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Spicy City in SD -- New Owners/Menu?

I was just reading on Yelp that Spicy City has new owners and that it has radically changed its menu. See http://www.yelp.com/biz/spicy-city-ch....

Any truth to this?

Feb 16, 2008
Mastacow in California

Merguez in San Diego?

I bought some at Bristol Farms in La Jolla several seeks ago. Quite good, too (and without the day-glo orange color of those in France). They did not have them last time I was there, but perhaps you should telephone.

May 01, 2007
Mastacow in California

A Real Deli in North County San Diego????

Nada. It is a wasteland for deli here. I have Katz's fedexed from NYC for pastrami/tongue and Corky & Lenny's from OH for corned beef. Pricey, but the only real option. But you don't like Langer's pastrami?

Apr 09, 2007
Mastacow in California