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Off Vine

Yep, they saved it and it's back on the roof. They've re-opened and the re-model looks terrific.

Anyone go yet??

Mar 27, 2010
DBrooks in Los Angeles Area

First Time in Portland - HELP! Too many amazing choices in your town!!!!

We weren't blown away by Sreet and Co, but it was quite good. Evangeline was terrific, and I would also suggest Bresca...which we missed, but have heard great things about.

Haddock chowder--try J's, for some local color, awesome lobster rolls, and that chowder.

Loved the whoopie pies at Two Fat Cats! And Standard Baking Co has yummy stuff, too.

Are you driving back down through Portsmouth? You MUST try Hebert's in Kittery, just over the bridge from Portsmouth for some fantastic fried clams, haddock fish and chips, etc. Sit on the picnic table and look out over the river...very casual and hits the spot.

Good luck and happy eats!

Lunch in Portsmouth, NH?

We're driving to Portland for the weekend and are planning on stopping by Portsmouth for the afternoon on our way up.

Any suggestions for a lunch spot? Seafood is good of course...something local, casual to upscale are all possibilities.

Any ideas?

San Diego Closed restaurants from the Down Economy

Wow, that stinks. They were one of the few bright spots in the East County wasteland...

Apr 11, 2009
DBrooks in San Diego

San Diego Closed restaurants from the Down Economy

Vine Ripe in La Mesa on Fletcher has closed its doors...they're suppesedly looking for another location to re-open. I hope so...we enjoyed not only the store, but the attached grill, as well.

Has Dining Diva heard anything?

Jan 31, 2009
DBrooks in San Diego

Recovering alcoholic frustrated foodie....

I haven't explored it in great detail, but check out The Sober Kitchen, by Liz Scott. A whole cookbook with different techniques and alternatives to wine and spirits used in your cooking. For me, having wine around would be dangerous ;-) And the alcohol never really cooks off, not entirely, anyway. But it's a personal thing--I guess it depends on your own recovery.

Jan 24, 2009
DBrooks in Home Cooking

Hot Plates...Any Good Ones Out There?

Thanks so much! That helps out--good idea on choice 2... Will let you know what we decide upon.


Nov 28, 2008
DBrooks in Cookware

Hot Plates...Any Good Ones Out There?

No stipulations...we'd like flat, rectangular, two electric burners...we're thinking in the $150-$200 range??

Nov 26, 2008
DBrooks in Cookware

Hot Plates...Any Good Ones Out There?

Our new NYC apartment rental has a pretty small will be impossible to fit four pans on there...let alone a couple of All-Clads and a Le Creuset.

We're thinking about a two-burner hot plate to help us out.

Any ideas??


Nov 23, 2008
DBrooks in Cookware

Sam the Cooking Guy

Bravo, Sam! Used to live in San Diego, love his show and sense of humor...

Jul 30, 2008
DBrooks in Food Media & News

NY wedding venues

Manhattan Penthouse on Fifth, at 14th street. On the top floor (duh!), hard wood floors, big arching windows, fun, open, urban-ish loft space. In-house catering, and it's quite good, prices reasonable, esp for the city. 140 guests would be easy.

Jul 06, 2008
DBrooks in Manhattan

Iron Chef America - Battle: Corn

It seemed like Marcus knew pretty well what he was going to make ahead of time, regardless of the secret ingredient...and then just tried to haphazardly integrate it into his dishes. The corn was hardly featured at all. Corn tea broth?? Surprising and disappointing...

Jun 09, 2008
DBrooks in Food Media & News

Any foods you now like that you once hated?

Yes! That's a great one. Couldn't stand the fat on steak as a a well-marbled ribeye with all the fat is the best.

May 19, 2008
DBrooks in General Topics

Any foods you now like that you once hated?

Liver...yes, that's the one thing I still don't like much. I can deal with chicken livers done Greek style, lots of lemon, oregano, olive oil. And it's in magheritsa, the lamb guts agvolemono soup we eat at Easter (my wife is Greek), but it's not something I seek out...

May 19, 2008
DBrooks in General Topics

Old School Restaurant in San Diego

I know that it is what it is...but it's terrible. The pot pies are somewhat edible...but the canned peas and carrots, the drab interior...why would anyone want to dine here, other than to indulge in nostalgia of days gone by? And nostalgia for what? Bad food? I found it very depressing... And the OP wanted nice circular booths and ambiance? Not here...

May 18, 2008
DBrooks in California

Any foods you now like that you once hated?

Sauerkraut. That smell... But then I finally TRIED an old German place in Yorkville on the upper East side...don't remember the name...but was converted forever.

May 18, 2008
DBrooks in General Topics


We keep it simple--blanch them in boiling water, then saute with good olive oil and lots of fresh garlic, salt and pepper.

May 14, 2008
DBrooks in Home Cooking

Real BBQ-San Diego

I second Croom's...

May 03, 2008
DBrooks in San Diego

Where are you taking your mom.... for Mom's Day?

Nowhere near a restaurant, that's for sure. Worst day of the year (followed closely by the dreaded Valentine's Day) in the restaurant business. From working my share in my younger days, I just can't do it...

We have Ma over and we cook. Maybe rent a movie, spend some quality time together.

May 03, 2008
DBrooks in Los Angeles Area

Santa Fe Meats in Chula Vista?

Got some of the most amazing carne asada at Santa Fe meats on Main Street in Chula Vista. Just fantastic.

Anyone else been there? What else is good?

May 03, 2008
DBrooks in California

Grill Grates

Not sure about your exact grill, but I got cast iron grates for my Weber Silver gas grill from Home Depot...

Mar 16, 2008
DBrooks in Cookware

Fish & Chips in San Diego

Studio Diner on Ruffin Road? Their fried clams are terrific, anyone had the fish and chips??

Mar 13, 2008
DBrooks in California

Fish & Chips in San Diego

Call me crazy...but I like the fish and chips at the Beef and Bun on Fletcher Parkway in San Carlos. Maybe Dining Diva can vouch for that...or tell me I'm nuts!

Mar 09, 2008
DBrooks in California

Fish & Chips in San Diego

I second Shakespeare Pub...

Mar 08, 2008
DBrooks in California

ATL hound SD recs needed...

I've always thought PL Seafoods was overrated and pricey. And only filets for the most part, which is fine...but it would be nice to have fresh WHOLE fish from which to choose.

I would suggest 99 Ranch on Claremont Mesa Blvd--lots of variety...not only fresh fish, but produce, Asian products, etc...

Feb 28, 2008
DBrooks in San Diego

How do YOU cook chicken livers?

I make them for my wife the Greek way--saute them in olive oil, remove when done, deglace with a little lemon juice, add some oregano, salt and pepper, a pat of butter for richness, and pour the sauce over. She loves them...and always with a slice of no-knead bread for mopping up.

Dec 20, 2007
DBrooks in Home Cooking

What menu items need to be retired?

Oh this happening in Hawaii? I grew up in Kailua during the late '60s/early '70s and lived on li hing mui as a kid...crackseed, whatever they call it now. Plum, lemonpeel, ginger, etc. Always have some when I visit, takes me back to childhood in an instant.

How is it being used in cuisine??

Nov 25, 2007
DBrooks in General Topics

Meryl Streep as Julia Child

Meryl will be amazing in the role, it's a no-brainer. Remember Anthony Hopkins as Nixon? Didn't really *look* like him, but he was incredible.

Nov 06, 2007
DBrooks in Food Media & News

Outdoor Dining- San Diego Area

Lots of options with great views, but not necessarily the best cuisine. But good choices, maybe a little overpriced...but you pay for the view usually. Check out:

Prospect Street in La Jolla, overlooking the Cove and the Pacific:
--Georges at the Cove, and the upstairs, outdoor, more casual Ocean Terrace
--Crab Catcher


San Diego Harbor
--Top of the Fish Market

Others, of course...just a few to consider.

Sep 17, 2007
DBrooks in California

Greek Food in san diego

Knock your socks off? You're outta luck... As a former NYer who lived in Astoria, Queens, where I met and married a Greek girl...well, the pickings are slim. But there is:

Athens Market--Downtown and Carmel Mnt Ranch
Cafe Athena--PB on Garnet
Country Kabob--Adams Ave

But I would suggest trying European Market and Deli on Park Ave. It's very casual, the food is home-cooked and authentic, and they have a variety of Greek grocery goods. (How's that for alliteration...)

Ask for Sophia...she does most of the cooking and she's a treasure.

Sep 15, 2007
DBrooks in California