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Are you a fan of culvers??

We've sought out and liked the Culvers in Kentucky, southern Indiana and Tennessee. We like their burgers a lot. I could drink their own brand of Root Beer every day, every meal.

1 day ago
shallots in Chains

Using pork instead of beef in stir fry -- tips?

Why not start with Pork Tenderloin? It's not that expensive and you'll be sure to cut across the grain because it's that tender. Pork chops are not always cut across the grain and if they are too thick, you'll remember the dish as chewy. If you're going to use pork chops, even thin cut ones, definitely marinate first.

Mar 01, 2015
shallots in Home Cooking

Irish Soda Bread recipe that isn't too dry?

When I make Irish Soda Bread regardless of the recipe I use, I adjust how wet it is based on whether I use whole buttermilk, whole milk or (rarely) 2%milk. The denser the milk, the more liquid I have to add....and the better the bread comes out.
I think it really needs a wet dough. One time when I followed a recipe obsessively it was so dry it wouldn't take a pair of slashes across the top so I returned it to the bowl and added more milk until I got a good sloppy dough.

Feb 26, 2015
shallots in Home Cooking

Adding sugar AFTER eggs/butter = dense cookies??

You might enjoy Shirley Corriher's two books about baking and cooking (Cookwise and Bakewise). I've learned a lot that's improved my baking (and now my husband is starting to pay attention to the specifics in cookie recipes because that's his thing most of the time.)
The discussion there of chocolate chip cookies and flour selection are worth a read.

Feb 26, 2015
shallots in Home Cooking

Tyranny of the chicken finger: How we created a generation of unsophisticated, picky eaters — and why the cycle must stop

What bothered me in the article, well, the first thing was her dismissal of the chicken tenderloin as something to be thrown away. Decades ago, one of my favorite recipes from the New York Times Sunday magazine used the tenderloins and chicken wings (the wings to make the stock). It went into detail about how cooks would accumulate the tenderloins and use them for the most special dishes. And I did. And, perhaps foolishly, I thought other people did too.

Feb 15, 2015
shallots in Food Media & News

Feast, a new Disney film

Thanks for the heads up. Short films are too easy to overlook.

Feb 15, 2015
shallots in Food Media & News


The Princess Torte recipes elsewhere on the web do rely on some semi-prefab ingredients, but I'd guess out here in the boondocks, the only way I'll ever see, much less taste, a princess torte is to make it myself.

Which leads to my totally unfettered admiration for this show and for these cooks, any one of which I would like to know as a person. I do so love this show and I really hope that the BBC will produce a DVD with some recipes.

I am, however, hesitant now to call myself an amateur baker. I need something more simplified because their baking makes me envious and awestruck.

Zaxby (Heart Of Dallas Bowl)

Zaxby's is growing in the southeast. Good food, self serve, easy in and easy out.
Generally they offer fried chicken strips, salads, and for us are an easy decision if we're in a hurry and don't want to go adventurous, just to know what we'll get and that it will be fast and good.

My experiences with them are South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee based.

Jan 04, 2015
shallots in Chains

Decades old blender finally shattered

And it didn't have anything in it, I just dropped it. (Grin, my story and I'm sticking with it.)

Anyway, what's good in blenders this decade that can handle grinding nuts and basic blending? I have a great Cuisinart and a very good immersion blender. This is to fill the gap left by a blender that started life making frozen daquiris for a college kid.

Jan 04, 2015
shallots in Cookware

Read the whole menu then decide or stop when you see something you want?

I think Valerie and I have similar spouses.

(And a little guidance let's me avoid watching DH fork through a dish picking out mushroom bits and certain green things.)

Oct 10, 2014
shallots in Not About Food

thoughts on bread knives

Watch estate sales.

I have my Grandmother's and it was looking old in the 1950's. When I look at the teeth on it, it's obvious the teeth were cut by hand.

And it still cuts like a dream with no signs of wear.

Aug 25, 2014
shallots in Cookware

I had no idea immersion blenders were so dangerous!

I use an immersion blender because I'm lazy.

I realized my very aged regular blender was getting on in decades and that the plastic has (at best) a limited lifespan. Further, I got tired of washing six parts disassembled, for small jobs that were too minor for my Cuisinart.

I looked at replacement blenders that all looked like illegitimate offspring of R2D2.

I read about immersion blenders here on Chow.

I bought.

I've never looked back.

Aug 17, 2014
shallots in Food Media & News

Popeyes buys recipes from founder Al Copeland's family for $43 million

Many things entered into the complex. Al Copeland died after having (I think it was) five wives and quite a few children. He started with biscuits and chicken. And expanded. And that was Popeyes.

Then the corp bought Church's fried chicken with a bridging loan from a major investment co. Then they called the bridging loan because the bond offering market changed. That put the corp into bankruptcy.

The restaurant chain called Copelands was an early loss. Somehow he held onto the spice formulas.

If you can search the Times Picayune, I'd expect even more details there.

Aug 01, 2014
shallots in Chains

Here's What Every Trendy Restaurant Menu Looks Like


Water from a tap $5
Water from a gold tap $7
Water from a plastic jar with a name on it $9
Water from a glass from a furrin country $12

Ice available if pre-ordered


Glass to hold water $5
Crystal glass to hold water $10
Glass spit shined by a famous chef $12

Gordon Ramsay AT&T commercial 7/20/14

It would have had a smidge of credibility if he'd asked how loud his voice would be to the person he called.

Jul 26, 2014
shallots in Food Media & News

Glass jars - fess up!

Not exactly glass (my glass preferences are also somewhere in this thread), but take a look at the exotic mustards made in France on Amazon. The stonewear that they come in are the most wonderful flower vases. I will admit to ordering the mustard in the black one just to have a flat black vase for certain shades of pink.

Jul 23, 2014
shallots in Not About Food

The Hundred-Foot Journey

I' ve seen several trailers for this and it looks to be a lovely film. The description on Rotten Tomatoes from the ? producers also sounds lovely. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_h...

Has anyone first hand knowledge of this one?

Jul 16, 2014
shallots in Food Media & News

Dried small green lima beans- is there a good use?

Thank you all.

I needed to know the methods and mixes. Yes, they are Camellia brand and I know Camellia are great products.

I also have some Benton Bacon ends with lots of smoky meat so tonight, the beans go in the pressure cooker and then on to creativity.

Jul 05, 2014
shallots in Home Cooking

How to reduce sugar in a baking recipe without wrecking the entire dish? Or, a savoury banana bread recipe?

Bellywizard hits it with the "really ripe" comment. Let me take it a bit further.

So ripe that they collapse on themselves and can just be squeezed out of the peel. The banana flavor is so much stronger in a very good way. Sweetness? who needs it when the assumed sweetness of banana is so pervasive?

Jul 02, 2014
shallots in Home Cooking

Dried small green lima beans- is there a good use?

A friend sent me a care package from NOLA and the dried lima beans were included. My only experience with any kind of limas was bad- my mother boiled the big ones and then poured cold milk over them.

Your suggestions would be most welcome, so long as they don't involve cold milk on warm lima beans.

Jul 02, 2014
shallots in Home Cooking

New York Times Cooking Site Beta Test

I'm not at the library, but ours has had a specific portal into the NYT separate from the bigger portal that is general. As our university has added newspaper historic content, using the specific portals has brought up info from advertisement content to fillers at the bottom of columns of very long articles.

I am hesitant to state that it's that way this week as the da***d thing seems to change formats twice a year.

Jun 27, 2014
shallots in Food Media & News

New York Times Cooking Site Beta Test

Odd thing about the NYT search engine, the one that universities pay for access to all NYT articles. It works. It's a dream of a search for anything in the past couple of centuries.

The down side is that I have to go to a library that pays for access, but it's out there.

If anyone has such access, it would be really really interesting to see if the general search function works for the cooking part of NYT Inc.

Jun 26, 2014
shallots in Food Media & News

Saving a cookbook: disintergrating plastic spiral

The time has just passed when I can easily leaf through my beloved Colorado Cache Cookbook (Vol. 1). The plastic spiral is falling apart along breaks normal to the spirals.

The cookbook is thick and spiral bound and the original spiral binding is oval rather than round.

Has anyone found a store that rebinds these sorts of cookbooks. I know a lot of cookbooks went to plastic because of cost. Small is easy to rebind. Big and thick not so much.

Jun 23, 2014
shallots in Not About Food

Favorite Sonic Drinks?

Barq's (which the locals call 'root beer') with added raspberry flavor.

Jun 21, 2014
shallots in Chains

BBQ recommendations for Knoxville (plus Mexican groceries!)

Since you're not getting responses about BBQ, let me suggest a stop at Archers.

There are several in our area. Get the pulled pork and then use the different sauces that Archer's has to see which you prefer. I think Archers is the only place locally that lets you have that big a choice and since you aren't from these parts, it's a good place to experiment with different tastes.

A must have is Banana pudding which seems to be a must have for a whole lot of guys locally (including the one I'm married to.)

If you had time, I'd recommend a two hour drive up to Ridgewood BBQ for their beans (the best anywhere), their sweet slaw, and their very different style of BBQ. A drive up US 11W would give you a feel of the Valley and Ridge of East Tennessee that you won't get surrounded by suburbs.

Another local BBQ chain is Calhoun's. Again several locations, the one by UT down on the river is one to remember. Their signature dish, to my mind, is the Spinach Maria. Which has entirely too much cheese and could be a meal in itself.


Jun 19, 2014
shallots in Kentucky & Tennessee

knoxville lunch

At either the Strawberry Plains exit off I-40 or the Cedar Bluff exit off I-40 (SE corner), Puleo's is a local restaurant chain with good food in a peaceful environment.

Start with their Fried Green Tomatoes (on cheese grits with a red (usually Andouille) sauce and a white sausage sauce.

Then anything from a small pizza to fried catfish .......


Jun 17, 2014
shallots in Kentucky & Tennessee

Farmers market line ettiquite

I would probably have snarked "I think I prefer the invisible you."

BBQ recommendations for Knoxville (plus Mexican groceries!)

For a Mercado, I use the one at the intersection of Washington Pike and Whittle Springs Road (NE corner) . That's inside the 640 loop on the northeast side of town.

I do shop there and their meat counter is always fresh and well tended. They have coolers with crema and a lot of other milk products as well as a row of produce.

So far this year, the fresh chili peppers (Poblanos) are very pricey as are limes. If you've a good reasonable source, and you plan to use these, you might want to bring them with you.

Jun 11, 2014
shallots in Kentucky & Tennessee

Driving from Asheville to Nashville

Check www.tdot.gov to see if the closure of most lanes of I-40 over the French Broad River is being a problem the day of your trip.

My preferred drive is from Asheville up I-26 to Johnson City and then I-81 down to I-40.

Johnson City is very close to Ridgewood BBQ in Bluff City TN and I think you'd enjoy it.

If you leave early morning, Lunch time would probably hit as you reached Cookville (remember the time change) and Cookville is a fast food mecca.

(There isn't much between the 'cities' of Knoxville-Crossville-Cookville. We don't have a default restaurant in Crossville and really wish there was one there that I could recommend.)

Jun 06, 2014
shallots in Kentucky & Tennessee

So annoyed with dinner guest

Next grocery shopping: find the cheapest can of beans (not cooked in anything that makes the taste good) and a small box of instant rice.

Next meal problem: solved in advance so you won't have to 'warn' him about the menu.

(Your friend needs you, maybe more than you will ever know.)

May 24, 2014
shallots in Not About Food