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Looking for a decent espresso in Sunset

Very helpful replies - thanks!

Looking for a decent espresso in Sunset

Does anyone have suggestions on where to find good decent espresso (ie. better than SBUX and baristas who have a clue how to froth milk properly for cappuccinos) around the Sunset District? My espresso machine needs repair and I need my caffeine fix.

Cornetto and Bombolino at Caffe del Doge

Thanks for the report Melanie. del Doge has been my favorite authentic Italian cafe around the area. However, I didn't know they had cornettos on Saturdays - I miss them from my time spent in Italia. I might just have enough reason to wake up early on Saturdays now . . .

San Ramon Japanese Restaurant Recs

Authentic Japanese restaurants (ie. Japanese owned and operated) in the Tri-Valley area are scarce. In fact, I can only think of 3 within 15 miles of San Ramon. They are Sato (which your husband has tried already), Momiji (downtown Pleasanton), and Hana Sushi (downtown Danville). They are all small restaurants with short menus and very few maki offered.

Omakase in East Bay (or SF)?

Most authentic Japanese restaurants will offer omakase if you ask the itamae. Good Japanese in the East Bay is scarce but I have tried omakase at Uzen and it was very good.

any wedding anniversary dinner suggestions?

I'll third that about Ozumo. While the sushi is pretty good, the ambiance tends toward a clubby lounge. It's great to impress a date or for a night out on the town, but I wouldn't celebrate any special occasions there.