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Recent Visits: Navy Yard Bistro or West Side Lounge?

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will report back on the experience no matter what restaurant we chose.

Recent Visits: Navy Yard Bistro or West Side Lounge?

Thanks for the suggestions. My husband and I have eclectic tastes but the diners we'll be with are more traditional. The Abbey looks like it would appeal to both types of eaters. Thanks!

Recent Visits: Navy Yard Bistro or West Side Lounge?

I am back in the area for a visit after 3 years living in Belgium. My friends and I are getting together and we want to keep the prices fairly low. Both Navy Yard Bistro in Charlestown and West Side Lounge in Cambridge had pretty good price/quality ratios when I lived here. Has anyone been to those two restaurants recently? Are there any others that you could suggest with similar variety and quality? Many thanks!

If anyone needs suggestions of where to eat in Belgium, I'd be happy to oblige. :-)

great meal at Bondir

Thank you for the review. It is right around the corner from me, and I've been meaning to try it. I have always like Jason's cooking, and the food sounds unusual and tasty. Thanks again.

local chicken

They claim that their standard birds do not contain hormones. That's a little better than the ones in Shaws and Stop & Shop.

Coming to Boston soon and need a little help. First request is for late night eats

I can't really think of a place between Logan and the Radisson, but Franklin Cafe serves until 1:30 AM. There is a location not too far from your hotel in the South End and one in Southie which is kind of near Logan (first exit off the Ted Williams tunnel, I think). Most of the entrees are under $20 and apps under $10.

Davis Square Suggestions

I agree that their baked goods are expensive for the quality. If you use vegan subsititutes and not enough fat (butter or oil) in baked goods, they'll dry out.

Trader Joe's In Fresh Pond

I quit Healthworks in Porter because of the nightmare parking situation. The only time to get there was weekdays before 8 AM. My car was dented and hit a total of 3 times in that damn parking lot. Fresh Pond is a close second IMHO. I love the Whole Foods there, but go to River Street which is more civilized.

Decent Steak? Near MIT/Central?

Navy Yard Bistro over in Charlestown has a grilled hangar steak with a bordelaise sauce and awesome fried on the menu, as well as a 12-oz Sirloin. It's about a 10-minute drive give-or-take from the MIT/Central area. It's reasonably priced for the quality:

Trina's Starlight Lounge to replace the Abbey

The Blue Sands! Fond memories of my misspent youth. His photos are great.

Trina's to open today

Yay! A new neighborhood joint. Now if only the restaurant slated for the former B-side space would open.

B-Side to be sold? Say it ain't so

Any word on when they're opening. I live a couple of blocks away and can't wait to have another neighborhood destination.

Fall 2009 Openings and Closings

Does anyone know what's up with the old B-Side location? The last that I heard was a micro-brew bar opening there in late July, but so far no signs of life.

Suggestions for a good raw bar in the Cape? Nantucket?

I second the Wicked Oyster. I also like The Bookstore's raw bar, though not their food in general.

Restaurants everyone seems to love but you don't

Me too. Last time I was there my burger was so charred and hard it nearly broke my tooth.

R. F. O'Sullivan and Sons: Irish I Worked Nearby

I think their burgers are hit-or-miss, and I agree that the cottage fries are gross. I do like their onion rings though. The ambiance is good for watching baseball, even though the owner is a Yankees fan. :-)

Why are Boston fish markets lame?

New Deal is the best for freshness. The owner's son is very friendly and knowledgeable. I also like Courthouse down the street. Has anyone tried Fernandes Fish Market near Inman Sq? I've lived near there for years and keep going back to New Deal.

Last Hurrah before going Gluten-Free

I am gluten-free too, and if I was going to binge, I'd pick an Italian restaurant with really good bread. I'm sure one of the hounds can make better suggestions than me, as I haven't eaten bread in a while. For sweets, my splurge is usually a cookie or ten from Lakota Bakery, or something from Petsi's Pies.

Best Salad in Boston???

Not Your Average Joe's Almond-Crusted Goat Cheese Salad. Served warm over mixed baby greens with fresh raspberries, caramelized pepper pecans and raspberry vinaigrette. Yummy with chicken or shrimp added. NYAJ's menu is mostly hit or miss, but this salad rocks!

Recent Eats: Neptune, Artu, Waterfront, Navy Yard Bistro

Hi phatchris,

Thanks for the reviews. I concur about Navy Yard Bistro. The quality of the food is very high for the price. I have never had a bad meal there.

I will definitely have to try the Lobster Spaghettini at Neptune next time, though I usually stick to the lobster roll.

What I ate in Paris, March, 2008

Thank you for the report. Funny you mention Pick Clops-I spent a lot of time there on my trips to Paris in the '90s and I remember that they played great music (and had the dreaded Turkish toilet!)...I also remember Baracane, and always liked the homey atmosphere and decent food. I'm off to Paris on May 30th until June 11th with my mother-who has never been to Paris-and I will certainly follow some of your dining advice. Merci encore.

Apr 27, 2008
CambridgeKathy in France

worst sushi

I concur that Whole Foods on River Street has some pretty fine sushi. It is always fresh for sure.

CON SOL in Cambridge

I've been wondering the same thing. I always liked that Atasca better-it was much cozier. I figured I'd give your query a kick and see if anyone has been there recently.

Fresh pasta in Boston like they do in Italy?

The last time I was at Bacco, we had perfectly cooked pasta. And there were two Italians in our party-visiting from Naples- who confirmed that this was the best pasta that they had in Boston. I've had good nights and so-so nights at Bacco, but they do cook pasta very well.

la contessa closing...

Oh no! Any reason why? They have really good cannolis and half moons. Annette's family has owned that bakery for two or three generations.

Best Burgers in Somerville/Medford Area

In Inman Square-while not technically Somerville, it's close enough-the Druid has a good burger. I think O'Sullivan's has gone downhill IMHO.

Sagra in Davis is Delicious

I finally had good service on the third try here, and it was from the bartenders. Like the OP, I had horrendous service with a party of 6 and a party of 3-both on nights where we were one of three tables. I worked in the business for years so normally I cut waitpeople a whole lot of slack. Like the OP, we had a waitperson who could not open a bottle of wine (I had to do it for her), and she never told us about the specials. The food is good here, and I hope that space is finally successful.

Need lunch recommendation near South Station

Les Zygomates on South Street does lunch. Also, as previously mentioned, Chinatown is a good bet for Asian food.

Best Lobster/Out of Town Guest

Don't laugh, but the Mount Vernon Restaurant in East Somerville had a decent twin lobster special for $20. The atmosphere is nothing great, but you can't beat $20 for twin lobsters!

Has Sagra Service improved?

I ate at the bar the other night, and the service was fine there. You must've had the same waitress as me when I was there with friends a few weeks back. I had to open the bottle of wine for her!