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Cape Town - where to dine with a view

I'm heading to Cape Town next Friday and am looking for a restaurant that offers impressive views AND great food. I've already made a booking at Salt in Bantry Bay for 1 night, but would like another place with a view (ideally where we can watch the sunset) for our last night. As we'll have already experienced the Bantry Bay view, perhaps somewhere near the V&A? We're open to all styles of food, and anything from casual to fine dining.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Jul 17, 2009
gator14 in Middle East & Africa

The best and worst of Brookline?

Best Sushi: Super Fusion by a mile - order from here at least once a week and it's consistently fresh; inventive rolls and appetizers

Best Pizza: Pizza Republic on Beacon Street - rarely mentioned on this board, but has superb pizza with medium crust (thicker than Upper Crust, but not too doughy) and gourmet toppings and whole wheat crust available. Pastas and subs are pretty good here too.

Best Italian/Date Night/Value: Pomodoro's (technically in Brookline Village) - make a reservation and you'll be treated right...we've always gotten at least a free appetizer or dessert...pastas and main entrees are delicious. Small, cozy place with great atmosphere.

Best Breakfast: Martin's Coffee Shop (also in Brookline Village) - tiny little place, but more of a "diner" like feel than any other place in the area. Omelettes made to order with a ton of options for fillings (incl. egg whites) and crispy home fries.

Best Ice Cream: Emack and Bolio's - original and more "crazy" flavor options, plus fat-free and frozen yogurt.

Best Pub: Washington Square Tavern/Beacon Street Tavern (outdoor seating a plus) - limited menu but it changes every few months to keep it fresh.

Also enjoy LaMorra, Publick House, Fireplace (brunch only), Cafe Nicolas (panini sandwiches, subs), Athens (paninis for lunch and gelato only - other desserts are sub-par at best), Zenna Noodle House, Ana's

Enjoy all that Brookline has to offer!

Jul 15, 2008
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

Dim Sum Delivery?

Are there any decent Dim Sum-type places that will deliver to Brookline?

May 21, 2008
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

Shanghai - top restaurant feedback needed

I'm going to Shanghai in June and am researching options for a nice dinner - I've narrowed down to the list below but need some help with the final decision. Food needs to be great, but I'm also taking into consideration atmosphere and views:

3 on the Bund restaurants:
- Laris
- Jean Georges
- Whampoa Club
- New Heights

M on the Bund

Any feedback or additional suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!


Just received this email from the folks at Grotto - they've purchased the Marliave and are hoping to reopen in the Spring - take a read:

Greeting from Grotto,

Restoring a Tradition

A year and a half ago, one of Boston dining landmarks was closed down. The Marliave had operated at 10 Bosworth Street for over 120 years. The restaurant was purchased early last year, and last summer, while strolling through downtown, I saw a small for rent sign in the upstairs window. I have now taken over the Marliave ( and have begun restoring dining landmark. The Marliave will reopen this spring, and will feature two dining rooms and an oyster bar. The menus will reflect the history of the establishment, which has operated as a French, Italian, and New England restaurant, and even as a Speakeasy and illegal distillery (liquor and label print equipment was seized many times during prohibition). We are respectfully restoring this beautiful restaurant to retain its vintage design such as repairing the original tin ceilings and walls, installing a vintage marble bar and oyster bar, refinishing wood floors, repairing mosaic floors, and are doing our best to retain classic details down to the black and white color scheme. Grotto will keep you posted as opening day arrives, and hope to see you there.

Thank you,

The Owners & Staff of Grotto

The website ( offers some insight into the menu: "The Marliave will open with two classic dining options: The Upstairs affords its famous view and serves classic continental cuisine such as butter-poached lobster, Beef Wellington, and halibut baked in a salt crust. The Downstairs, harkens back to Marliave’s bootlegging days serving classic prohibition-era cocktails and updated versions of the classic dishes you would have found at the Marliave a century ago, such as Yankee pot roast, Welsh rarebits, and freshly shucked oysters."


Mar 28, 2008
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

Best Delivery Pizza (allston/brighton/brookline)

I'm surprised more people don't mention Pizza Republic on Beacon St. in Brookline for great pizza - tons of toppings (incl. the more "gourmet" variety), choice of regular or thin crust, whole wheat crust option too - delivery is a standard 30-45 minutes in peak times and always arrives hot and toasty. Give it a try!

Mar 13, 2008
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

House of Yum (?) Chang/Myers- opening?

Just read about this place in "Stuff @ night":

"...fiances Christopher Myers and Joanne Chang have the right idea, pooling their respective skills to open Myers + Chang (1144 Washington street, Boston, 617.532.5200). Myers, co-owner of Radius, Via Matta, and Great Bay, and Chang, owner of two uber-sweet Flour bakeries, are planning a low-lit, funky Chinese diner, scheduled for a mid-September opening in the South End. The price point will be low to moderate for the eatery's 'fresh, bright, addictive' Asian-inspired dishes; sample menu items include Mama Chang's pork-and-chive dumplings, lemony shrimp potstickers, and Thai ginger-chicken salad, while the bar will feature libations with an Eastern feel, including a lychee-and-Champagne cocktail and Chinese sangria."

Sep 14, 2007
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

Fun but not too crazy place for dinner

I'd second the recommendation for the Publick House. Nice relaxed atmosphere, and lots of different food options (not to mention the huge beer menu). They've recently added a Hostess who takes down your name so you don't have to wait in-line for a table like in the past. This allows you relax and have a drink at the bar before you eat...and there will definitely be a wait for a table on a Friday night...probably an hour+ depending on when you go.
Another place I'd recommend is Pomodoro in Brookline Village (Harvard St.) - really cozy place with yummy pastas and the Fig Bread Pudding is one of my favorite desserts. I'd suggest calling and seeing if they have any reservations open for tonight...if not, you'll have a hard time getting a table (it's a very small place), but you could still probably eat at the bar.

Congrats on the new job. Let us know where you end up.

Sep 14, 2007
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

L'espalier - need help with a few questions

I have a reservation at L'espalier this Saturday to celebrate my 1-year wedding anniversary. I've taken a look at the menus online and searched the board for previous questions/dining recaps and am extremely excited...but a few questions remain:

- Where is the best place to sit? Seems like there are a few different rooms? (hoping I can still request this if I call asap)
- Can you "customize" the 4-course Seasonal Tasting? I'd rather not be eating the exact same thing as my husband for all courses...can you get 2 totally different tastings?
- Do you recommend the wine pairing with the tasting or just getting a bottle separately?
- And finally, is the "Chef's Tasting Journey" overkill? Will the 4-course tasting leave us happily full?

Thanks in advance!

Sep 10, 2007
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

how's the food at Washington Square Tavern these days?

Live just down the street and was actually there last night for a quick dinner - the place is always bustling, even on a Wednesday night, but love the cozy/warm feeling. They just introduced a new menu (as they do from season to season) and enjoyed the Veal Marsala with Truffled Mushroom Risotto and Lemon Arugula. DC had Sirloin with Broccolini, Mashed Potatoes and Shallot Glaze which was good (steak actually cooked medium rare), but nothing special/outstanding. But definitely worth a trip, and always a great place for a date.

May 03, 2007
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

A Brookline Primer

Have lived in Brookline for 3 years now and have many favorites:

Pizza/Pastas: Upper Crust on Beacon Street. They make an excellent whole wheat crust and seem to use higher quality toppings than many other pizza places in the area - try chicken, spinach, ricotta with sundried good!

Italian: Pomodoro in Brookline Village. Make a reservation for one of their "seatings", order a bottle of wine, and they'll treat you like gold with extra appetizers and desserts on the house. Antipasto plate, rabbit lasagna and "little ear" pasta are my favorites. Also recently tried Trattoria Toscana based on positive reviews on this board and it did not disappoint - although it's in Fenway, it's worth the trip.

Brunch: Martin's Coffee Shop is a "hole in the wall" type place in Brookline Village with some tables and counter seating. Excellent omelets. Matt Murphy's serves an authentic Irish brunch, and gives you delicious breads to munch on.

Sushi: Our go-to place is Minato Sushi on Washingston Street, just before the Square. Excellent sashimi, but not super cheap. I prefer it to Super Fusion which is just a few doors down.

More Upscale: Washington Square Tavern is a great place to get a nice meal and a glass of wine. Only downfall is that it gets very busy so the wait can be pretty long, and they don't serve dessert. Often end up going across the street to The Fireplace where the wait is never as long...although the food isn't quite as good.

Pub-Style: Publick House has a great beer selection and delicious burgers and mac 'n cheese. Also enjoy Audabon Circle which may technically be in Boston.

Enjoy exploring the area!

Apr 24, 2007
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

What are the best restaurants in Marbella?

I will be in Marbella on Thursday May 31st, and need to find a great restaurant to celebrate my husband's 30th birthday. Will consider any price level, but needs to have very good food, and a great atmosphere (nothing overally stuffy) - nice grounds/view a bonus. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I've looked at the travel guide suggestions and came up with this list, but am hoping CH's can help steer me in the right direction:
- La Meridiana
- Villa Tiberio
- La Hacienda
- El Portalon
- Restaurant Santiago

Thank you!

Mar 20, 2007
gator14 in Spain/Portugal

Best Boston Prix Fix

Looking for suggestions on where to get a great Prix Fix meal under $50 in the Boston area (downtown, back bay, south end - brookline/newton works as well). Definite bonus if there are more than 2 options for each course. Wine pairings for additional $ also will be considered.

Thanks in advance for all your recommendations!

Mar 19, 2007
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

Bachelorette Dinner for 6-10 downtown

I'm planning a nice dinner for my sister-in-law as the beginning of a Bachelorette night on the town. We'll have 6-10 people (most mid-late 20's), and I'd like to stay within the Beacon Hill/Back Bay/South End area if possible. Would like a nice meal (OK if entrees are within $20-$35 range), with a nice atmosphere (no super loud music where you have to yell; round tables for large groups a plus) and must take reservations.

I'd appreciate any and all suggestions.
Thanks so much.

Mar 14, 2007
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

Terramia for RW - recommendations?

I'll be going to Terramia for RW on Friday - would love to hear from anyone that has been and has recommendations on what to order. Anything to avoid? As they don't serve dessert, where would you suggest going for an after dinner indulgence?

Thanks in advance!

Mar 12, 2007
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

bread pudding

Try William Sonoma's recipe for Chocolate Bread Pudding. It uses day-old croissants, is easy to make, and soooo good. Always a crowd pleaser.

Mar 09, 2007
gator14 in Home Cooking

Where to get the best Bread Pudding

I love Bread Pudding and would love any suggestions about where to go to get a great bread pudding for dessert. Bonus if it's chocolate bread pudding!

Mar 09, 2007
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

Best place for Foie Gras

Any suggestions for where to go for a great Foie Gras dish? Can be appetizer, entree, in ravioli, etc. In Boston/Cambridge/Brookline if possible.

Mar 08, 2007
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

best bets in brookline

Anyone ever been to Pomodoro in Brookline Village - had an amazing meal there...we had to wait 15 minutes before we were seated for our reservation, but were treated to a free appetizer and glass of wine at the bar, and then once we sat down, they brought us an additional "appetizer" pasta dish and a second dessert choice on-the-house. Everything was delicious and reasonably priced.

Also love Washington Square Tavern - menu consistently changes and great atmosphere.

For more casual takeout - LOVE Pizza Republic on Beacon St. - they'll make any of their pizzas with Whole Wheat crust, and have fresh veggies, meats and chicken toppings.

Mar 06, 2007
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

RW: Great Bay

Went to Great Bay last night for RW. Was able to substitute my appetizer option with a mixed green salad as I don't eat shellfish - was nice that they were able to accomodate a change. Split both entries with my husband - liked the chicken the best, very moist and tasty filling. Salmon was good, but citrus "sauce" a bit too tart for my liking. Raspberry icecream for dessert was delicious and was quickly devoured. We didn't end up finishing the Chocolate S'mores dessert..VERY sweet and sugary.
All in all a good meal, but would have prefered ordering from the regular menu...if only the prices were the same.
Unfortunately we didn't get the $33.07 gift certificate some others received...perhaps was only a limited number that were given out the first night?

Mar 06, 2007
gator14 in Greater Boston Area

Recommendations for Tapas

Am looking to find a great Tapas restaurant. Have been to Tasca in Brookline and Tapeo on Newbury Street - enjoyed both, but am looking for another place to try. Anyone been to Bar Lola? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The more authentic the better.

Mar 05, 2007
gator14 in Greater Boston Area