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Meilleur Choix Takeout...need info!

Days and hours seem to be erratic. Caught them open moments ago, so I went in hoping to get a couple of steamed pork buns, but the staff told me to come back in half an hour, while also noting he wasn't sure he'd have any even then. Huh?

Aug 02, 2013
pkazee in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Good Chinese or Japanese in Albany, NY Area

Mari's is open? I've driven by there many times in the past 2 years and it always appears to be closed?

In any case, I too recommend SHANGHAI BISTRO. I'm a NYC transplant and this is as close to what I'm used to as I've found. I'm particularly fond of the soup dumplings and the steamed sea bass. Pan fried dumplings and Salt n' Pepper Calimari are also quite tasty. For take-out Chinese, I recommend New Tai Wah for seafood and pork dishes. Ming's Flavor has the best "Dim Sum". Both are on State Street, in same general area as Shanghai Bistro.