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Descaling an espresso machine in edmonton

Dezcal... You can buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Jan 14, 2014
Strider in Prairie Provinces

Best Caesars in YYC

The clarified Caesar at Charcut is a must have

Jul 11, 2011
Strider in Prairie Provinces

"Family style" Italian in Calgary?

Da Guido can do a family style meal on request

May 07, 2011
Strider in Prairie Provinces

xo sauce calgary?

You can find it at T&T, Tops supermarket and Lambda supermarket. At Tops, it's in the sauce aisle on the top shelf. At T&T and Lambda it's locked in a glass display case at customer service.

Jan 29, 2011
Strider in Prairie Provinces

Restaurant supply stores open to public? [Calgary]

There's also Geneal Restaurant Equipment in the NE

One thing about most of these places that has always stifled me, is that they're only open during office hours on weekdays. So I haven't been able to make it to a lot of them. If you're like me and can't take time off to go kitchen shopping, try Real Canadian Wholesale Club. They have a smaller (but fairly useful)selection of commercial kitchen wares (I think a lot of it made by Johnson Rose).

May 31, 2010
Strider in Prairie Provinces

BEST Pho Satay In Calgary?

I'm sad to say that Pho Kim has really been steadily going downhill over the years... Haven't been back for a few months now, and I'm still looking for a good go-to pho place.

Pho Thanh in Hunterhorn seems to be the closest thing right now, since 17th Ave SE is a bit of a drive. Their sate pho isn't quite as spicy as I generally like it, but it's flavorful and satisfying, the noodles are cooked just right, the portions are big, and the food comes out incredibly quickly - within 2-3 minutes if it's not peak lunch or dinner hour. It's also one of the few places that give you coriander leaves in addition to the standard thai basil, bean sprouts, peppers, and lime.

May 04, 2010
Strider in Prairie Provinces

BEST Pho Satay In Calgary?

Nothing against you personally statman, but I always find it highly suspect when a new user comes and "bumps" an old thread with such a brilliant review of one particular restaurant, with not much more to say rather than it's "awesome" or "nothing else comes close".

That being said, I feel I should post my experience at this particular restaurant, since there isn't really enough reviews or comments to adequately rate it.

I went to Vietnam Palace about a year ago out of curiousity because they had a huge banner that self-proclaimed that they had Calgary's #1 pho (or something to that effect). One of my all-time favorite dishes is sate pho, and that's what I had. I found it to be rather mediocre and would probably rank it within the bottom third of vietnamese restaurants that I've tried in Calgary... and I've tried over 2 dozen places.

But that's not the reason I'll never return.

The reason I'll never return to Vietnam Palace, is that after we found a hair on our order of spring rolls and sent it back, a new order of spring rolls came back conspicuously quickly and at room temperature - unlike the first time around, when they came out piping hot from the deep fryer. Needless to say, we left the spring rolls behind, paid the bill, and left.

May 04, 2010
Strider in Prairie Provinces

Returning visitors to Vancouver - need updates and recommendations

I wouldn't say that we're missing representation from any ethnicity as a whole, but there's certainly regional specialties (like the afforementioned roujiamo) that I'm sure we're missing.

There's also a wide variety of cuisines that are cheaper and much better in Vancouver likely due to more competition and dare I say a more cultured audience. For instance, a reasonably good thai curry dish costs between $14-$20 here... I've had much better in Vancouver for around $8. And any rendition of ramen or xiaolongbao that we can get here is just plain sad.

Apr 23, 2010
Strider in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Returning visitors to Vancouver - need updates and recommendations

I just read through the entire roujiamo thread, those look tasty... I'll add it to my list.

Thanks for all the suggestions, keep them coming.
What are the latest/greatest coffee houses these days? I've seen a few names when the BC and AB boards were still together, but I can't seem to recall any now.

Apr 22, 2010
Strider in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Returning visitors to Vancouver - need updates and recommendations

My wife and I are regular Vancouver visitors from Calgary, but we haven't been able to make it out there for about 2 years now. We're coming out for a week in May and need some updates on which restaurants have fallen from their graces as well as some recommendations on new places to try... I'm sure a lot has changed.

Here's some of our past favorites:
-Stepho's (probably not the best greek restaurant, but a Kleftico entree in Calgary costs about $25 and is nowhere near as flavorful or filling)
-Crystal Mall food court (for XLB)

Other random things we like:
-Caffe Artigiano
-JJ Bean
-Granville island (for a picnic)
-Aberdeen food court
-Mondo Gelato

And our hit list for this trip:
-Alvin Garden

We want to know the best of every cuisine there is, white linen or hole in the wall... we're renting a car and will drive across the entire city for a great meal. Bonus points for things we can't get in Calgary (like decent XLB or ramen).

Apr 20, 2010
Strider in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Hunting for a budget espresso machine

I'll play devil's advocate and suggest that you just blow the budget and get your dream Rancilio Rocky and Silvia if it's within your means... or if you're really strapped for cash, look for a good deal on a used machine.

These things last forever, and it's an investment that will pay for itself over and over and over. I bought my Gaggia Evolution (boiler, no solenoid, plastic body) on ebay for $150, thinking that I'd upgrade to a Silvia a couple years down the road. It's now well into its 7th year of daily lattes and pulls shots like it did on day one, with only the occasional descaling and one spring valve change. And since I couldn't bear to part with a perfectly working machine, I don't know if I'll ever have the opportunity to upgrade.

Mar 01, 2010
Strider in Prairie Provinces

Need Recommendation - Mandalay Bay

Make sure you check out for a discounted gift certificate. They have quite a few of the Mandalay Bay restaurants on there. Use coupon code 'APE' and you can get a $50 GC for only $8

As always, check the fine print, some of the offers have minimum orders as well as mandatory tip.

Feb 05, 2010
Strider in Las Vegas

YYC - ground espresso for sale in the NW?

Once ground, espresso goes stale within hours, if not minutes. Think of how much more surface area is exposed after it's been ground.

Jan 28, 2010
Strider in Prairie Provinces

New DeVille Luxury Coffee location?

I walked by on the way to work this morning at about 8:30 and they weren't open. Doesn't look like their food is set up yet, their fridge is pretty much empty except for a big jar of pickles and a jar of banana peppers.

On a side note, I never noticed when Caffe Rosso opened in the Telus Convention Center... That's pretty much my closest espresso fix until DeVille opens. They need to get the word out better.

Jan 28, 2010
Strider in Prairie Provinces

recession deals in las vegas

For anyone looking to dine at one of the Mandalay Bay restaurants, check out where you can order $50 gift certificates for $6 (apply coupon code FEAST).

Just make sure you read the fine print first... they're usually 1 per table per visit. Other stipulations include number of entrees you have to order, automatic tip, etc.

Jan 21, 2010
Strider in Las Vegas

New DeVille Luxury Coffee location?

Haven't heard anything, but I pass by the storefront every day... it looks really close. There's already coffee beans stocked behind the counter, and they probably wouldn't put them there knowing that it'd go stale.

Jan 21, 2010
Strider in Prairie Provinces

Best Vietnamese/Pho Place(s) in Calgary?

I like to go there for the curry soup too, but I always find it hard to get over the bleachy smell in there and the strange residue that coats everything (chopsticks, bowls, spoons, teacups)

Jan 18, 2010
Strider in Prairie Provinces

Kid friendly wing nite in Calgary??

Bubblemania... not the best wings, and no booze. But there's often families there.

Dec 11, 2009
Strider in Prairie Provinces

Torani Syrup in Vancouver?

+1... both of those places should have it

but if you can get your hands on some monin syrup, it's 10x better than torani

Nov 18, 2009
Strider in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Best quality sushi in Calgary- Blowfish, Globefish, Sukiyaki House or somewhere else?

I wouldn't put Blowfish in the same group as the other two that you've listed... the food just doesn't quite match the price and ambiance.

Globefish and Sukiyaki house (with my preference towards the latter) are really the only ones that'll fit the bill if you're looking for great fish and an upscale atmosphere.

But if you're willing to forego the ambiance, some of the best traditional sushi in Calgary can be found at Zipang in bridgeland, and Wa's on Centre St N.

Oct 14, 2009
Strider in Prairie Provinces

Calgary Fish and Chips?

I don't remember the name either, but they're very inconsistent
Sometimes it's juicy on the inside, and nice and crunchy on the outside with crispy golden fries... and other times, it's a soggy, oily mess with pale, flaccid fries.
And the last time I went, the tartar sauce was extremely watered down.

Oct 13, 2009
Strider in Prairie Provinces

Rise Bakery & Café - Calgary

Bumping an old thread. The new Rise in Penn West Plaza is now open.

Kinda disappointed that their coffee/espresso program is run by Coffee Concept though.

Sep 30, 2009
Strider in Prairie Provinces

The Ultimate Greek Salad, Plus 8 Great Greek Recipes

Lettuce in Greek salad is just wrong

Jul 29, 2009
Strider in Features

Where to find Monin syrup in Calgary

Thanks Bavin.

Did end up finding it at Lina's ... $14/btl though.
Too bad we don't have anyone like 1st-line up here that sells it for $6/btl... and they don't ship orders less than $1k to Canada. Group buy anyone?? lol

Jul 13, 2009
Strider in Prairie Provinces

Where to find Monin syrup in Calgary

I tried Hamptons Co-op, but didn't see it there... didn't make it all the way up to Creekside.

Bavin, I hope you mean Lina's italian market, because I'll try there tonight.

Cappuccino King's hours make it hard to get there while they're open.


Jul 06, 2009
Strider in Prairie Provinces

Where to find Monin syrup in Calgary

NW or downtown core preferably

Jun 30, 2009
Strider in Prairie Provinces

Authentic Chinese cuisine in Calgary

Strange question to resurrect a 2 year old thread with. I'm assuming that you're looking into business opportunities and thinking about opening a hot pot restaurant. I'm hoping your market research extends beyond the internet / chow forums.

In response to your question, there's one specialized hot pot restaurant called Gold Wonton in Falconridge in the NE. You'd have to do your own investigating as to whether it's popular, demographic, etc. There's a few other restaurants in Calgary that offer hot pot in the winter season, including Regency Palace, Forbidden City. Again, you'll have to do your due diligence...

I'm not sure about the Malaysian restaurant comment... IIRC, Tropika - the one Malaysian restaurant that stands out in my mind, shut down a few months ago... I don't think it was ever really that popular.

Jun 23, 2009
Strider in Prairie Provinces

Calypso Greek Taverna - Calgary, AB

Anyone tried it yet? It sprouted up overnight in my area (opened by the owner of Mr. Schnapps NE from what I gather), replacing the beloved Curry House/Gondola Pizza (aka Curry/Pizza Nazi); something that was long overdue. I usually like to wait for favorable reviews before trying a new place, but so far, I can only find a Calgary Sun review, giving it 3.5/5.

Jun 16, 2009
Strider in Prairie Provinces

Pub NE Calgary

Not exactly a pub, but I've always enjoyed Bootleggers on 32nd ave across from Sobeys

Jun 10, 2009
Strider in Prairie Provinces

Office Beverage Delivery in Calgary?

My office uses Red Carpet Food Services, they're a subsidiary of Van Houtte

Jun 02, 2009
Strider in Prairie Provinces