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Nice dinner not far from Algonquin

Thanks for the help. I really want to go to Michael, it's very high on my list of new places to try (for me). I guess distance at least for today, is playing a big role. Gave the family a choice of Montarra and Le Titi to review the menus, and Montarra it is.

Nxstasy thanks for the always spot on advice. (along with everyone else)

Nov 02, 2008
aviva1 in Chicago Area

Nice dinner not far from Algonquin

I've been to all of the above mentioned places, all are good, tho I'd hesitate about Port Edward. I rechecked Montarra's menu and prices and they seem to have gone up, but not out of the question. The one time I was at Barr Country Bistro it was not long after it opened, and I think I was sick, so had an ok meal but don't remember it too well. Le Titi and Vichy we have been to numerous times and enjoyed all. 1776 as well, and just found out my daughter's boyfriends step-dad used to be chef there. Anyway, keep the suggestions coming-- still trying to think of somewhere I haven't been...

Nov 01, 2008
aviva1 in Chicago Area

Nice dinner not far from Algonquin

Birthday dinner coming up and trying to think of a new place. Am in Algonquin and don't want to go to the city or drive more than about half hour. Right now considering Montarra, around the corner, and good food. Thinking steak and/or French.


Oct 31, 2008
aviva1 in Chicago Area

NYer in Chicago - tell me your secrets! (Please read)

I'd agree with everything except the hot dog part. If you want a Chicago hot dog go to Portillos. If you want to experience sausage and meat combos in a variety of fascinating combinations on hot dog type buns go to Hot Dougs.

Sep 03, 2008
aviva1 in Chicago Area

Half way tween Evanston/Schaumburg--Help!

One place I like is Retro Bistro, nw corner of Busse/Golf, in Mount Prospect. Casual, bistro fare, good food, not expensive. I don't drink but looks like a nice wine selection.

Also, Pappadeux, cajun seafood, s/e corner of Golf/Algonquin in Arlingotn Heights.

Also, Yannis, nice, more upscale Greek--n/e corner of Arlington Heights/Algonquin in Arlington Heights, same parking lot as Mitsuwa Market.

Well I guess those last few are alot closer to Schaumburg. There's also David's Bistro, Wolf/Central in Des Plaines, also a nice, small bistro.

Aug 28, 2008
aviva1 in Chicago Area

Visiting from KC - any BBQ worth trying?

If you are right near OK Joe's - don't bother with BBQ here. On our recent 24 hour foray to KC we hit Jack Stack, Bryants and Ok Joe and thought OK Joe's was the BEST! Plus the gas station experience was great too. Like a poster said, try Chicago BBQ for something different, but don't expect KC bbq.

Aug 21, 2008
aviva1 in Chicago Area

Looking for a good butcher Far NW suburbs

I go to Butcher on the Block-- its on Algonquin Rd at, I think its Lakewood (the light west of Square Barn). South east corner shopping center, with Bistro Wasabi among other things. It's butcher shop pricing but good quality. I get my skirt steak from there when I want that cut- its well worth it. They also have freshly made to order sandwiches, some deli things, and some frozen things. Fish I can't reply to as well, sorry.

Aug 17, 2008
aviva1 in Chicago Area

"Must eats" near/in New Buffalo, Michigan area please...

I'll vote for Red Arrow Roadhouse, in Union Pier. Sounds like and looks like a roadhouse but the food is of a higher caliber. Definitely worth a stop.

For breakfast or lunch I'd say Viola Cafe, east a little ways, in Three Oaks. Again, a little storefront place, but excellent food and atmosphere.

Also, check out the Midwest board- there's alot of posts on the area there.

KC BBQ road trip- Recap

Ok I think it is Country Corners. I can tell you that it is attached to the first (only?) gas station off I35 on the north side of the road to the west as you exit. Cash only, so no receipt. The kids had a burger and curly fries, which they loved. The burger was a hand made patty- not prefab. It's an 8 table kinda place, so not even sure it would quaify for the D,Di,D !!

KC BBQ road trip- Recap

Finally back from our trip and here is a recap. First of all, we took I88-I80-I35 and straight down. No problems at all with flooding, tho we did see some along the way. Highlight: the Iowa80 truck stop, largest in the world!

We ate dinner Tuesday night at Fiorellas Jack Stack, in the Freighthouse. One big reason for starting there was the walking distance from our hotel (Westin Crown Center). Daughter got salmon, which she loved, her friend the brisket sandwich and potatoes au gratin. She liked both alot. The brisket looked a little dry. I got the 3 meat dinner- crown rib, baby backs and burnt ends. My husband got the 2- lamb rib and baby back. We both thought they were ok, but all overly salty, especially the crown rib. The crown was super tender, alot of meat. The lamb rib was very good- I liked it more than husband. He like the burnt ends alot. Again, just all a bit salty. I didn't care for the cheesy potatoes at all. We completely over ordered and were beyond stuffed when we left.

The next day we had breakfast at Harvey House. That was fun- good food at reasonable prices in a fun environment. The whole of Union Station is beautiful, and Harvey House is nicely in period.

Lunch we hit Arthur Bryant's on Brooklyn. Figured in case we burned out on BBQ after lunch at least we went there. It was very, very good. We learned from the night before and split a combo baby backs and brisket. Both were excellent. Really liked the sweet sauce, too. Beef was very tender, ribs were just right. Way better than Jack Stack.

We recouped our strength by dinner and after agonizing over choosing one last place to go we decided on Oklahoma Joe's. Extremely good choice. We got lucky also that it was Wednesday, when they have burnt ends. We chose there partly because of the burnt ends reputation, but hadn't realized they didn't have them regularly. We got there in a rain storm, and the line was snaked around to the door. After waiting in line about 35 minutes we went with the combo spare ribs/burnt ends, coleslaw and hubby tried the red beans and rice (which he didn't care for). Third times the charm because we thought OK Joes to be the best of the 3 places we tried. The spare ribs were large and meaty, and the burnt ends melted in your mouth. Sauce was very good, as well. Enjoyed it more than Bryant's and no comparison to Jack Stack. Our favorite of the 3 places we tried.

Thanks to all for all the help and recommendations.
Side note: ate the best french dip of my life in a gas station right off I35 in Decatur City, Iowa. Thick cut, home made roast beef. To die for!

Last bbq post before our KC trip--help me over the hump

Weve decided to try to fit in 4 places in one day--eating small amounts of each place's specialty at each one. The places are: Bryants, on Brooklyn. LCs on Blue Pkwy, Gates, either on Brooklyn or Main, and Jack Stack, at Frieghthouse.

So, what to each at each of those?

Uh Oh, now I need BBQ places in KC with fish!

Our bbq trip is next week and now we will have our teen pescatarian with us. It looks like Jack Stacks has fish but not Bryants?? What other Q places have some kind of fish? I hope this doesnt throw a big monkey wrench into our BBQ!

Good food in McHenry County?

Kiku, now open at Huntley and Randall, has moved pretty high up for Japanese as well. We go there and Kaminari. And Sushi Ai in Palatine. I know- not McH county but worth a shout out!

Jun 22, 2008
aviva1 in Chicago Area

Narrowing the BBQ [Kansas City]

Ok trip coming up in 2 weeks. I have the bbq joints down to:

Bryants on 18th- first possibly only time in KC figure have to try it. How is this location? Do they take ressies?

Gates on Main--how is this location, do they take ressies?

Jack Stack on 22d--Close to where were staying downtown. How is this location, ressies??

LCs on Blue Pkwy--Kind of far out but well have a car. Ressies?

We will probably have to pick 2--lunch and dinner. Any thoughts on which would be better for either meal?

Non-mall dinner KC

Coming to KC in two weeks for 3 days. Planning to hit some bbq joints the middle day while the teens are at an all day concert.

We should get in after a long drive from Chicago in time for dinner. Are staying at the Westin downtown, by Union Station. So where's a good, casual but nice, non chain place to eat? I know there's a big mall there but want to avoid that kind of thing if possible. Will have 3 regular eaters and a pescatarian....thoughts??

Sungari Pearl-PDX

Hmmm this is all ineresting, as it has come pretty highly rated by someone who knows their PDX food. Anyone actually had a good experience there??

May 31, 2008
aviva1 in Pacific Northwest

Sungari Pearl-PDX

Planning to eat lunch at Sungari Pearl on a Saturday, after PSU graduation in a few weeks. A semi-celebratory family lunch (small crowd). Anyway, I know its recommended, but who can expound a little? Thanks.

May 29, 2008
aviva1 in Pacific Northwest

PDX Soup Dumplings?

Anywhere in Portland to get authentic soup dumplings ala Joes Shanghai or New Green Bo in New York?

May 18, 2008
aviva1 in Pacific Northwest

Suggestions please!

I like Atwood Cafe at State/Washington. It's small but they might reserve the space for your group.

May 17, 2008
aviva1 in Chicago Area

Funky food places between Chicago--KC

Ok bumping myself to give this post another try--please!

Funky food places between Chicago--KC

Will be driving from Chicago to Kansas City in early July. Will leave early morning and be looking for cool/unusual/funky diner kind of places for breakfast and lunch along I88 and the I35 south...

Lunch we might be roughly somewhere near Des Moines--breakfast not super far west of Chicago---

So any ideas where we might stop? Trying to make the most food-wise of this long drive (me, husband and 2 16yos). Thanks!

Great place for lunch in the Loop or near north?

I'll throw out there Atwood Cafe, in the Hotel Burnham, State and Washington. We had a nice brunch there last weekend, and the rest of the menu looked nice. I would definitely try it for lunch if I was down during the week. They will valet park.

May 03, 2008
aviva1 in Chicago Area

Sunday lunch/brunch Loop

Going down next Sunday for matinee show at 18 w Monroe. Thought lunch with family before would be nice. Walking distance to the theater so we can park only once. Cruising around for something decent on a Sunday afternoon left me so far with brunch at Atwood Cafe. Which is fine. Any other ideas? Casual-nice.

Apr 20, 2008
aviva1 in Chicago Area

Good food in McHenry County?

Now we can add Kiku to the list. Opened a few months ago, Huntly/Randall Rds. HIbachi and sushi. Weve been a few times and are impresed with the food. A tad pricey but, what can you do. Now if they'd start to deliver also, we'd be in business!!

Apr 12, 2008
aviva1 in Chicago Area

Culinary Wasteland of Cary, Il?

Not to jump in here, because I agree with all of the above, including checking out that thread--we had a lengthy discussion not that long ago. But I've never heard of 5 oclocks Steak House, in Cary, mentioned above. Can anyone shed some more light on that??

Apr 07, 2008
aviva1 in Chicago Area

Kansas City --bbq and funky breakfast

I will be coming to Kansas City in early July, but only for about 2 days. Figuring in 2 dinners, a lunch and 2 breakfasts.

One lunch and one dinner I'd like to try the famed KC bbq. It would be the same day, while the youts are at a concert. At least one breakfast a funky diner kinda place would be great. So- let's hear it- throw out some great bbq places and why should they be the ones to try. I have to say Arthur Bryants SEEMS like one to go to as it is the most famous, but is it?

And then--what are the funky breakfast places. I think we will be staying downtown somewhere, thats not worked out yet.

Rockford IL restaurant

So out of the blue I posted looking for restaurants in downtown Rockford, then did a search and this thread was posted--yesterday!!! Too bizarre. So any help Rockfordites?

Rockford downtown?

Were going tomorrow night to the Coronado Theater in Rockford and looking for a place to eat. Its adults and teens, one pescatarian and one just plain kinda picky. I guess this place is downtown--any ideas of where to go? I've sort of found the Capri Restaurant as well as Table 13 ( I know, kinda fancy). Any other nearby suggestions? Not fast food, but not Tru either, thanks!!

A new Japanese place near Randall/Huntley?

Anyone know anything about the place seemingly about to open at Huntley Rd just east of Randall? (on the south side of Huntley in the little strip mall east of the corner). Maybe called Kiku? It says sushi and yakitori. Ok, I know what sushi and yakitori are...but any skinny on this place??

Dec 23, 2007
aviva1 in Chicago Area

New Japanese in west C'ville?

Anyone know anything about the place seemingly about to open at Huntley Rd just east of Randall? (on the south side of Huntley in the little strip mall east of the corner). Maybe called Kiku? It says sushi and yakitori. Ok, I know what sushi and yakitor are...but any skinny on this place??

Dec 21, 2007
aviva1 in Chicago Area