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Anthony Bourdain - Parts Unknown Premiere (Myanmar)


Best Island in Hawaii for Food?

Without a doubt Oahu has the finest and widest selection of restaurants in Hawaii.

Mar 17, 2007
HawaiiFoodTours in Hawaii

delicious corned beef brisket

Here's a great way to finish your corned beef after braising it;
* Allow it to cool in your cooking liquid for 30-60 minutes after cooking.
* Spread with your favorite mustard and then coat with brown sugar.
* Pop into 275 degree oven for 60-90 minutes.
* So good!

Mar 17, 2007
HawaiiFoodTours in Home Cooking

Peanut Butter

There's an Indian restaurant named Zaffron here in Honolulu that makes peanut butter naan. Wowee!

Also, another great way to enjoy PB is to make a spicy satay sauce and use that to dip your french fries into..,