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Narrowing down Yountville/Healdsburg

Meleyna,hi, you don't actually spit anymore; you take a taste of the wine, then pour what remains in your glass in a dump bucket....which probably won't be an actual bucket, but some container that everyone uses to pour wine out of their glass. The last time I spit in a winery tasting room (it was rustic with a dirt/gravel floor) I got chewed out severely...and rightly so. It sounds to me like you are going to have a great time. Enjoy.

Honeymoon in Healdsburg - Where to Eat?

I'm sure you need to phone....they aren't being difficult, they're just a small restaurant and it wouldn't make sense to be on Open Table.

Honeymoon in Healdsburg - Where to Eat?

I think those three will amke you very happy....haven't missed a thing.

Upscale lunch suggestion

I wouldn't worry about Perbacco being too pasta-centric. Last time I ate there, I had quail, it was delicious. I don't remember what more was on the plate, but it wasn't pasta. Perbacco would be a good choice for you, IMHO.

Honeymoon in Healdsburg - Where to Eat?

you are certainly on the right track with Valette and Scopa, both are excellent choices. Of the three others that you mentioned, my pick would be Barndiva.

Winetasting in Sonoma

totally touristy....why would you buy a generic sandwich there when you can get a great variety of very good foods at Big Johns? I think people see all the activity around Dry Creek store and just asume there must be something good going on there....unfortunately there is mostly just a long wait for not very much.

One evening in San Fran / 5 nights in Napa

you are on the right track with Mustards, I've eaten there 3 times this year; I think it will be just as you remember it. I would stay away from has been very good in the past, but there is something going on there, and I wouldn't chance it if I were you. Bistro Jeanty is stellar, and sitting on their patio is a great way to enjoy lunch or dinner in Yountville. Be sure and check out the Oxbow in the town of is a giant food court. Situated beside The Oxbow are Model Bakery and Fatted Calf. Also in the town of Napa, Angele is nice place for lunch outside. Enjoy your visit.

TN: 2009 Black Kite Pinot Noir Angel Hawk Reserve

thanks for the report, Dinwiddie.

May 12, 2015
pinotho in Wine

Restaurants in Napa

+ one for Angele. Be sure to sit outside.

Point Reyes area restaurants

"I wonder if they won't lose their license entirely due to the 'no outside food or drink' signs" .....Robert, can you please explain? Thanks.

Carneros (Napa) Tasting and Snacking Tips

some lunch tips are:
There is a Whole Foods in downtown Sonoma...I think it is near Second St. West and West Napa St....anyway there is only one even if my location is off.
Sonoma Market at Fifth and West Napa is a terrific grocery/market with lots of prepared food, sandwiches, cheeses.
Sonoma's Best ( ) has sandwiches, cheeses, wine, etc.
Hope your trip goes well.

Feedback on Russian River/ Napa Itinerary

It is a close call in regard to Rochioi. Their wine lineup for tasting is pretty limited. I would say other wineries would suit you better, but with one exception. If you are really into sauvignon blanc, then Rochioli's is among the very best, and it is always available for tasting.

Unfortunately, all the action in Glen Ellen is at dinner. The two places where I would send you are not open for lunch. Freemont Diner is in that general area, and it is a lot of fun. One thing you might think about is whether you are going into Napa Valley from the southern end or the northern end. Given that you will be in the Russian River area for your tasting, you might think about going to Napa via Healdsburg and the Alexander Valley, i.e. the northern route, as opposed to Gen Ellen which will lead you thru the Carneros area and into Napa at the souhern end of the valley.

Feedback on Russian River/ Napa Itinerary

Yes, Pam, I did confuse Bistro des Copains with Copain Winery. I did not know that the winery could do lunch, so my mistake, as it is the bistro that has closed.

Feedback on Russian River/ Napa Itinerary

Hi Tuckerandgrog,

I think you are too late for lunch at Copain, as they have either closed, or are in the process of closing. If I were laying out day 1, I would hit Scherrer, Paul Matthew, and Woodenhead. Rochioli wines are great, the tasting experience not so much. I think I may like your new name for them: Rochiolini has a nice ring to it.
I think lunch at Glen Ellen Inn is a waste of your time. If you are really into oysters, then head to the coast for the real deal. Bodega Bay or Marshall will have fresh oysters, but the 4th of July isn't an optimum time for oysters. Still another option after Merry Edwards would be Willie's in Healdsburg. If it were me, I would drive straight from Merry Edwards to Napa, and do lunch there, as there are just better options.
Hope you enjoy your visit.

Robert Parker: High wine prices creating ‘caste system’

would you share your thinking with us?

Mar 23, 2015
pinotho in Wine

Napa + SF 2015 trip HELP

Hi nteats: on Day 4, I would drop Redd, and have lunch at Bistro Jeanty instead. I have recommended Redd on this site, but think it is no longer worth it. There is something going on there, perhaps someone will log on and be able to shed some light on it. Meanwhile, I have had two excellent lunches at BJ, and their outside dining area is just a very pleasant place to pass time in Youtville.
On day 5, as you return to SF, why not have lunch at Chez Panisse. Lunch there is different from dinner, and I would recommend it. Hope you have a great trip.

Any reports on Canneti Roadhouse Italiana (Forestville)?

yes, been there 3 times in last year. Let's just say it is very, very inconsistent. Melanie's remark about not being served a dish does not surprise me. Sorry I couldn't be more enthusiastic, but this restaurant is more than a little odd.

$2.99 Rosenblum zin--how and why?

Ernie: is it a vintage or a non-vintage wine?

Mar 02, 2015
pinotho in Wine

Offer to purchase Screaming Eagle

how much are you offering?

Feb 06, 2015
pinotho in Wine

Berkeley: Current favorites for flavors and ambience?

+ one for Riva Cucina. Food is good, not great but good. Almost alwways a good bottle of Barbera or Dolcetto on the list. Conversation, when seated outside, is very good, and it is good inside.

Need Finishing Touches for 2nd Trip to Napa !

+ 1 for Bistro Jeanty.

Romantic/Special Occasion Dinner Healdsburg-Santa Rosa

Barndiva in Healdsburg can be romantic....I'm sure they will give you a good table if they know about the special occasion.

Appeals court deals blow to Drakes Bay Oyster Co.


Ideal wine with marinated raw fish

plus one

Oct 07, 2014
pinotho in Wine

Zin Restaurant & Wine Bar, Healdsburg

Have had the Sunday fried chicken at Zin, and I completely agree with you.

Plane crashes into Sonoma County vineyard


Sep 26, 2014
pinotho in Wine

Another restaurant wine pricing rant!

yet you failed to run the numbers on water and soda.

Sep 02, 2014
pinotho in Wine

Another restaurant wine pricing rant!

Josephnl, perhaps you would like to read this previous post abount wine pricing. If I recall correctly, at the end of the day, even the restaurant defenders admitted that they price wine so high because they know they can get away with it. .

Sep 02, 2014
pinotho in Wine

Another restaurant wine pricing rant!

not be a smartass, but you bank dollars, not percentages. You have to sell a lot of soda/water/liqour to equal the dollar profit earned on one premium bottle of wine.

Sep 02, 2014
pinotho in Wine

Another restaurant wine pricing rant!

never did respond to your original post, so, for what it's worth, I believe your rant is entirely justified.

Sep 02, 2014
pinotho in Wine