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What's the best Thai (or any SE Asian) in Santa Rosa? In Sonoma County?

I like Tomi Thai in Windsor and Simply Vietnam in Santa Rosa--both are worth checking out.

Anything new in the Castro, SF?

Mama Ji's is good, as is Super Duper and dinosaurs.

Fey - promising sichuan menlo park

I would avoid shrimp in general at Fey--they tend to be skimpy with them, though the shrimp themselves are of relatively high quality.

Sobbit Goa (Indian-Goan, Santa Rosa)

That's unfortunate.

The Kefiry in Sebastopol

I think they did a sparkling grape juice last year that I thought was good. Their chai is okay.

Very nice people though, maybe a good spot to take guests after Hole In the Wall? The coffee bar nearby (Ninja) and Beekind (honey and beekeeping supplies) are also worth visiting.

Mark Bittman's Rhetorical Question: Should You Eat Chicken?


Oct 18, 2013
xanadude in General Topics

Where to find Water Caltrop in San Francisco area?

99 Ranch usually has it, or check May Wah on Clement.

Lunch spots between San Fran and Sonoma

Second Le Garage

New in Petaluma - The Athenian

I can't say I'd recommend Hole-in-the-Wall for lunch--it really excels at breakfast, though.

$10 Family Combo at McDonald's

Probably not, but it's 780 calories, or 920 with the small coke, which seems adequate for most people.

May 27, 2013
xanadude in Chains

Sonoma County Egg Hunt: I Brake for Fresh Farm Eggs

Around Guerneville and Olivet.

Call the number in first -- there's no sign and no eggs out. I don't want to post the number in case they decide to get out of the business. $4 for 12 or $5 for 18.

Sonoma County Egg Hunt: I Brake for Fresh Farm Eggs

Yep, $4/dozen.

They're good, but I prefer to buy from a place on Guerneville Rd if for no reason other than more blue (Araucana) eggs and maybe more pasturing.

Picnic fixings near Dolores Park? [San Francisco]

If you find it difficult to park in GGP (hint: park near Ocean Beach), you will find Delores Park intolerable.

Precita Park or Bernal Hill would probably have the easiest parking, but I think GGP near Ocean Beach or the Marina Green would work.

Is it just me or is it rather difficult to find good steak in the Bay Area?

Well, sure, but if you have to go to the right place, perhaps it's not that easy to find.

Quick web survey of places off the top of my mind:
- Range: no beef entree (not burger)
- Zuni: no beef entree (not burger)
- Nopa: no beef entree (not burger)
- Slow Club: sirloin
- Firefly: flank steak
- Abbots Cellar: strip loin
- Delfina: hanger steak
- Maverick: short rib
- Foreign Cinema: short rib

Is it just me or is it rather difficult to find good steak in the Bay Area?

The reason you usually don't see a lot of ribeye or porterhouse is because it's quite expensive for the restaurant to buy--commodity choice cryovac'd lip-on ribeye by the case runs about $7-$9/portion now, and what you'd want to eat ("good") means things like dry-aged, prime, grass-fed, etc, which could conceivably put the food cost of the steak at $20/portion or more.

This high food cost, plus the sides, plus the staff, plus the overhead and profit means it's going to be expensive on the menu, and often significantly more expensive than other dishes, which makes it less likely to be ordered. The bay area--and SF especially--is a very expensive place to operate a restaurant, so food costs have to be kept down.

I wouldn't say a hanger steak is a "crappy cut": it's just different, cheaper (about half the price for high quality), and potentially more interesting.

If you want a steak, you're probably going to have to go to a steakhouse.

Tipping on Brown Rice

nah, using the term oriental to refer to food isn't really objectionable (food can be Oriental, people can't), it's just dated and unclear.

Apr 13, 2013
xanadude in Not About Food

Returning Food - My Moral Dilemma

It's safe to say the dishwasher is probably neither homeless nor starving, and even safe to venture that very few Americans are currently starving.

And yes, even the homeless here are cautioned not to consume half-eaten food.

Apr 09, 2013
xanadude in Not About Food

If I owned a restaurant, I would/would not.....

The help? Really?

Café Plume: Since when it is OK to ask a customer to leave before they finish their food?

Surely you've never traveled overseas?

Apr 06, 2013
xanadude in Not About Food

Chinese food for Chinese people (north bay)

You may have to drive to Richmond...

Buying abalone direct from divers

I'd say it's more likely on Saturday than on Sunday--if you're camping, there's a limit to how many you can eat that night, and you can't keep them and then fish the next day. Three/pp is definitely a surplus.

There's a farm in Pescadero that sells them, too, I think.

Buying abalone direct from divers

If you show up somewhere where there's abalone on a nice Saturday, I don't think it's impossible to get some gifted to you. As to where, you'd have to Google it, but it'd be two hours or more from SF.

Sonoma County Egg Hunt: I Brake for Fresh Farm Eggs

Also, (your previous post)

Asia cooking tours

Haven't been, but check out

Feb 19, 2013
xanadude in Not About Food

Can someone explain the allure of Tenderloin/Filet Mignon?

For a lot of people:
- it's a smaller portion
- it's boneless and has less gristle/fat than other cuts
- it's tender

For many people, the latter two parts are how they judge "quality" of beef.

It's the boneless/skinless chicken breast of the cow, for people who are into it.

Feb 11, 2013
xanadude in General Topics

Half Moon Bay and other Coastside eateries - first reports

Tres Amigos scores points with its salsa bar, nice "ambiance" (by Coastside Mexican standards), and cooperative staff. The one by New Leaf is indeed mediocere; check out the one in Moss Beach as well, and ask for the hot salsa.

Gherkins, the sandwich place in Montara, is worth trying (sandwiches/salads/burgers), as is the Silver Star Grill.

Restaurant practices you'd like to see become more common

The only thing I'd add is that a large party--while it does represent a lot of revenue--isn't quite as lucrative to the restaurant as you might think; they turn slowly, significantly stress the kitchen, and require more wait staff than small parties.

Dec 30, 2012
xanadude in Not About Food

Rant: Sick of "Artisanal" and "Curated" food and Wine - Food pretensions that make you gag? Post em here!

Not really. In fact, I think all organic chicken in the US is technically free-range (the US free-range standard is pretty poor).

The chicken have to be pastured on land that hadn't been sprayed for 3 years for it to be organic.

Dec 21, 2012
xanadude in Not About Food

Holiday specials at Costco Santa Rosa?

I can't say I've seen anything especially noteworthy at either Rohnert Park or Santa Rosa.

Do you have trust issues with stores selling genuine food brands? [moved from Outer Boroughs]

Calling Bell & Evans to confirm, or checking the 'retailer locator' on their website could work.

Nov 28, 2012
xanadude in General Topics