bar food.

I love more "locavore" type places in NY, SF, etc... but am open to something a bit out there also. I read some reviews of Colborne Lane and thought this sounded great but do they have a bar for single diners?


Texas Hill Country Food and Wine Sunday Fair???

I would agree to BarleyBob that it's OK for kids to be there but not really focused on them. Keep in mind also there's lots of standing in line waiting for food or vino and the kids may get a bit impatient, especially since they'll be sober :)

Apr 12, 2009
austxguy in Austin


I'll second the Parkside vote.... Wink is also great with it's truffled mac and cheese.

Surprisingly we had a great M&C at Quality Seafood. Theirs is a basic style but made with spaghetti.

Feb 28, 2009
austxguy in Austin

Small joint, local products, seasonal food?

Definitely second Wink. Local. Unpretentious. Innovative menu.... great wine.

Jun 09, 2008
austxguy in Austin

Downtown? Anything worth it?

I had some serious service issues at Jezebel a while back. The food was quite good but the service was so bad that I came very close to actually clearing my own table and taking the dishes back to the open kitchen myself!

I was also warned when making the reservation that "we're a European style restaurant and therefore you will need to ask for the check when you're finished. We won't just bring it to you." Unfortunately I had to go up to the host stand and ask as our server never returned after we declined dessert.

Dec 06, 2007
austxguy in Austin

Good peach cobbler?

Try the cobbler at Ben's Longbranch BBQ on East 11th just east of I-35. IN-CREDIBLE!

Aug 14, 2007
austxguy in Austin