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Oh, sure, I'll just reach into my liquor cabinet for one of my bottles of Aperol, right next to the Antarctic Squid Ink Liqueur and Infusion of Blue Butterfly Eyelids. I mean, doesn't everyone have plenty of Aperol lying around?

Jun 18, 2010
bwringer in Recipes

Secondhand Barbecue Smoke

I'm a happy carnivore, but I wouldn't have minded changing restaurants somewhat for a veggie friend. I think the veggie's beef (ha!) was that this place had a smoky, everwhelming odor of succulent flesh ready to fall from the bone...mmmmm. Anyway, yeah, I could see the point of looking for a restaurant with a bit less of a meat focus. But insisting on a totally meat-free environment is just being impossible.

Personally, I hate the odors of cooked seafood, especially the rank stuff you find at certain places adorned with scarlet crustaceans. (I love sashimi, go figure. Seafood is ruined when you apply heat.) So when the gang is planning a night out, I usually at least speak up to eliminate icky chain seafood restaurants. If they want to go someplace that geatures seafood, I'll put up with it as long as it's higher quality.

Mar 07, 2007
bwringer in Features

Where Does Canola Oil Come From?

Whatever it's called, am I the only one who thinks canola/rapeseed Oil has a horrible, fishy, rancid smell and taste? Is there something in there that only a few unlucky people can sense? Just wondering. I can't stand the stuff, but no one else at the table ever seems to notice the odor of rancid garbage wafting from their canola-drenched fajitas, or the horrid, bitter taste of their salad dressing.

Just about any other oil is a good substitute. Canola oil is the only one that bothers me like this.

Mar 05, 2007
bwringer in Features