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Spicy City in SD -- New Owners/Menu?

I was just reading on Yelp that Spicy City has new owners and that it has radically changed its menu. See

Any truth to this?

Feb 16, 2008
Mastacow in California

Merguez in San Diego?

I bought some at Bristol Farms in La Jolla several seeks ago. Quite good, too (and without the day-glo orange color of those in France). They did not have them last time I was there, but perhaps you should telephone.

May 01, 2007
Mastacow in California

A Real Deli in North County San Diego????

Nada. It is a wasteland for deli here. I have Katz's fedexed from NYC for pastrami/tongue and Corky & Lenny's from OH for corned beef. Pricey, but the only real option. But you don't like Langer's pastrami?

Apr 09, 2007
Mastacow in California