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HELP-Wedding nightmare...

Honestly, I tried to find a restaurant for a wedding about the same size but on a bigger budget and it was difficult. Most places have minimums, with $10k being rare to find. Most places were $15k and up. So with your count, that would be more than $100 per person. My advice would be to look for a smaller private space and then cater something less expensive in so you don't have to hit the restaurant minimums.
I can't think of any BYOB's but I really considered Petterino's and Quartino that had lower minimums and could hold that many. Good luck!

626 N. State Street, Chicago, IL 60654

150 North Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60601

Jan 07, 2011
lwoerther in Chicago Area

Authentc northern Italian pizza on the Gold Coast?

I haven't been to the new Sono Wood Fired, but I would imagine it's thin. Just off North, not too far. What about the thin at Pizano's?

Jan 07, 2011
lwoerther in Chicago Area

Need recs to impress Dad

A Tavola claims "Italian" but I would categorize it as that. Very good, just not "Italian" all the time. What about Rose Angelis on Wrightwood? More traditional but amazing, affordable, unique specials.

A Tavola
2148 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Rose Angelis
1314 W Wrightwood Ave Ste 1, Chicago, IL 60614

Jan 07, 2011
lwoerther in Chicago Area

Impossible? Great mid-priced Italian

I second Rose Angelis, it's my go-to place. They don't take reservations, but you can walk in, give your name and sit at the bar or walk to a local pub and come back. The food is always amazing and the service is great. Super romantic too!

Rose Angelis
1314 W Wrightwood Ave Ste 1, Chicago, IL 60614

Jul 13, 2010
lwoerther in Chicago Area

Good Mahi Mahi Sandwich in Chicago?

The best mahi mahi sandwich I've evr had was at Joe's Stone Crab in Miami- there's a Joe's here that has it on the lunch menu. I've only had it once, it satified me, but there may be others!

Joe's Stone Crab
60 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Apr 29, 2010
lwoerther in Chicago Area

Restaurant Rental for Wedding

Hello! I'm currently planning my wedding, looking for restaurants in the downtown area that have space for around 100 people. I'm looking for great atmosphere, views and most importantly- food. It doesn't have to be super high-end, open to fun and unique locations as well. So far I'm looking at: Flatwater, Quartino, Osteria Via Stato, Park Grill and Fulton's on the River.
Can you think of any restaurants that either have large spaces or would do buy-outs? Right now I'm looking at Saturdays, but there's the possibility of a July 4, 2010 wedding which would be Sunday- so any restaurants that are closed Sundays that would be available for buy-out?
Thank you in advance!

Sep 12, 2009
lwoerther in Chicago Area

Happy Hour - Kansas City

I think you would be okay at Pierpont's bar for happy hour in shorts and a polo. Very nice flip flops ;)
You should check out happy hour at Grand Street, M&S Grill and Melting Pot. They're pretty good deals and my faves! Martini Corner might have some good options, but I don't know for sure. Does Cafe Trio?

KC- Friday Dinner Spot for (Catholic) Sports Watching Group

I love Bulldog, but not enough tv's I think, we would have to eat on that other side. The new Spin has a TV? I didn't notice! Thanks!

KC- Friday Dinner Spot for (Catholic) Sports Watching Group

I have friends coming in town this weekend and I'm looking for a good place to go to dinner. There will be 4 of us, and they're all Catholic, so no meat.
Can you think of a decent restaurant that would have other options, and TVs to catch the Big 12 tournament games on? Looking for Brookside-Downtown.
The places they've thrown out I'm less than thrilled wiith: 810 Zone and McFaddens. I need help!

Where can I rekindle love in KCMO? Romantic/Private ex:Melting Pot

Ahh I love giving this kind of advice! Melting Pot and Le Fou Frog are great options, I would also recommend Pierponts. I love the ambiance of Union Station and you're close to Crown Center so you could go ice skating!
I think another idea would be Carmen's Cafe in Brookside. While it's a little more busy, it's pretty dark and the food is amazing...

Looking for great BBQ between Wichita and Kansas City on I-35

I second Guy & Mae's... it's wonderful! The ribs fall right off the bone. I've done the drive from KC out there just on a craving...

Suggestions in Kansas City, near the Plaza?

I would check out Grand Street Cafe. It's right across from the Plaza, probably walkable from where you will be. It never disappoints.
I would second The Mixx for lunch.

Dinner around Starlight Theatre - KC

Starlight is actually not in a great area and in fact, there aren't any restaurants right there. Your best bet would be to eat in Brookside... Carmen's is Italian and is amazing. No reservations, but call ahead for the list. There's a new place over there called Blue Grotto. I haven't been, but I've heard mixed reviews- it's a wood-fired pizza place.

If totally necessary, you could try the plaza and just get on 71 from there. Good Luck!

Justus Drugstore Trouble (KC)

Did you guys see this story this morning?
I think this is quite ridiculous, and I'm surprised there are people that are serious about them changing their name. If someone did mistake it for a drugstore, and walked in, then I think it would be clear that it's a restaurant. Thoughts?

Kansas City - Places for Bridal Shower

Are you thinking like lunch time or afternoon? In the Crossroads at 1924 Main has "The Cellar" that they sometimes let people use, but not sure if they would do a weekend shower. Lidia's has a great space upstairs I was at this week, with some great food and service as well. A neat idea could be using JP Wine bar, it probably wouldn't be that busy at it's unique.
Around the plaza there's Grand Street which would be nice, and ReVerse might do something different.

What's new in the power and light district? (KC)

I think Bristol is great. The bar is like half of the restaurant- they even bring you their biscuts when you're sitting there having a drink. Very nice atmosphere. So far all of the food I've had has been wonderful, I stick with the sea bass or mahi mahi.

Great Mexican in Lawrence, KS?

I second La Familia... one of the few places I miss from Lawrence. Ask for the sweet salsa! Skip El Mezcal unless you're just drinking.

May 03, 2008
lwoerther in Great Plains

KC Fun Spots for big parties

You can try Seven downtown, it's reasonably priced and a cool atmosphere. We had a pretty large table a few weeks ago and they were accommodating. I would also mention Nara- I don't know how large or parties they will take, but it's a fun place as well.

KC -- Dinner after 10pm

Nara does food pretty late and they'll do reservations. Bulldog might as well, and they typically have live music on the weekends.

KC - where should I go to lunch....?

The Mixx does kids items- pb&j, mac and cheese. That's all I can remember.

KC - Rehearsal Dinner for 30?

Carmen's doesn't have a specific private room but I think they will close one of their rooms to accomodate you.
If you're looking to stay in the Plaza/Brookside area, Grand Street has a private room. For more casual, look at Classic Cups' cellar room or Brio upstairs...

Blanc Burgers + Bottles- KC

I went last night, and wasn't really impressed. I had had the Inside Out burger with blue cheese and bacon. It was okay, but nothing extraordinary. It didn’t seem fresh at all, the meat was pink in some areas and throughly cooked in others. I felt like I could have done better at home.
The sweet potato fries were okay, but the regular fries were hard and overcooked, I found the shopping carts they’re served in to be cheesy. The idea of all of the bottles is cool, but for just a regular soda like diet coke, I think they should have a fountain and refills should be given.

While the space and the menu look great, they are just failing in execution. And although it wasn’t that busy, the wait staff didn’t seem to keep up. I definitely prefer ChefBurger.

Stroud's South Open, Fairway, KS

I didn't really expect to get a table quickly, but thought I would try and went at 7:30 on Saturday (my first mistake) and the wait was three hours!

Mike & Charlie's- KC

I'm not sure if anyone else caught this a few weeks ago, but I just heard about it from a coworker... any more recent news? Any idea why it's going into Harrah's?

A taste of St. Louis’ Hill for Harrah’s
Start spreading the news…

Two of the Midwest’s premier Italian eateries — our own Garozzo’s Ristorante and Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill of St. Louis — are hooking up.

“It’s going to be a new concept that’s a combination of my menu and Charlie Gitto’s menu,” says Michael Garozzo. “We’ll have our signature chicken spiedini and stuffed artichokes, and Charlie’s got a Veal Nunzio and the toasted ravioli that he’s really famous for.”

The restaurant will take over Moby’s space at Harrah’s North Kansas City Casino and be open for dinner only.

“We’re going to call it Mike & Charlie’s, and it will have a different ambience than either of our restaurants,” Garozzo says. “We grew up together on the Hill in St. Louis and worked together in a lot of great restaurants. And we always dreamed of doing a place together, so this is our dream come true.”

The $64 million question: Will the new joint showcase classic Italian crooners like Tony Bennett belting out ballads at fairly high decibels like at Garozzo’s?

“We haven’t decided the music yet,” Garozzo says. “We don’t know if we’re going to have Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra or Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli.”

ETA: “We’re hoping to get open before the Cardinals-Royals series in June,” Garozzo says.

KC- P&L District Chef Burger?

I would agree, I went last weekend and it was amazing. I've been craving one ever since. The blue cheese spread on the BBQ Bacon Burger was just perfect.
And the shakes are perfectly thick. Really would like to try one of the spiked one next time.

KC- Chefburger

First of all, see this thread:

Second, I went last weekend and loved it. Had the BBQ Bacon Blue Cheese Burger, and it was awesome. The milkshakes were great, although I was a little disappointed with the fries.
I think the meat was very good, and while some are complaining about the size, it probably the portion that we are supposed to be eating rather than the supersized burgers you find elsewhere.
They weren't doing customized burgers bc of the tournament, but I can't wait to get in there and create my own.

New Yorker going to KC for a week

The dining Piropos is now in Briarcliff Village, just north of downtown on the other side of the Broadway Bridge. Not too hard to find anymore!

New Yorker going to KC for a week

Hmm... here are my suggestions, just to hit some unique/new local spots:

-ChefBurger (Lunch, gourmet burgers in the new Power & Light District, by 1924 Main guy)
-Bristol Seafood (in Power & Light, also great happy hour)

Crossroads (right outside of downtown)
-1924 Main
-La Bodega (tapas, great happy hour)
-Lidia's (Italian)
-Pizza Bella (Lunch- same guy as 1924)

Plaza Area
-Grand Street Cafe
-The Mixx (lunch)

KC- P&L District Chef Burger?

I'm hoping to get in there this week, so far I've heard wonderful things... like they have "spiked" milkshakes!

If anyone else goes, please report!

muffaletta in KC ????

Also, I was at the Cashew last night and they have one on their menu.