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Good food in Croatia (Dalmatian Coast)

I definitly have one in Split, the name is NOSTROMO, and it is just near the fish market, so there is allways totally fresh fish and shells, together with fresh vegetables.
I have eaten there five times, and I was allways pleasently surprised.
I have not been in dubrovnik for 5 years, and the scene there is changing every year, so... but, you definitly have to in Konavle, wich is 10 km from Dubrovnik, and eat in KONAVOLSKI DVORI, where is great ambient and great food, home made bread best I have ever try. On the oder side from Dubrovnik is Mali Ston, 25 km north, and there you can eat one of the best see food, especially black (squid) risoto in KAPETANOVA KUCA, if you go there, the shells are must, becouse in front of the restaurant is a biggest and best shell farm in Croatia. And for desert I strongly recomend cake MAKARULI - its from pasta with lots of wallnuts.

Food gifts from the Dalmatian Coast

Do you by any chance know in wich cities will they be in Croatia, becouse there is so much different things in every region?

barcelona, cirque du soleil, looking for restaurants

After 3 years me and my husband are finaly going somewhere - the baby is old enough to stay. We chose Barcelona because Cirque du Soleil is in town and we are both theatre people, and we never been to Barca or Spain till now. Food is the also the most important part of this jurey, and I also want restaurants to be special, in this fairy tale mood, I choose Gaig, El Pobre Blau and Pla, any suggestions? God knows when will be able to go again, so it must be The thing.

Mar 08, 2007
valjusak in Spain/Portugal