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Cape Cod food and cooking shops?

fromage a trois. I think

Jul 07, 2012
Amer5858 in Southern New England

What to order at New Jumbo Seafood?

I go to the Jumbo Seafood in Newton Center I always order the Salt and Pepper shrimp. Order with the heads on. I personally get extra hot peppers. I wish i was there now.....

Jan 29, 2009
Amer5858 in Greater Boston Area

Feasting on Waves

Sorry i meant hot pan cold oil

Oct 19, 2008
Amer5858 in Food Media & News

Feasting on Waves

I still remember cold pan hot oil food won't stick.........

Oct 19, 2008
Amer5858 in Food Media & News

First Cape Cod Vacation Ever...And I'm Hungry!

have not tried black fish yet. i wholeheartedly say yes to wicked oyster. especially for brunch......

Stopping for lunch on the way to Provincetown

if you go to sesuit harbor bring cash or check. no plastic

help me find good chow on my drive...

it is late i am tired from my drive from ocean city md. to cape cod. so here is one. super duper weenie in fairfield, ct. ok i lied 2. frank pepes also in fairfield ct. enjoy

Dining on the Cape

I say Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet. for lunch. Sit on the porch. no hurry. good no great food. not to pricey but not exactly cheap eats. enjoy my cape at any rate

one night in baltimore area what do you got

ok. I have two days and one night in the baltimore elkridgeish area. i figure some of you hounds have an opinion. i am ready to listen. what about chaps pit beef place recently on ddd? thanks see you there

custom cake on cape cod

I ended up ordering from Beth's special Teas on Jarves st in Sandwich. i will let you know. we ordered a triple Lemon cake sounded good we shall see. Gotta get cooking 30-40 of our nearest and dearest coming on sunday...........phew

where to eat in Provincetown and around the Cape?

the wicked oyster in wellefleet my personal favorite and always the portugese bakery on commercial street in p town... enjoy you classes post your art. let me know.

Looking for a romantic place with excellent food near Falmouth area: Regatta or Heathers?

I have been only to heather for lunch. it was very good. i have not been to regatta so i could not comment. Let us know what you decide

Dinner between Cape Cod and Westchester

I suggest Frank pepes pizza it is not too far off the highway. I know some of the posters prefer other pizza and pepes original location but i went on a recent visit to Ct. and was very pleased....

custom cake on cape cod

I need a graduation cake for June 15th (boo hoo) my baby is graduationg HS. any suggestions from my savvy saveurs?

Best Cape Cod Restaraunts by Cape Codders

this peppino's is new. it is on the road from 6A to the sagamore bridge it was formerly Anthony's something or other brand new owner and awesome pizza

May 22, 2008
Amer5858 in Southern New England

Cape Cod Markets selling dry aged beef?

thank you ccg.

Diners Diners Everywhere, But Not A Greek To Eat

I have no answer to this question. i just wanted to say it was nice to see some of these towns listed as i grew up in Matawan.

May 22, 2008
Amer5858 in Mid-Atlantic

Is anyone going to tast of cape cod on memorial day?

Just wondering if any of you chowhounds are going to the tast of cape cod on monday?
we could talk.

Cape Cod Markets selling dry aged beef?

what is imho?

Dinner tonight may19 cape cod

Dinner was great. We had the apparently coveted porch table in the corner. Whilst we did not see the sunset we were entertained by a family of bunnies outside. As it was Monday night pre season there were not too many other diners and we got primo attention. Appetizers, Housemade country pate was mostly delicious. the appetizer star was the Crispy Duck Confit. For the main course 2 of us had the signature pan roasted Lobster. I am a dyed in the wool steamed lobster lover. this was outstanding. Just enough meat removed from the shell along with much hunted for morsels of delectable pancetta in a complex but not overly complicated sauce. the rest of the lobster split in half took only a modicum of effort to extract and was worth every effort. the lobster was not as i feared being dyed in wool steam fan dry at all it was almost worth every penny of 40 bucks and as i did not pick up the tab i will say well worth. Not a big dessert person so i passed 2 desserts that were had didn't get rave reviews but no complaints and they eat every bite.
Again thanks for the input. ps. service was exemplary thanks Amy and Robin

902 Main in S. Yarmouth sold??

I believe just the chef is going to the Belfry inn in Sandwich. That will be my reason to give them another try.

Cape Cod Markets selling dry aged beef?

none that i know of on cape but whole foods in hingham definately has it...

Dinner tonight may19 cape cod

ok reservation made. sunset not a crucial criteria. i will check in tomorrow and let you guys knowhow it was. oh i decided cape sea grille. Thanks for you input. Anyone going to taste of Cape Cod on memorial day in Hyannis?

are there clams in rhode island?

my new favorite clam place is evelyns in tiverton ri. it was featured on Diners drive ins and dives. i travel from cape cod to here it is worth the trip. nice setting as well. have the rhode island clear clam chowder and the clam cakes. The whole belly fried clams are among the best ive had.

Dinner tonight may19 cape cod

any suggestions my choices are alouette bistro, cape sea grille, embargo, abicci. or Brewster fish house what would you choose?

Best Cape Cod Restaraunts by Cape Codders

2 new pizza places in Sandwich. Peppino's' technically bourne i think. excellent ny type pizza. and Carluccio's sandwich center. Jury is still out.
where are you located on the cape. we will do lunch

May 02, 2008
Amer5858 in Southern New England

Skirt Steak! what to do? what to do?

I find Stop and Shop one of the only supermarkets that carries skirt steak. it is usually right next to the flank steak. alternatively i always find it at the Hilltop Butcher shop. not expensive either. I don't know where in Mass you are. I just bought a slab at aforementioned Hilltop in Weymouth.

May 02, 2008
Amer5858 in Home Cooking

Terra Luna or Wicked Oyster

I only know the wicked oyster. I highly reccommend it. It is a great brunch spot and i believe not only on Sundays. I particularly like that they do not rush you out the door at all. Sitting on the porch area is quinisenntial cape cod.

Are you still looking for pork belly

I remember reading someone got a smoker and was looking to buy pork belly.
I found some at Lionette's market in the south end (boston) just call them they will have it for you after thursday

Worst of the Cape?

I am in. I would love to extoll the virtues of good places but alas i will be sucked into the insufferable mediochrity of CC restaurants. Seafood sams, painted lady, Daniel Webster. I suppose i could go on. hopefully next posting with goood stuff........

Apr 27, 2008
Amer5858 in Southern New England