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Seattle: Best flour tortillas in town?


Jul 12, 2007
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Seattle: Best flour tortillas in town?

For the times when I'm not up for making my own...
Anyone have any local recs?

Jul 11, 2007
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Frozen Yogurt

Thank you all! these are working out splendidly.

Jul 04, 2007
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what brand of fish sauce?

Hi Monica, fish sauce is usually just fish, water and a whole bunch of salt that has fermented for a while. There are crude fish sauces which are darker, thicker and I think more salty than their lighter cousins which are sauces taken from the upper layer of the settled fermenting mush. In the Philippines, the sauce is made from the bagoong fish, in other countries, it's made from anchovies. So regional differences are there, but for me, are hard to appreciate.

I've found that some brands have up to twice the sodium of others (1000mg/serving vs. 2000+mg/serving) and that choosing the lower sodium brands is essential to avoid over salting inadvertently. I use Three Fish Brand Vietnamese sauce, for what that's worth. I have used Purfina Filipino patis as well. Thankfully, it's pretty cheap, so buy two or three different ones and experiment. Good luck!

Mar 09, 2007
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Adobong Na Manok

Ah, a dish from ma yutes! Try adding some bitter melon, cubed squash, aubergine, jalapeno and/or tomatoes. I find that the sauce resulting from the broth of the lean meat (pork, chicken, whatever) and these vegetables is divine, syrupy and not overly salty if less soy sauce is used. The vinegar really focuses the flavor, and may or may not have played a preservative role (it's hard to imagine anything keeping soley as a result of this small quantity of vinegar,). I agree with Byng27, plain ol' white vinegar is best. If you want the dish hotter, add the piquancy cleanly with fresh peppers. Coconut pepper vinegar? Not for me. Thanks for posting one of my favorites!

Mar 09, 2007
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Egg in a Nest

The One-Eyed Connelly from my yutes! Arrrrr. Hey weremonkey, I remember chippy sandwiches as potato chips on whole grain bread, usually skooshed together with some sort of rubbery deli meat and cemented with nuclear yellow French's mutard. Could it be what you were thinking of?

Mar 09, 2007
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Stocking the Minimalist Kitchen

I'm keep a waterstone or a good piece of steel is essential for keeping knives useable, sharp and safe. I use cheap glass ramekins for mise in place, small custards, soups, etc. I find a balloon whisk very handy for everything from salad dressings to mayonnaise. Great article!!

Mar 03, 2007
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