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Raleigh-Durham to Lexington BBQ Adventure

Hot sauce on fried chicken (even a biscuit) is not "yankee" at all IMHO. Heck, why do you think Texas Pete is made in NC? :-)

Dine With Us Club (Raleigh/Durham)

I came across this website today and it looks interesting.

Dinner 6/11/07 in Raleigh/Morrisville/ Cary

If Asian food is acceptable I would try Bamboo Garden in Morrisville. It's not your typical Chinese food. We've eaten there twice now and found it very tasty. Nikos Taverna is another option, but it was a bit pricey from what I remember.

Emerald Island NC

My favorite for good calabash style seafood is T & W Oyster Bar on Highway 58 in Swansboro. If you like oysters and hot/spicy food you should try a "Rooster". I can't say it's upscale, far from it, but really good and family friendly.

Triangle: ISO Baby Shower Location

I'm in search of a creative location to hold a baby shower for ~20 people in late August. Ideally it would be a private or semi-private room, but that's not a absolute must if the setting is quaint enough. We've looked into a couple of tea rooms, but neither V's Teas nor Pineapple Tea Room can accommodate our crowd. Ideally we'd have a nice smattering of tids and bits and not necessarily a meal (the reason we began looking into the tea rooms). Any ideas?

Meal delivery in Greensboro, NC

There are a lot of those "make your own and take them home to stock your freezer" type places cropping up in the Triangle (Dream Dinners, My Girlfriend's Kitchen, Super Suppers, etc.) Some have pickup and delivery services as well. I'm not familiar with what is in Greensboro since I'm in the Triangle, but maybe someone else on the board might.

May 02, 2007
Trheel4vr in Southeast

Pie (Triangle Area)

One of my favorite places for pie is K&S Cafeteria in Cary. I've had several varieties and all are quite good.

small bday cake around triangle

I've had some fabulous yummies from Mad Hatter's Bake Shop in Durham, both sheet cakes and individual cakes for a baby shower.

10 Best Southern Hotdogs?

I have to recommend Cloos' Coney Island in Raleigh, NC. They are IN the South, but not FROM the South, but I certainly don't hold that against them. Soft buns, snappy dogs and the best chili I've found. Love their fries too! They beat the pants off of both Char-grill and Snoopy's.

Mar 06, 2007
Trheel4vr in Southeast