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Best place to buy Chinese ingredients in Pittsburgh area?

There is a place just across the alley from Wholleys on the samer side of the street....been there about 6-7 years. good selection

Jan 28, 2011
nyfoodjoe in Pennsylvania

Is Chick-fil-A Anti-Gay?

if any one is potentially offended by either the conservative or Christian message, I guess the thing to do is choose another restaurant. I have never seen any evidence that they flat out don't want gays eating in their establishments, or that they are in any way unwelcoming to these folks specifically

Jan 28, 2011
nyfoodjoe in Features

bone-in skin-on chicken thighs -- ideas for tasty, cozy, affordable please


Can you tell em what the ratio of lemon zest to both the pepper and salt is??? and how many chix thights will it accomodate??


Jul 01, 2009
nyfoodjoe in Home Cooking

traveling in asheville

I am going to be in Asheville, North Carolina in July to look for property with the wife. Could anyone recommend some good restos in the area...all cuisines open for consideration. thanks

self rising flour [moved from L.A. board]

I have a sack of King Arthur self rising flour the has an expiration date of November of 2008.Do you 'hounds think that I could use it today and expect that it would react as self rising flour should??????????????????? Thanks for any insight...I should know this!!

Apr 02, 2009
nyfoodjoe in Home Cooking

how to store peeled garlic cloves

Store the garlic cloves on a jar of good olive oil....they will stay moist, and you will always have a wonderfully flavored oil to cook with...they keep for a long time this way...try it, you will love it!!!

Mar 27, 2009
nyfoodjoe in Home Cooking

What's the furthest North you have ever found grits?

Questions is, who cares, it is still cornmeal mush!!!!

Mar 16, 2009
nyfoodjoe in General Topics

Pittsburgh - looking for advice from the foodies (possibly moving here)!

it is ...if loft or condo living is what you is an urban, commercial area....that i happen to adore. The market area is within walking distance to the downtown central are within a 15 minute stroll of the theatre district...and La Prima has the best expresso/capuccino anywhere

Mar 15, 2009
nyfoodjoe in Pennsylvania

Single Diner B'Day Dinner

Go to Neptune Oyster in the North End...Jeff is the owner...sit at the bar, it is a small intimate place....have great oysters, seafood, great wine...Jeff will take care of you just fine

Mar 12, 2009
nyfoodjoe in Greater Boston Area

ISO Chili Recipe

Do a search for "Al Roker's Chili"....I make it all the time...I think I first found it in Bon is a well balanced, slightly spicy and chunky does have beans....which I love for their flavor and texture...but purists sometimes turn up their noses...

Feb 07, 2009
nyfoodjoe in Home Cooking

foodies in Pittsburgh

Great choice...if you can't find a beer to your liking here, you never will!!

Jan 18, 2009
nyfoodjoe in Pennsylvania

Great food in Pittsburgh near Wm. Penn Hotel Omni

Six Penn in the theatre District...10 minute walk from you...upscale and pretty nice concept from the Eatn Park people.....You have a Capital Grille...upscale steakhouse...very nice, big portions...expensive. In the Westin(The hotel attached to the convention center)you will find the Fish Market...great fresh fish...and other stuff too...not bad for a hotel restaurant. If you walk 10-15 min, or drive 2 minutes to the Strip District...Nine is a good upscale place

Oct 02, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Pennsylvania

Beer ice cream?

I have actually made ice cream fro m has been several years...and it was not cooked...but maybe because the beer is not carbonated with CO2, but with nitrogen, makes a difference

Sep 21, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Home Cooking

Anniversary dinner in the South Bay

Like your suggestions of both Cafe-Pierre and Petros. Admiral Risty is stuck somewhere in time warp about 35 years ago....the food literally has not changed(or the method of preperation)in that long....great view, but food totally average and over-priced

Sep 19, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Los Angeles Area

Favorite - Can't Live Without - Kitchen Technology

my GE Advantium cooks as a microwave, and as an oven...but quicker and hotter...I can bake two potatoes in 12-15 minutes

Sep 17, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Cookware

Pittsburgh for the Weekend need some RECS

Fatheads has a lot of beer that you can't fine any where else on the East Coast...but the food is really not very good...Tessaro's is a really great burger....Atria's in Dormont is the best in town....Pamelas is a great breakfast..lots of pretty good food with lots of "hurry up and eat and get out" attitude....La Prima is the best wife is not Pittsburghs'burgher....but she will go from west to east if she knows she will get her time at La Prima...and finally...great biscotti at Enrico Biscotti....and one last thing...just walk thru both wholley seafood and Parma Sausage

Sep 11, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Pennsylvania

Downtown Pittsburgh Dining

Also go to Parma Sausage...the absolute best for proscuitto, sausage, and all stuff Italian!!! Ask for Darin

Sep 04, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Pennsylvania

Downtown Pittsburgh Dining

Sorry, had a meal at Sonoma Grill and it was horrid....the waiter forget almot half of our meal....and just wrote it off to in-competent kitchen staff...the biggest cop-out for all waiters...and never offered to comp anything!!!

Sep 04, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Pennsylvania

Downtown Pittsburgh Dining

I agree with your choice of La is on the corner of Penn and 21st...Sam is the owner and my wife...who is not from Pitt loves this place above all others for is the absolute best!!!At Enrico's..ask for Larry Lagitutta...he is a great guy

Sep 04, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Pennsylvania

How long do you linger at the table after you finish eating at a restaurant?

You have got to be kidding me!!! you went to the French Laundry, paid all that money....and got to watch the service staff slurp down a meal!!! I have met Chef Tom and he is a pompus butt-head, but to allow that is just plain silly

Sep 04, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Not About Food

Please educate me re: Italian red sauce

I have used a recipe similar to this with good luck..but to add; NEVER use pureed tomatoed, always used whole peeled San Marzano's, and if you like, take the core out and pulse then in your a smoother consistency, but a fresher taste. Pureed tomated have usually been cooked, and that is not might as well use stewed tomatoes!!

Aug 07, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Home Cooking

CHOW Slider

Sometimes you folks should just leave things alone...White Castle made a fortune doing something very simply, and very good. You are trying to take a proprietary method and convert it into something every Tom,Dick and Harry could do at home. WRONG!!! No one has the proper grill equipment, the meat had those little holes in it, and on and on...THIS IS WHY THESE PLACES EXIST>>>IF EVERYONE COULD DO IT AT HOME, WHY WOULD THESE TYPE OF PLACES EXIST?????

Aug 03, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Recipes

Lidia's in Pittsburgh?

I have been there three times, one of my choice and twice as a guest...Olive garden is much better than this dump..and I hate O.G. the staff is totslly dis-interested, the food is poor, and the prices are way too high.

Jun 22, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Pennsylvania

The Big Island

I have never been to Hawaii before and am going to be on the Big Island for 4 days. I would love suggestions on local and fine dining establishments. Cost is not an issue, but sightseeing and finding great food in the process is essential

May 02, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Hawaii

First time in NYC

My girlfriend and I will be making a trip to the Big Apple in 2 weeks. Would love suggestions anywhere in Manhattan for Asian, Italian, or American dining. Nothing over 50-60 per person. (I know that is limiting!!) Any help would be appreciated.

Apr 02, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Manhattan

Boneless Short Ribs

I bought the same one's at Costco a few weeks back. They cooked up great using the same recipe I usually do for the bone-in ones.....they were great. Traditional thinking says that cooking on the bone is more flavorful...but I think that when you braise shortribs, you are using very flavorful ingredients in the braise...the thing you are looking for then, is to get the tenderness brought on by long slow cooking with liquid and steam

Mar 31, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Home Cooking

Breakfast in Manhattan Beach Tomorrow

Both Uncle Bills and the kettle will require a long....long wait at 9:45 on a Saturday will almost anything else in the beach communities.

Feb 29, 2008
nyfoodjoe in Los Angeles Area

Best All-Clad line?

LTD for my money...the annodized exterior looks good even as it ages...

Sep 20, 2007
nyfoodjoe in Cookware

Thoughts on Father's Office burger

What you need to do is take a room service sized bottle of ketchup and utilize it...the POS that owns the joint will not allow his food to touch the condiment...try it..I do it all the time...

Sep 11, 2007
nyfoodjoe in Los Angeles Area

Can I survive a move from Manhattan to Pittsburgh?

Rick, as you probably already know...La prima has the best coffee I have ever had!! Their coffee is ordered by my whole staff here in L.A.(beans) and when I get to the 'burgh I go in the morning an in the late afternoon for an expresso or a latte!! It is the best

Sep 11, 2007
nyfoodjoe in Pennsylvania