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Does anyone know where I can buy the smaller box of Toffifee, the one with about 15 pieces in the box? I want to send some home and the large box is too big in the post.

May 22, 2007
porkorosso in U.K./Ireland

Where to go for japanese food in Wiltshire??

Cool,I just had a look at the web site. I'll definitely be trying them. There are 2 japanese restaurants there, one of them also has european cuisine, not the Mt. Fuji. Thanks heaps for that.

Mar 14, 2007
porkorosso in U.K./Ireland

Best breakfast spot in Oxford city center?

I really like Findley's when I'm down Oxford way, the best grilled cheese I have ever had!

Mar 11, 2007
porkorosso in U.K./Ireland

cooking schools

I want to study cooking professionally, has any one got any recommendations on uk schools or colleges that are worth applying to. I would like to concentrate on patisserie but also cooking in general.

Mar 11, 2007
porkorosso in U.K./Ireland

Where to go for japanese food in Wiltshire??

Hmm, thanks anyway. I didn't think I was going to have much luck. I have only been to London once for a few hours so I have a lot of exploring to do. I have been looking at ordering a bubble tea starter kit straight from asia, it looks like fun. I think it would be popluar in the UK especially in summer time. Ugh,I have gorged on liquorice allsorts today. Have to rest stomach.

Mar 11, 2007
porkorosso in U.K./Ireland

2 weeks in Perth / Sydney / Melbourne

I've got some to add to perth, these are just everyday good places to eat not budget breaking and good value. I lived in the inner city of perth until just over 6 months ago and these places were my regular must eat places that i became addicted to.
New Norcia Bakery and Cafe in Mt Hawthorn. Wonderful breads, pastries, and cakes.
Taka's kitchen-cheap and fast japanese in Shafto lane and also barrack st in perth city. So tasty.
Maya Masala- Northbridge my favourite indian restaurant, I still haven't had indian as good here in uk. There samosas are a great snack too.
City green sandwiches in carillion arcade-perth city, the best sandwiches and rolls in the city!
weinstein is right to mention ciccerello's it lovely there on the decks on a beautiful sunny day. There are heaps more but I've got a headache. Have a great trip.

Mar 10, 2007
porkorosso in Australia/New Zealand

Egg in a Nest

A chippy sandwich is pretty much what it sounds like. Although usually called chipbutty in UK. Hot pototo chips,not crisps in bread, and with whatever else you might fancy added in.

Mar 09, 2007
porkorosso in Recipes

Where to go for japanese food in Wiltshire??

This is my first post! I am living here in wiltshire at the moment, since travelling from perth, Aus 6 months ago and so far haven't seen any decent looking places for japanese food. Also what about southern indian cuisine- I did find one place in bristol and I was impressed until an hour later I experienced my first ever case of explosive diorrea, so I won't be returning there.
Lastly for now, is there somewhere that might sell bubble tea?? I have had cravings for these amongst others since I've been here.

Mar 04, 2007
porkorosso in U.K./Ireland