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prime ko is going to open a bakery on upper east side and more

Prime's "babka," though they sell it as their own
and claim "it's baked here," is identical to the
cardboard-like product sold all over town under
the Greens label, and also Delancey, and
also Zabars and even Fairway. It's not very good,
and it misrepresents. But it's cheap.
They could/should do better.


May 20, 2012
cohnj in Kosher

UES Coffee

Try the trite but true 'coffee shops' that against all logic are still vibrant on the UES. In Carnegie Hill, for example, try Nectar 82 (you can sit and sip as long as you like, except lunch hrs (museum tourists all over the place), New Amity (Madison/84), 3 Guys (Madison/91), Yura (Mad/92), and especially nice, though not trite (rather with-it in fact), is Effie's, on 3rd/93).

these are all good bets, and cheaper than Starbucks (and Via Quadronno) for sure.


Mar 03, 2007
cohnj in Manhattan