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Rehearsal dinner options in the New Paltz/Poughkeepsie area?

Moon Dance Ridge in NP is run by Kathy Drew. She's a gracious host - you'll have yummy food and a lovely time.

wedding cake ideas (hudson valley) makes beautiful wedding cakes. I'm guessing more expensive than The Pastry Garden which is a pretty generic formulaic upstate bakery - I suspect cake mix and crisco feature largely in their ingredients. The Alternative Baker in Rosendale makes wedding cakes that are delicious and from top-notch ingredients - if you care about those things. Some people just want their wedding cake to be pretty.

vegetarian, poughkeepsie area, sunday night

If you don't mind driving 6 miles to New Paltz there are some great vegetarian options. Karma Road is a casual all organic vegetarian, Rock Da Pasta (silly name - I know) has good vegetarian options in a fun interior and The Village Tearoom has lots of vegetarian and vegan soups, salads sandwiches and dinner entrees in a pretty landmarked building with a great patio space.

Suggestions for bridal shower in New Paltz?

The Village Tea Room in New Paltz does Afternoon Tea. It's a perfect shower venue.

10 Vegan Lunch Recipes

"textured vegetable protein" & "tofu dogs"? People who want to eat this deserve it. There are plenty of fantastic dishes from cultures all over the world that happen to be vegan - why are we still seeing these, so called healthy (tastes like cardboard) recipes? The way to steer children to healthy options is through their taste buds.

Oct 10, 2008
serveitforth in Features

toscani & sons, new paltz?

Many years ago this was a terrific place where the mother of the present owner seemed to be in charge of the food. Since she died the quality went from bad to worse - first they moved into a tacky new space that lacked all the atmosphere of the original, then they moved into a smaller more intimate space. After witnessing the owner screaming at his untrained staff I stopped going there altogether.

Blue Hill or CIA?

Blue Hill would be my recommendation if you care about the quality of the food. CIA places little to no importance on pastured versus feed lot meat, local or organic produce or quality dairy and it shows in the pedestrian menu. Dan Barber is on the cutting edge of food today - a unique experience that can not remotely compare with the CIA restaurants.

hudson valley restaurants

In New Paltz,The Locust Tree is beautiful and the food lovely. Call Beso ahead for opening times - its closed at odd times. The Village Tea Room serves great food in an unpretentious atmosphere. You'll find lots of local hudson valley produce and cheese on the menu. Gomen Kudasai is a delightful new restaurant on Main Street in NP serving japanese home style cooking in a lovely space (interior only - the outside of the buiding is hideous). Karma Road has great organic soups and smoothies and The Cheese Plate in the water street market serves a great cheese plate. Or you could stock up on great cheeses, pickles,bread and chutneys and take it with you on a picnic. In Good Taste has a nice wine selection and several decent chilled wines.

Hudson Valley Adventures

Mohonk is pretty much cruise ship/banquet type food. In New Paltz try Beso, Locust Tree or The Village Tea Room. Also new noodle shop in New Paltz Gomen Kudasai is great.

Noodle shop in New Paltz?

I've eaten there several times - lovely interior and great value on the very authentic tasting japanese home style cooking. Most of it new to me and all delicious. Preferred the udon noodle to soba. Hot brothy dishes served in beautiful japanese ceramics. Yaki Udon with pork was delicious as well as seaweed salad and a chicken dish served under "small dishes" that the owner said is coated in sweet potatoes. A welcome addition to the New Paltz dining scene. Location is a little secluded -hope they do well

hudson valley smoothies

Karma Road in New Paltz makes great organice smoothies.

May 2008 Wedding in the Hudson Valley

I've heard good things about The LeFevre House in New Paltz. No personal experience - it's also a B&B and I think they have a website

Best Croissants I've found

Good News! Butter is not bad for you!

Raw milk in Westchester?

Organic or naturally grown apple orchard for picking?

StoneRidge Orchard in Stone Ridge NY is about 2 hours from NYC. Even further but worth the trip is Threshold Farm in Phimont NY. There's a Slow Food event happening there this week end. It's a bio-dynamic orchard - they grow several heirloom varieties.

Veg in Hudson Valley region

Karma Road in New Paltz has lots of delicious vegan dishes - organic too. I highly reccomend their smoothies, especially the mango ginger made with organic apple juice.
The Village Tea room in New Paltz has several vegan (and gluten free) dishes. Big emphasis lately on local heirloom tomatoes and corn. I enjoyed the vegan salad plate and the dal dip with za'tar pita chips

Farm Stands in Mid Hudson Valley

Jenkin Leukens Orchard & Dressel Farm, both sell Northern Spy apples which are difficult to find. Four Winds Farm sells great heirloon tomato varieties ("mortgage lifter"is my favorite) at The New Paltz Farmers Market on Sundays.

eating in Hudson Valley--CIA closed, Blue HIll booked up

Try The Village Tea Room Restaurant in New Paltz. Beautifully prepared clean food from local farms. Tagliata steak with shallots and herbs was delicious.

Ginger ice cream

Ronnybrook farm sells a great ginger ice cream

How does Restaurant Week work?

I ate lunch at Gramercy Tavern during RW last July & it was fabulous. They wines by the glass choices are great and I loved the 1/2 glass portion. I didn't make a reservation - I ate at the bar in the "tavern" section.

Jun 16, 2007
serveitforth in Manhattan

Beware the Devil Child at Dinner

The manners that are taught at home during family meals are the back bone of restaurant civilty for children. If children are allowed to stand on their chairs at home, run around the table during meals, how are they to understand that they must behave differently in a restaurant? Manners are another word for consideration for other people - many people seem to think it means prissy stuffy behavior. I frequently see 7 and 8 yr olds who don't know how to hold a knife or fork to cut, put food in their mouths with their fingers, blowing their nose on cloth napkins and so do the parents!

Jun 14, 2007
serveitforth in Features

Madeleine help, please! and a general question about the "ribbon stage"

I too struggled to make madeleines for months - I tried numerous recipes. I think it's a recipe that works best with a larger quantity. This is my tried and true recipe (i don't really care if baking powder is authentic- I want humps!)

15 oz sifted All purpose Flour
1 teaspoon Baking Powder
½ Teaspoon Salt
12 oz Unsalted Butter
6 Large (10.5 oz) Eggs
2 Large (1.30 oz)Egg Yolks
10.50 oz Sugar
3 teaspoons Vanilla

Makes 48 Madeleines

1. Preheat Oven to 450 degrees.

2. Grease Madeleine pans with melted butter & refrigerate pans

3. Melt the butter & and set aside to cool

4. Sift together flour, baking powder & salt.

5. Beat together the eggs, egg yolks, sugar & vanilla to the “ribbon” stage with whisk attachment. Sprinkle all the flour mixture over the eggs & mix slowly to just combine. Finish folding in any remaining flour with a rubber spatula.

6. Whisk two cups of the batter into the melted butter, and then fold this into the rest of the batter.

7. Let rest for at least 30 minutes

8. Fill the molds ¾ full & bake until golden on top & golden brown around the edges, 8 – 10 minutes.

9. Loosen immediately with the tip of a knife onto thick towels to avoid lines from a cooling rack.

Jun 09, 2007
serveitforth in Home Cooking

Storm King, wineries-where to lunch or brunch in lower Hudson Valley

I've heard Whitecliff winery is good. Try the village tea room in New Paltz. The chicken salad is made with ground almonds, lots of cilantro, lime & a little jalapeno. It's topped with sweet roasted yellow peppers on local salad greens. very summery and bursting with fresh lusty flavors. Strawberry shortcake is also a winner.
The Locust Tree on Huguenot St has a good brunch in a beautiful setting.

Lemon Grass in New Paltz

Maybe this place has improved. I went there a couple of times when it first opened didn't taste like thai, over priced and very greasy.
I'd love to discover it has improved.

best *tomatillo* salsa?

I roast them in the oven until soft and blackened - let them cool and add white onions ( soaked in cold water & drained) jalapeno, cilantro, sugar, salt and water and puree.

Jun 01, 2007
serveitforth in Home Cooking

New Paltz: take out for hikers and dinner afterwards

The Village Tea Room in New Paltz has great Lamb Pies - a bit like Cornish Pasties. Their salad plate is great picnic food also. I love the quinoa salad and spicy sweet potato sald with cilantro.
Their patio is the best kept secret in New Paltz - surrounded by tall trees, private yet smack in the middle of town - try them for dinner too. Best Roast Chicken around.
Kharma Road is new & has delicious soups and other all vegetarian options as well as smoothies. I really like the Mango Ginger Smoothie made with organic apple juice.
Hokkaido is a lovely japanese restaurant.
I hear good things about Oscar's in Kerhonkson (other side of the mountain)

hudson valley zagat ratings

Just got the newly released Zagat Guide for Hudson Valley / Westchester Region. While Blue Hill at Stone Barns got a deserved 27 (extraordinary to perfection) for food - I can not understand how Busy Bee in Poughkeepsie, a lovely little neighborhood restaurant with a nice menu for a modest local can end up in the same catgory with a 26 rating. There is a serious flaw in their rating system. Choosing between a choice of giving 1, 2 or 3 for food is too limiting. If 2 is average & 3 exraordinary, what about all the places in between?

Brining Opinions?

I always brine chickens before roasting. No cured taste at all. I use three cups of Diamond Kosher salt to 12 qts water. Makes a nice juicy bird. Chicken must be dried like a baby when it comes out of the brine (and rinsed) or the skin will not crisp well. I also heat the roasting pan on the stove top with a little oil, drop the birds on it's sizzling surface and cook in the oven at 500 degrees.

May 19, 2007
serveitforth in Home Cooking

New Paltz NY & around Hudson V Top 5

In new paltz - the cream puffs at the village tea room are delicious its also a fullscale restaurant with a local/organic/seasonal approach. I recently had Doc's draft pear hard cider there with a great cheese plate, local cheeses. Nice picture at
The Cheese Plate in the water street market also offers a nice place to sit outside and enjoy some great local or international artisinal cheeses - no wine or beer though.

searching for Rumsford Baking Pdr

United Natural Foods is a distributor for Rumford 800 451 4520 - dunno if they're in your area. Try contacting for local sellers.

May 06, 2007
serveitforth in California