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Small plate/tapas style Resto for TONIGHT (Sat)

We are booked at Pinxto for 9, but want to head out earlier. Any other suggestions for small plate dining that we can look into for an earlier reservation? Mezze is also booked until 9 tonight. All suggestions much appreciated!

Apps/tapas-only resto suggestions

Hubby and I looking for a resto for Thursday night. We don't eat out much these days, and would prefer a meal of appetizers or tapas rather than the usual app-entree. We love Pinxto but would like to try somewhere we haven't been (rules out Tapeo, Casa Tapas). Has anyone tried Apollo? Thanks for any interesting suggestions.

Casa Tapas
266 Rue Rachel E, Montreal, QC H2W1E6, CA

Party Room/catering suggestions

Thanks for the resto suggestions. He Is actually French so the phd is from a Parisian university, but I am going to check with local schools anyway to see what might be available. We have a few cases of bubbly that we brought back from our last trip, so the economical part might only apply to the food if I can find a byob. I have never heard of Raza, but will definitely check it out thanks again.

Party Room/catering suggestions

I want to throw a party for my husband for completing his phd. I will invite around 50 people, and would like to rent a space somewhere downtown and have it catered. We will absolutely need champagne, so a spot that can either provide or allow us to byob is a must. I was thinking of cocktail food rather than dinner, and would like to keep it as economical as possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

any update on the fish situation in Montreal?

We've always sworn by La Mer, although I must say that we don't go with a request for specific fish--we always ask the guys what they recommend. Maybe its because we are loyal, but they will absolutely let us know (ie, we ask for tuna, they say "why don't you try the swordfish tonight *wink*"). I've certainly never had a bad experience there, but I will watch this thread to see if there are other relatively central suggestions.

Angus Dei

We used Angus Dei for our wedding, and could not reccommend them more highly. We started with cocktails and I think there were 5 different "amuses bouches" served as people chatted, including things like foie gras served in edible flowers (delish and great conversation starters). Then we had a sit-down dinner with 4 courses,with a choice of 3 different mains, and the food was outstanding. We provided all champagne and wine, as well as our wedding cake, and their servers took care of absolutely everything with great professionalism. Our guests all let us know that they had never been to a wedding with such great food. If you decide to opt for cocktail food only, Angus Dei can tell you how many hors d'ouvres (sp?) per person, and they are very good about trying to keep everything in your budget. They are on the expensive end, but we felt well worth every penny.

L'Express Menu Recommendation

Attire is casual--it's a crowded bistro. Mousse de foie de volaille is always a nice starter. Dh likes the tartare, I usually just go for steak/frites--safe but really nicely done. I have never eaten seafood there, but have often ordered their dore', which is usually very tasty.

Toast is toast

Waiting 2.5 hours for the first course is outrageous and entirely unacceptable, no matter how great the food is. There is not a Michelin rated restaurant in the world that would keep a patron waiting like that. Combined with bad service, this would put this resto very low on my "must visit" list.

Greatest Overall Tasting Menu

Would definitely recommend Toque--and unlike some posters, we have found the service excellent. We only dined at Club Chasse & Peche once, but will not return---the food was disappointing and the service horrid. Haven't tried Europea, but have only heard good things about their tasting menu.

Best (Restaurant/Food) of Montreal


Helene de Champlain - OK, mediocre, or revolting ?

Haven't been since last summer, but it was pretty awful then. The locale is great though, especially for fireworks. I'd have a glass at the bar and then wander outside ---pack a snack? :)


Glad it met your expectations. Out of curiosity, what do you consider "steep" in price?We are planning a Toque visit next month, and I would like to prepare myself in advance for the final tally!

Club Chasse et Peche - Very Disappointing Evening

No cheese? How dare you?! Maybe it was the same guy.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that after we had ordered, our server returned to the table to tell us that he would be bringing us a platter of vegetables, he couldn't say what they were because it was the chef's choice. It turned out to be a small plate with a few different sides of vegetables, including a tiny salad, caulifllower puree, and something else. When I got home, I found the $8 platter was added to my bill?!? The more I think about the evening, the more I am sure we won't be repeat customers.

Bouchonné with kids?

I know what maisonbistro means, but I think you are reading us right cheryl. We really do love to eat well, and have always brought our daughter with us to all different kinds of establishments, so she is relatively well-behaved and willing to try most anything. We don't need booster seats or chicken nuggets--we justdon't want to take her to a restaurant where they will ignore her or roll their eyes when they see her coming!

The Much-Touted PDC Seafood Platter

We had a similar experience with the "grand bleu" platter...very underwhelming. I would never recommend seafood at APDC, but many do seem to like it....different strokes I guess.

Bouchonné with kids?

Excellent--thanks for this link! Gives us a few other options, too.

Bouchonné with kids?

We are looking for a tapas style/small portion place where we can go with our 5 year old. Are places like Bouchonné and Montait de Lait ok with kids? Any other suggestions (besides Pinxto and Casa Tapas, which we love, but want to try something new). Thanks!

Club Chasse et Peche - Very Disappointing Evening

After reading so many rave reviews, we finally made it down to CCetP last night. The meal started out promising when we asked our server to suggest a bottle between $80 and $100 to accompany our meal, and he returned with a lovely Syrah at $84. On the recommendation of our server, we ordered the seared scallops and the risotto to begin--both were very good. Scallops were cooked perfectly, the risotto was very tasty and quite different than any we have tried elsewhere. We could have stopped there and gone home very happy, and had we known what was coming, we would have. Our mains were the duck and the fish selection of the day which was Alaskan cod, and we ordered another plate of risotto for our 5 year old. The magret was just ok (when I asked my daughter she said that it was good, but not as good as what dad makes). It was a little overcooked for me, the sauce was fine but nothing special. The "mash" that accompanied it was fine (a mix of potato, duck confit, a few sprouts) but this was a side that was strikingly similar to something we tried at l'Eau a la Bouche 3 years ago. The cod was overcooked and was accompanied by peas that were undercooked. My husband found a strand of hair in the fish. When our server dropped by to check on our meal, and my husband told him that the fish was overcooked, he had no real response, simply "ah, vous trouvez?". He filled our wine glasses, and that was the last we saw of him--from then on, our water glasses were filled and our dishes taken away by busboys, but no more server. My husband ordered a dessert that was a kind of variation on strawberry shortcake--I didn't try it.

After so many amazing reviews on this board and elsewhere, I was really disappointed with our meal, particularly the service which seemed to come to a crashing halt immediately after my husband criticized his fish. We take our kid with us to most restaurants, and we don't expect anyone to fawn over her, but we do expect servers to at least address her at the table (ask her if she wants more water, ask her how her meal is)--no one did. There weren't any other kids in the resto, so maybe they just aren't used to serving children. The total was $300 with tax and tip, which we thought was overpriced given the quality of the food and service. Oh, and because I wanted to pay by debit card, the server (who had finally reappeared to give me the bill) accompanied me to the computer, where I had to tell him how much to add for his tip---this seems a little tacky for a restaurant of this caliber. With so many other restaurants to try, we won't be back in a hurry.


When we were there last summer, we were 2 adults,one teen, and one kid, and the total without wine was almost $300. We shared 3 appetizers and one large $$$ fish. Unless they are fish fanatics, I would not recommend it---simply too expensive for what it is. We have eaten at some of the most talked-about restos in Canada, US, and Europe, and Milos was one of the most expensive, but definitely not one of the most memorable. The fish is undoubtedly fresh and beautifully prepared, but in my books doesn't warrant the bill.

Late night wine & food - Montreal

L'express on St. Denis.

Another tourist here...

Cross off l'Academie. I would skip Romados too (its ok, but not if you only have 3 days). If you are a fan of smoked meat and delis, by all means Scwartz, but if you don't love deli, skip it. Buy St.Viateur bagels--nothing like T.O. or elsewhere.

On your list, I would say the MUSTs are APDC (you'll love anything you order--be sure to make a reservation) and Boustan--my fave fast food in town. You might want to add Lemiac to your list and make a reservation for their terrace for the late dinner special---nothing says summer in Montreal like dinner on a terrace!

Help: Catering Cost(s) For Wedding in Montreal

We used Agnus Dei in Old Montreal and would recommend them to anyone. I can't remember how much it cost (I have probably blocked it out of my mind!), but I can tell you that the food was fantastic (our guests all remarked that they had never eaten so well at a wedding), and the service was exceptional. They will sit down with you and work out the event to your liking--you can choose from a multitude of cocktail tidbits, hot and cold buffets, sit-down service, whatever. They have suppliers that will set up all tables and chairs if need be. We were 4 at our tasting day (my husband, myself and a couple of good friends), and we ate a serious amount of food before deciding on the menu. I am pretty sure we were under $70 per person, but I can't remember if that included wine. We brought our own wine and champagne, but did not have any other liquor (we only offered wine, champagne, or water:) At any rate, you should definitely give them a call and have a sit down and see.....the food is really exceptional.

For those that love Pintxo...

Fair enough! I am not a huge Rumi fan, but I know a lot of people love the place, and all of the things you list are certainly common to both restos. Lucky you to live in the Pinxto hood!

For those that love Pintxo...

Abendschein, I don't understand the connection between Rumi and Pintxo? Why would you suggest that it is similar? Rumi has an ultra-casual, neighbourhood hippy/zen vibe that makes Pintxo look like a mega-fine dining establishment.

Afoodyear, I am with you--Pintxo is definitely one of my faves. Check out L'atelier Although not at all Basque or tapas, they serve small portions and use exciting combinations of amazing ingredients. The dining room has a similar feel as Pintxo, too.

Moishe's Steak Oy

Ugh. Your review just goes to show that some institutions are nothing more than that, institutions. I don't know how you wound up there (I am guessing either a guide book or a very sentimental Montrealer steered you in that direction), but in my opinion any recommendation for Moishe's should come with a warning that goes something like "Steaks are not great. Service is substandard. Montreal institution with retro charm" . Sorry you didn't get the warning before you booked.

APDC what must I order?

I second Maximillen's suggestion. Order a few smaller items to share rather than 2 mains---the portions are indeed huge and the food incredibly rich. Prepare to be amazed!

Dinner this weekend (yikes!) for friends visiting avec bebe

Yikes is right. I would just get on the horn and start calling the usual suspects to see if they have any tables on any weekend night. I know PDC is full (hubby has reservations to go on Saturday with some out-of-towners here for Grand Prix and they made the reservations 6 months ago). Your other alternative would be to pick up some good eats and bring them home? Hit JTM and pick up a bunch of stuff? I haven't been since he opened for take-out, but the former AREA chef is apparently selling some great pre-made meals out of the spot where Halte Urbain used to be (on Bernard)--his food is so great, it might be fun to splurge on something like that, pick up a few nice bottles, and chill at home rather than try to squeeze in and out of a resto this weekend (with baby too!).

At least your friends will see Montreal during one of our most lively times!

Something like Brunoise ...

If you find something like Brunoise, I hope you will post about it!

For something unique, delicious, and an funky atmosphere, I would suggest Garde Manger in Old Montreal--- here is a review that I think sums it up.

Have fun---hope the sun will shine for you.

Hidden gem: Bouchees Gourmandes

Thanks for sharing this---we finally made it there a few weeks back and had a lovely meal. Same offering as what you described above, but we were given duck confit instead of the seafood stew. As you say, tons of food which three of us shared, all very nicely prepared. The only sad part was that I was sitting by the door, and my wallet was stolen out of my purse which I had, without thinking, left on the floor. Keep your eyes on your bag and you should be fine:)

French restaurant in Old Montreal

The finest French and a great spot for a celebratory meal for me would be Toque....although you might be hard-pressed to get a reservation at this point. Very French and consistently good is L'express on St. Denis, though the atmosphere might be a too bit loud and bistro-ish for your night. We love l'Atelier too---very different and much less formal dining than Toque.