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Tangine - worth the money?

Coming very late to the discussion, IMO tagines are well worth the (more reasonable) costs.

In summer, when kitchens get hot, it takes a very, very low flame to use the tagine, much lower than I use to keep a cast iron dutch oven going for the same period of time.

The limited steam release also keeps kitchens cooler.

about 18 hours ago
shallots in Cookware

Recs for a conference in Knoxville in April

From West Summit Hill Drive, it's a short walk (south, but at the same elevation) to a lot of restaurants at Market Square.

My favorite Mexican Restaurant, Soccer Taco, has a place there and their food is always fresh and well made. If you don't know Carnitas, theirs are excellent. They also have a good choice of vegetarian entrees.

The local Pizza chain, Tomato Head, are much loved there.

A regional (bit more expensive) favorite, Tupelo Honey started in Asheville NC and their first foray out of state is to this part of Knoxville.

Now for Hamburger fans, it would take a bus ride or a taxi ride out Broadway to Littons. Littons grind their own meat and it's so much better than most hamburger meat that it deserved to be eaten medium rare (which is allowed since they grind their own daily.) If you don't know the southern delicacy Pimento Cheese, this is the place, as well. Then you could just sit there and gaze at their desert display (three or four display cases with cookies, cakes and pies.) Litton's would be worth a group because surely someone will have a car.

Hope this helps.

Mar 11, 2014
shallots in Kentucky & Tennessee

Recs for a conference in Knoxville in April

What part of town will you be in? It's easier to give suggestions that would be closer to one part of town.

Mar 10, 2014
shallots in Kentucky & Tennessee

Guest Scrooge. What could I have said to the scrooge??

The other side of lengthy guesting happened for us after Katrina hit New Orleans.

We had lived in NOLA and had friends there. So after the storm, for over six weeks we had company from there. Different groups, not large ones, but good friends who needed a place to regroup.

For six weeks, I learned that with more than one man at home, I would have no left overs. I learned to size up meals and maybe not make them as fancy/detailed as I would normally.

The rice and beans also came in handy, with sausage, meat, bacon ends, etc as seasoning.

It didn't matter all that much what the food was, the guests just needed the stability of a nurturing place.

Totally opened my eyes as to different levels of hospitality and what guests need.

A hammock in the back yard under old trees was probably the most needed thing.

Food was just sustenance.

Feb 22, 2014
shallots in Not About Food

Smithsonian: How the Hot Tamale Conquered the American South

There is also the East Tennessee tamale, and it many in this area believe came back with soldiers who fought in the Mexican War in the 1840's.

Dec 28, 2013
shallots in Food Media & News

La Cuisine au Beurre

Wondering if anyone has seen this older French movie and if a couple of years of French are enough to enjoy this one which doesn't seem available with subtitles.

Dec 27, 2013
shallots in Food Media & News

Thanksgiving disaster!

My MIL is gone and not missed. There are food stories to tell, sometime, but right now I'll suggest something else.

Shingles vaccines for Suzanne and her SIL. Maybe for their husbands as well.

Toxic folks can cause Shingles eruptions, and the new cases must be treated in three days or the pain is long lasting and never really totally normal.

If you are around horse poop, your tetanus shots may need a booster shot. If you are around toxic people, the Shingles shot may be a necessity....

Dec 20, 2013
shallots in Not About Food

Seeking Turducken in Knoxville, TN

I don't know what's available at any specialty butchers. You might want to ask the folks who own and run the Shrimp Shack because they are from Louisiana and they might have a source.

Nov 20, 2013
shallots in Kentucky & Tennessee

Pratts or The Ridgewood in Tenn?

We've eaten at both a number of times.

Pratt's all you care to eat comes with a lot of sides. If you've a big appetite Pratt's will fill you up and it is pretty good value for money.

Ridgewood is a destination restaurant that doesn't look like one. Their two kinds of BBQ are unlike any others and both are good although I like the very thin sliced pork a bit more than the beef. I love blue cheese and their blue cheese appetizer is one of my favorite indulgences. My husband always starts with a serving of their baked beans (and then we almost always get a gallon of baked beans to bring home with us.) Often we'll each get 'sweet slaw' as a salad; it's not mayo based and is the only cabbage my husband will eat. Their French fries somehow aren't oily at all.
Ridgewood will cost more than lunches at Pratt's. But we live about an hour and a half drive from both. We'll drive up to Ridgewood because we love their food. I don't think we've ever said "Let's drive up to Pratt's."

Oct 23, 2013
shallots in Kentucky & Tennessee

Barbecue between Chattanooga and Bristol

A bit farther from the interstate, but can be a good break is Ridgewood BBQ near Bristol. It's just off US 11E and then north to Blountville and a four lane road up to I-81.

Ridgewood is as good as it gets; esp for baked beans and sides. They are a different kind of BBQ: they only do two meats, but they are done very well (we prefer the pork to their beef.)

Oct 12, 2013
shallots in Kentucky & Tennessee

The opposite of a chowhound

I've always wondered who is the opposite of me, someone who loves food and understanding and appreciating food.

I think the answer came to my house as a houseguest this weekend. A teenaged boy. He enjoyed the (homemade coconut cream) pie I made and then asked what kind of pie it was.

His Dad said what kind does it taste like. Kid responded "It tastes like pie. I eat pie. I never cared what it tasted like."

Well, at least the pure coconut flavouring got his attention for the first time in fourteen years.

Sep 04, 2013
shallots in General Topics

Planning a trip to Nashville and Memphis over Thanksgiving... will everything be open?

So far, you're seeing cities, but not seeing Tennessee. If you get a sunny day in either city, you might want to pick up a picnic lunch and in Nashville go out to a park next to the lake east of Town and enjoy the peace of a lake setting.

In Memphis, at least a trip to the river front to watch the barge traffic go by. (Although going to Memphis without visiting Reelfoot Lake, created by the major New Madrid Earthquake and eating catfish cooked locally ....our faults are different in what they do than your California quakes.)

Jul 07, 2013
shallots in Kentucky & Tennessee

Using sour cherries (split from San Francisco Bay Area board)

My recipe is like yours, but with corn starch as a thickener and a tsp. of pure almond extract.

Jul 02, 2013
shallots in Home Cooking

what to do with bacon fat?

When our ground venison is ground without added beef fat (depending on which hunter gifts us with venison after it's been processed), bacon fat and finely chopped bacon end pieces are the ingredients that keep my venison meat loaves moist.

May 19, 2013
shallots in Home Cooking

Tampa area oriental grocery stores and nurseries

Thank you so much for so many good suggestions. This gives me things to work into our schedule as Mr Shallots works his plans.

I wish I had known about the Miama Fruit and Spice park two years ago; it sounds like a brilliant idea.

May 19, 2013
shallots in Florida

ny hound at university of tenn knoxville without a car

I forgot to mention Sunspot on Cumberland in the Strip. I haven't eaten there in two years, but it was good for a decade and worth getting there really early to get one of their few parking places in back of them up the hill.

May 17, 2013
shallots in Kentucky & Tennessee

ny hound at university of tenn knoxville without a car

Walk down to the river and upstream you'll find Calhoun's on the river. It's close to campus and among their sides, their Spinach Marie is loved locally.

On the strip, there are the usual chains, which are predictable.

More interesting food is downtown on Market Square which isn't that far a walk to the east, follow Cumberland east to Gay street and turn north. The north end of Gay Street hill has Market Square to two blocks away with a lot of independent, good restaurants.

May 17, 2013
shallots in Kentucky & Tennessee

Tampa area oriental grocery stores and nurseries

Planning for a trip this fall, I'd like to bring home fresh tropical ingredients (galangal, some of the more different citrus, and a kefir lime tree (and even kefir limes if they are in season.) Does anyone have a favorite store or neighborhood for shopping?

May 14, 2013
shallots in Florida

Let's talk about Penzey's:

I make a Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream (you may drool now) and the raspberry enlightenment is swirled through the creamcheese based custard after it's cooled down.

It is as good as your imagination tells you it is.

May 12, 2013
shallots in Chains

Help me find good carnitas in Nashville

If you drive to Knoxville, SoccerTaco has excellent Carnitas that are moist on the inside and crisp on the outside. Their marinade includes dark beer and citrus and their end product is well made.

May 11, 2013
shallots in Kentucky & Tennessee

Please don't comb your hair, apply make-up, blow your nose. or pick your teeth at the table. Especially at a restaurant! Thanks.

Maybe they'll give us little buckets to hang off our drippy noses just before they hand us the spoons with the Amuse Bouche on them.

(I don't know how to spell AB, but I know drippy noses.)

Apr 21, 2013
shallots in Not About Food

Let's talk about Penzey's:

I've read the entire thread and one thing got missed.

When you want to buy a large size (say 8oz.) both for the money savings and because you use that much between your visits to the big city where Penzey's lives, and if they don't have that size, they'll take the smaller sizes to sum to that size and sell them at the larger/reduced price.

I liked that and have it happen both in California and Alabama.

Apr 19, 2013
shallots in Chains

Let's talk about Penzey's:

John E.
I think you've just given me another measuring stick for deciding when to buy a cook book. (The tsp for either chili or for spaghetti sauce.) (The other being going back to the cake part of a desert section and if it says take a box of yellow cake mix.........it doesn't get bought.)

Apr 19, 2013
shallots in Chains

Let's talk about Penzey's:

Ditto on the lid breakage.

But, being frugal, for many of the spices I've just bought the packages and transferred them to the collection of empty Starbucks Frappucino bottles (you know, the ones that look sort of like old timey milk bottles from the side). The average Penzey's bag fits well into one.

Apr 19, 2013
shallots in Chains

GUESTS: your job is to SHOW. UP. ON. TIME. Is that really so hard?

A friend suffers from "lateness" to the extent we tell him what time the meal is and then plan on his arriving an hour and a half (or so) later.

Talking to his sister, who lives in another state and who we've never met in person, I found that she has the same method of dealing with his coming for a meal.

Then there was a dinner I gave for a group from Brazil who were at our office for a month's training. I was warned they are always late; I only allowed for an hour late and they appeared two hours late. There was no medium rare roast beef that night.

Apr 06, 2013
shallots in Not About Food

Secret Menus at Restaurants

Anyone else remember Ninfa's in Houston, a couple of decades ago? The Queso Suisso was my favorite.

Mar 04, 2013
shallots in Food Media & News

What to do with my sweet/spicy onion jam?

Use it on a pizza with walnuts. Some garlic flavoring as well. As a base, a pureed bean spread might work if you are avoiding cheeses.

Mar 04, 2013
shallots in Home Cooking

Cleveland, Tennessee restaurants for lunches

We drive through Cleveland fairly often, but really haven't found a must stop place. Generally we default to the Cracker Barrel by the interstate because it's dependable.

At one time the Occoee Inn was a good place with a great view of the lake, but I don't know if it's reopened.

In the current economy, we've seen so many, many restaurants close that it's hard to predict who the survivors will be.

Feb 28, 2013
shallots in Kentucky & Tennessee

Knoxville's AliBaba will close in March (2012)

After forty years, the owners of Ali Baba's Deli on Kingston Pike will retire and close the restaurant March 19.
We will miss them both for their deli and for their food resources.


Feb 27, 2013
shallots in Kentucky & Tennessee

No call-in orders after x time?

If you had called in an order,would you have been able to remember who you called and how to get there?

The best intentioned munchies sometimes lack the facilities to get to the food source.

Feb 27, 2013
shallots in Not About Food