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Outdoor Dining with a young child

Thanks everyone for those tips! We'll report back when we get home to let you know what we chose.

Outdoor Dining with a young child

In the past, we've been to Portland at least once a year and are well acquainted with many restaurants there. However, this is the first time we will be there with our one year old. I hear you groaning now about crying babies while you're trying to eat. But she really is pretty good at eating out and she is the very best when she is outside. So I'm wondering if anyone can recommend places (lunch or dinner) with good food and outdoor seating?

I did a quick search and only found a few mentions of outdoor dining so any help is appreciated. We're staying downtown at the Monaco but will have a car. I am trying to come to grips that I won't be able to get my kobe beef tartare at Paley's Place this time around.

Paley's Place
1204 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Charleston Outdoor Dining

Thanks you guys for the recs. I will report back what we try. I'm sure we will go to Rue de Jean because we go there everytime we visit. Other places sound like good options too. Hoping it doesn't storm while we're there like the reports are predicting.

Charleston Outdoor Dining

We are heading back to Charleston next week and while we've been there before and had some great meals, this will be our first trip with our infant. I know you are all probably groaning at the thought of trying to enjoy your dinner with a baby nearby but that's why I'm asking for advice. Our daughter loves to be outside and is almost always content as long as we are out of doors so I am looking for recommendations for good patio dining in the area - preferably in the historic district, but we will have a car. Both upscale and casual recommendations are welcome, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Thanks in advance!

Charlotte - Weekday Prix Fixe?

We were there (with reservations) at 6:30. I don't want to bad mouth them because last night's service was not consistent with my previous experience there and there's always an off night. The worst part was sitting and watching my steak frite get cold for 5 minutes, unable to eat it because we had no forks until at last my husband got up and went to find one of the servers to get us some.

But one night won't keep us from going back. The food is very good there, as I think we all agree.

Feb 13, 2009
concordcourtney in Southeast

Charlotte - Weekday Prix Fixe?

We went to Lulu last night. Turns out they have a prix fixe menu Monday - Thursday from 5-7. It's $19 for 4 courses. That seems like a pretty good deal, although we ordered off the menu. I saw a couple other tables order the prix fixe and while the portions were a little smaller they were not at all stingy and looked well worth the price.

The food last night by the way, was just as good as I would expect from Lulu, but the service was awful. The only two servers seemed to be completely overrun.

Feb 13, 2009
concordcourtney in Southeast

Concord NC: Anything good?

We eat there semi-regularly because it's very close to home. It's pretty good Thai food but nothing amazing. The servers do well and the atmosphere is fine, but every time I'm in there (usually to pick up food to go on a weeknight) it's pretty dead. Certainly worth a try, especially with your coupon. But as far as sheer quality of food goes, close by, I prefer the Thai place at 29 and Harris in University - I think it's called Thai House.

Thanks for the word about Tsunami. I've wondered about them.

Jan 26, 2009
concordcourtney in Southeast

work travel to Charlotte, NC

The food I had at Blue was quite good. However, the service is what will keep me from returning.

Their menu for restaurant week looks pretty good though. Might be a good time to give them a shot without spending too much money.

Concord NC: Anything good?

Thanks for the tip! We tried T1 on Friday night and liked it a lot. I posted a review in a new thread:

Dec 15, 2008
concordcourtney in Southeast

T1 Tapas: Huntersville, NC

So thanks for the heads up over on the Concord thread. My husband and I tried T1 Tapas in Birkdale Village on Friday night. First, let me dispel a couple of assumptions. They only have a few of the fancy booths with the speakers and the touch screen menus and and the ipod hookups and they were all reserved when we got there, so if you want one, call ahead. Also, I heard our server tell another table that it does not remove the need for a wait person. Someone still has to come to the table and get the order and take it to the kitchen.

We got there pretty early, around 6 and the main dining room was pretty much empty so we were sat right down with no reservation. It's small and hip/sleek and a little cold (atmoshphere wise). They do have screens all over the room that play a slideshow of images. It makes me feel a little like I'm eating in front of my computer's screensaver, but it's an interesting idea. I can't remember what kind of music was playing.

They have a really great selection of microbrews on tap, a lot of them from North Carolina and my husband took advantage of their $3 draft special. There's a long list of martinis and a wine list of decent length. Unfortunately I didn't take too close a look at it; I'm expecting so am on a strict San Pellegrino regimen on nights out for a while.

The food is starters, salads, soups, and tapas. We stuck mostly to tapas Friday and we were impressed. The things we tried:
-Flatbread with two toppings - good starter
-Patatas Bravas - very tasty
-Seared scallops with beurre blance and couscous - Very delicious - my favorite of the night
-Salmon tacos, to construct at the table - very good
-Roasted pork empanadas - also very good - my husband's vote for best dish.

Overall we're very excited at this addition to Birkdale Village because we were pretty much tired of or disappointed by everything else there. It's just one visit and they're still new, but I really hope the level of the food is maintained (or raised!) and we'll probably be there often.

T1 Tapas
8625-C Lindholm Drive, Huntersville, NC 28078

Concord NC: Anything good?

I agree with you on just about every account. However, I just wanted to say that I've been to Max's Ally about half a dozen times now over the last year and I think it is has gotten progressively better. Most recently we went last week and it was the best meal we've had there so far. Creative, exciting plates? No, but I don't think that's what they're going for. But it is becoming more consistent and solid. I think the big entrees are still overpriced, but it saves us a trip to Charlotte when we want something a little nicer than Cinco de Mayo on a Wednesday night.

I wish I could say the same thing about 46 in Kannapolis, but it only seems to get worse everytime we go there.

Dec 10, 2008
concordcourtney in Southeast

Dungeness crab and CA mussel seasons open 11/01

Thanks to all for the good and fast suggestions. I'll check the other threads as well and report back when we get home.

Dungeness crab and CA mussel seasons open 11/01

Thanks for this good news. My husband and I will be in SF near the end of the month (coming from the East Coast) and he was just saying last night that he hoped he could get some Dungeness crab while we are there.

Does anyone have any recommendations for good places to enjoy crab in the city? More casual places where one might eat with their hands and enjoy a beer are our first choice for this particular meal.

Thanks in advance.

Price's Chicken Coop Charlotte- my fish story

That's not a Price's thing. That's a Southern thing. I've seen it (and eaten it) in many "down home" type establishments.

Still, couldn't hurt to warn folks on the menu.

Non-BBQ restaurants in/near Salisbury NC

La Cava is good, but it is somewhat overpriced. However, there isn't much else like it in Salisbury so it may do you for a good dinner on one of your nights.

There is also a good Cuban restaurant but the name escapes me right now. I will try to remember the name but maybe someone else can cover me?

Also, for your Sunday eats you may want to call ahead as a lot of the non-chains are probably closed that day.

Aug 20, 2008
concordcourtney in Southeast

Concord NC: Anything good?

I've been to Max's Ally a few times and it's okay. Their more casual offerings are good. Had some fish tacos there a few weeks back that were really good. The higher priced entrees though have left a lot to be desired and are not worth the price in my opinion.

Plus they have no draft beer :( Only bottles.

I do like that it is a family atmosphere though and they don't try to be too stuffy. There are always kids there when we go which is nice for a place that wants to be a neighborhood joint. I believe they serve brunch which I'd like to try sometime.

PS - If you go, ask for a table, the booths are terribly uncomfortable.

Aug 13, 2008
concordcourtney in Southeast

best source for green peanuts to boil?

I know several of the farmer's at the farmer's markets here in Concord, NC sell green peanuts. You might try your local one. They grown plenty of peanuts in Virginia too. :)

Aug 01, 2008
concordcourtney in Southeast

Charlotte: Pre-Theater Eats

Hi Lynn, If it were me, I'd pick Arpa probably. They open at five so it should be enough time.

Concord NC: Anything good?

I believe it was artlee who said that Johnny Brusco's out by the new Harris Teeter on Poplar Tent was good (way out Poplar Tent, not the one on George Liles). If you do a search for that, I think you'll find his review. I haven't been there myself. Seems like anytime we go in that direction we're just on our way to Birkdale.

Jul 01, 2008
concordcourtney in Southeast

Concord NC: Anything good?

I haven't been to either of these places, but look forward to hearing from anyone who has.

May 05, 2008
concordcourtney in Southeast

Concord NC: Anything good?

mrwaterslide - at this time, I definitely recommend Restaurant 46 over anything else in Concord/Kannapolis. At the time I wrote the above post, 46 had not opened yet (or if it had, I was not aware of it - I understand it opened in June 07 but am prepared to be corrected). Emma's is actually pretty good - it is not fancy and does not pretend to be which is why I liked it. The food was comforting southern fare and there were decent brews on tap.

I am waiting to hear from anyone who's been to Ruby's Dinner Club, also on Union St.

May 04, 2008
concordcourtney in Southeast

New Restuarant in Charlotte: Solera

That's too bad. I only went there once, but it was obvious they loved what they were doing and I hate to not see that pan out.

Dinner in Charlotte: Not fine dining, not a dive, not a chain...

There are plenty of walking distance options from where you're at, but my top recommendation would be Ratcliffe on the Green ( which is practically across the street from your hotel. I think it's mentioned somewhere else in this same thread, but the spotlight is on local, seasonal fare and it is very well done.

Portland: Paley's Place or Wildwood?

We just got back from our trip yesterday and I want to really thank everyone that recommended Paley's Place. It was awesome food and one of the best meals we've had in a while. My only gripe was the interior seemed to lend itself to carrying noise really well. In the small back room where we sat there was also a rather rowdy party of six that overwhelmed the entire room and made it hard to converse at our small two-top. Luckily we were too busy eating much of the time to mind. Both my husband and I started with the steak tartare which was just so good I wanted to cry. Then he had the black-trumpet crusted halibut with the richest, tastiest mushroom brother ever. And I had a spring nettle pasta with Dungeness crab which was a perfect spring time entree. Desserts were also great, though not as memorable as the first courses. Overall definitely happy with the choice!

While in town we also went to Toro Bravo which was also great, both food and atmosphere-wise; really wish we had a comparable tapas place in western NC.

As always, Portland rocks.

Portland: Paley's Place or Wildwood?

Our vacation is next week - I definitely will report back when we get home! I know I always appreciate it when people do the same on the South board.

Portland: Paley's Place or Wildwood?

Thanks for all the feedback guys. I think this time we're going to go to Paley's Place this time. But the menus at Le Pigeon and Carlyle also looked really great so I'll keep them in mind for next time we're in time.

Portland: Paley's Place or Wildwood?

We will soon be making our yearly pilgrimage home to the Pac NW and I'm trying to decide between these two places for our nice night out. Both online menus look great and both seemingly have the moral aesthetic I'm craving this year. Is the food or service markedly better at either one? Price is not an issue, and decor not important if the service is excellent.


Johnny Brusco's NY Pizza -- Concord, NC

We finally made it to Emma's last night for dinner. I liked it. The food was good, unique (very tasty sweet potato fries), and all reasonably priced. Decent beers on tap too. They weren't trying to be something that they're not (one of my biggest peeves when it comes to restaurants). Great place for a casual dinner - I imagine we'll be back.

Johnny Brusco's NY Pizza -- Concord, NC

Thanks for the feedback, artlee. I've been wondering about that place, but nervous to try it after a couple bad experiences at other places in downtown Concord.

Anyone tried Ruby's Dinner Clug there? They're only open Saturday nights I think.

Parents visiting Charlotte, NC

I liked Lulu's food, but don't think it meets the original poster's request for a "comfortable atmosphere". When we went there with a party of four, we felt terribly cramped and I couldn't move in my chair without knocking the guy at the table behind me.

The new Nikko location is only comfortable if you're under 25.

Of course I always recommend Carpe Diem, but while I find the food reasonably priced for the quality, it's not inexpensive.