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Orange Frothy

I saw this and truthfully thought "meh," but the next day I looked in my fridge and had some good-quality OJ to use up, so I gave it a go. I've been making it nearly every day since. I usually omit the honey; the orange and vanilla are nice on their own. I love the icy texture.

Nov 15, 2011
ellegets in Recipes

The best NYC steakhouse?

I couldn't have been happier with BLT Steak. The steak was unbeatable and the atmosphere and waitstaff were fantastic.

Dec 08, 2009
ellegets in Manhattan

Fro-Yo in NoVa/DC?

I know - I wish! It looks like Lollicup and Snowberry will be in Annandale from their websites. Wonder where Pinkberry will end up - hopefully they'll see VA as already saturated with their competitors and choose DC!

Fro-Yo in NoVa/DC?

two more coming to town - and sooner than pinkberry's expected 2008 opening!

LOLLICUP (had it in la and it's fabulous


SNOWBERRY (never had it but sounds promising)

Fro-Yo in NoVa/DC?

tried it - it's similar to pinkberry and quite good. a little creamier/less "icy" but it doesa have that signature tang.

Fro-Yo in NoVa/DC?

rejoice! while visiting la in april, i got seriously hooked. i'v been scouring the greater dc area to no avail until... yesterday i found dolce in annandale! it tastes just like pinkberry! they also have pinkberry ripoffs at shilla bakery and matin de paris, but the former is only okay and the latter is actually somewhat gross. but dolce has totally nailed the icy tartness. but that's not all... lollicup is opening in october and they have the same frozen yogurt but even better toppings than pinkberry (i know!), including the famous mochi bits, fresher-than-fresh fruit, and retro cereals.

there may be more in annandale that i missed. if anyone goes looking, in korea i think frozen yogurt is frequently served in "cafe"-type places rather than ice cream parlors so checking out more korean bakeries might be fruitful. or just go to dolce.

woo hoo!