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Cake... if you can't make it yourself...get it mailed?

I'm looking for a special cake for a birthday (no writing needed), serving 12-16. I'd like something different, decadent or something that would take me a moon to make.
Thinking of Brooklyn Blackout Cake or an amazing boozy Italian custard and pan di spagna cake...something special.

Anyone had experiences ordering online for delivery or have a "go to" place for something special?

1 day ago
itryalot in General Topics

Ottawa recs

Looking for the following for foodies:
1. Locals hidden gems Mexican, french, Spanish, Cuban, Italian, Greek, Argentinian street food or quick grab and go.
2. Ethnic food purveyors (sam ethnicity as above).
3. Is there any place that does tasty molecular gastronomy a la Jose Andrés (el Bulli)?
Have car and will travel a bit.
Safe areas for solo woman is a must.

Elimination of Ontario Board?

Wow, tags? Now I have to search a multitude of tags to ensure that people are not tagging only neighborhoods, towns, cities, restaurants, etc. I love being able to browse ALL posts in the geographic area Boards so that I cover all things foodie of the region. Not sure I'll be spending that much time on here - it's going to require more of a time commitment just looking for tags.

Spiral Slicer advice

I bought a Gefu hand spiral slicer and love it. Now I am ready to upgrade to a counter one. Sur La Table has its own brand/make. Anyone have any other recommendations. I don't want to spend a fortune on it but want to make sure it is strong enough.

What is better, horizontal or vertical?

Jun 27, 2015
itryalot in Cookware

Mauviel 1830 bakeware

Thanks....weight is heavy but really thin. I like that. Plus the finish is not slippery teflonish non stick. It's almost like cast iron but more smooth.

Jun 24, 2015
itryalot in Cookware

Frozen mango

Sounds great; thank you!

Jun 14, 2015
itryalot in Spirits

Frozen mango

A friend waaaayyyy overbought frozen mango pces and now we're trying to use them up.
We need to make a non alcoholic punch or fresh drink.

Any ideas?
Pureed mango + ???? (want to spend as little as possible; sliced oranges, ginger ale????)
We've never used that product in a drink.

Jun 13, 2015
itryalot in Spirits

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - April to June

What's the blog address?

Mauviel 1830 bakeware

I bought these on impulse- one tart/muffin pan, one pie pan and a pizza pan with holes.
They were $3 ea, all originally priced at more than $25. They are black steel with a fine non stick coating. Advice or tips on use would be appreciated.

Jun 10, 2015
itryalot in Cookware

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - April to June

I need to purchase 150 burgers and am wondering what they have. Do their frozen raw burgers have shrinkage when they cook?
Anyone know what different kinds they have and cost? I am a member but not in a town with a Costco, so I'd be making a trip out.

Where to get green gel for cake writing

Fair enough question...when we were growing up, in our community all bakeries used that gel...we need a birthday cake....the ones with the almonds around the outside, gel writing and now I have to find someone who'll make me the chocolate and vanilla authentic Italian custard. Plus, need to find out what that reddish booze mixture they put on the sponge part of the cake was. I just looked for a pic online that had the gel. It's actually for a 75th birthday party.

May 18, 2015
itryalot in General Topics

Where to get green gel for cake writing

I am throwing a vintage Italian themed birthday party. I want to write on a cake using that gel that was so popular in the 50s to 80s....like the name on the photo uploaded.

May 17, 2015
itryalot in General Topics

Specific needs for a Michigan rec

On the St. Clair river or Lake Huron with food/drinks. Casual, music at night...hopping.
Looking at lunakai bar in Harrison township but all photos and reviews look old. Is it lively and fun....40 year olds.

May 14, 2015
itryalot in Great Lakes

Michigan meat..where to buy farm direct?

I'm going to head to Eastern Market this month....was at Costco last week and needed some meat but just couldn't buy it even though it is tasty. I'm hoping to have better luck at EM.

May 11, 2015
itryalot in Great Lakes

Late arrival FLL- re for take out/fast food

Maybe I need to not be picky...not only Cuban. There will be four people in the car, so the drive will be the only one for whom eating will be tricky!

Late arrival FLL- re for take out/fast food

We'll be arriving 930 ish on A Fri night and will meet pole to travel to Naples area. Is there any good cuban sandwiches or other non greasy food we can enjoy while driving?

Best authentic Italian gelato

Denser due to much slower churning.
Less fat, milk not cream. Less yolks too , if any.
Served at a warmer temp. If ice cream was served at this temp it would be soupy.
Of course natural ingredients and not colorings.

On the waterfront dining rec needed - Detroit to Pt Huron

We ended up choosing our default - Rivercrab. However, we're always looking for new places especially as the weather improves, so thank you!

Apr 20, 2015
itryalot in Great Lakes

Looking to buy chorizo and spanish sausage for paella

Last time I purchased La Bomba rice was at Rube's Rice in STLM. I'm not sure of the price.
My parents gave me a few bags when they were in a Spanish purveyor's in Montreal along with the proper pan. I have also purchased from amazon.

Looking to buy chorizo and spanish sausage for paella

I saw this post from 2007 and asked again because the only last year post was related to dried chorizo and the one post was related to Ottawa.

Looking to buy bulk mini cupcakes in vaughan or woodbridge

I'm looking to purchase 80-100 mini cupcakes (2 or 3 flavors) for a kids party. Costco regular size look pretty inexpensive, does any baker in the noted area have them reasonable and good (or grocer)?

Looking to buy chorizo and spanish sausage for paella

In the gta area, preferably Vaughan way. I'd like it raw so I can freeze it and cook it when I want.

Take out

Oops...sorry. We'll be on the beach in FL.

Take out

Some great wood fired pizza and some large salads would be great too.

Best authentic Italian gelato

In Fort Lauderdale (FL Beach). Will have car.

Take out

If we can get a room with a corner balcony and ocean view, we wouldn't mind getting some take out and enjoying it on our balcony (BYOB) or on the beach.
Can be anything from good Mexican/Spanish to chucked oysters, etc. We'll have a car so that won't matter...

What dining gift cards at Costco in Ft Lauderdale

Thanks; I'm hoping someone will chime in from the FL area. I'm in the Midwest and we've got nothing other than Ruth Christie's.

What dining gift cards at Costco in Ft Lauderdale

Sometimes when we go on a trip, the local Costcos have deals on restaurant gift cards. Any for Fort Lauderdale area?

Ft Lauderdale recs needed

1. Early (6am ish) morning breakfast, simple and fresh.
2. Foodie late night happy hours.
3. Dining on the water - thinking of Blue Moon.
4. Is there a good AYCE seafood? Price is not an issue if quality if great.

We'll be in Ft. Lauderdale Beach area but will have car or could take water taxi.

2 recs needed for Estero area

Will only be in town for one day and need to make it count!
1. Early am breakfast in Estero (cheap and cheerful - not donuts).
2. Early supper before shopping at Miromar...not a chain, seafood (preferred), Peruvian or Mexican. Quality of food, we don't need atmosphere as we're on the run. Are there happy hours anywhere.

Apr 11, 2015
itryalot in Florida