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Farmers Markets in or near Atlanta

dekalb is excellent and an institution.

If the "Atlanta"market is on Buford hwy, then yes -- if it is not I am not familiar.

Apr 24, 2007
bnot in General South Archive

Tempeh and White Bean Sausage Patties

less breakfat sausage than evening burger, nevertheless, this is one of the best veggie burgers out there!

a large pinch of ground chipotle helps...

Apr 18, 2007
bnot in Recipes

Atlanta possibilities

dont know much about tex mex. heard good things about the food at nuevo laredo -- but also heard the prices are a bit high for the quality...

some easy and obvious choices:

Veitnamese: da loi is widely considered one of the better pho houses in ATL -- and there are 2 - one [kinda] near the airport on jonesboro and one up buford hwy.

Near Emory? -- many choices from decent to top notch, a good place to start your search is Decatur Square [discussed often here and on]. on the other side of Emory a little gem called floataway cafe lurks down Zonolite road.

Mar 13, 2007
bnot in General South Archive

Chow By Atlanta MARTA - Help!

Disclaimer from a frequent marta user: limiting yourself to marta is well, limiting.

I assume you will not be riding busses [often an extremely unsatisfying experience]

A quick sampling [not exhaustive] – have fun – Atlanta is a great place to live and can be a crappy place to visit…weird but true….

EASTLINE [Indian creek]:
Decatur station: square and environs [10 min walk]: a range of good options including sushi avenue; brickstore, twains, java monkey; and many many others – many at least good.

Eastlake station: Wahoo, 15 –20 minute walk south to Oakhurst village with many options – more hip than good but worth a visit for how intown locals tend to live/work/play.

Candler park station: radial, flying biscuit [not so good anymore but famous]; gato bizco [way underrated IMHO]; candler park market – wine and sandwiches

Inman park station;
Son’s [classic meat and three soul/southern [b-fast and lunch only], shaun’s; 10 minute walk to “LITTLE 5” points many option most at least decent;

SOUTHLINE [airport]

Eastpoint Station: matilda bean [still there?] oz pizza; others

College park station: very much in flux sometime has some good stuff – not sure what is open there now


Midtown Station: Walk 5 blocks south to one of the more prominent midtown central business districts @ 10th and piedmont – very gay friendly. Coffee; sushi; Mediterranean [eh]; tapas. name it… piedmont park! Worth a walk around on a nice day.

Lenox – lenox mall food court – free samples; near the mall on peachtree – bluepointe; palm; others

Mar 06, 2007
bnot in General South Archive