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Great Seafood & Steak in Vegas for a B-Day Party?

Looking for some recs that will please everyone from the food adventurous to the narrow "meat & potatoes" guy.

Will be in Vegas on a Tuesday for my mothers 70th Birthday. We are staying on the strip, but have access to a car if need be. We will be a party of 6 people from 50 to 70 in age and are all fun loving and youthful.

She loves seafood and is a foodie, so anything fabulous or funkie would do for her. The problem comes in with my father who is a royal pain, picky eater. A steak and potatoes with no frills is his idea of the perfect meal. Ugh!

I'd like to treat my mom to a great meal, probably seafood, but must take into consideration the entire party. Please no Italian. Don't want to have to mortgage my home, but am willing to splurge. Let's hear it from all you great Chowhounds.

Thanks, Stephie

Jan 15, 2012
Stuffy in Las Vegas

Fresh Lamb - Newberg/Williamette Valley Area

Can anyone direct me to a good source for a selection of fresh lamb cuts near Newberg or McMinnville?

Aug 07, 2009
Stuffy in Pacific Northwest

San Diego, Best Food, Best View?

Connected to Island Prime is C-Level. The menu at C-Level is somewhat limited and more like "bar food" style. Prices are moderate with the outdoor seating and the fabulous view of the bay. Have always been very pleased with food and service and it's near downtown on Harbor Island.

George's at the Cove is a great option as well. Food & service is first rate. The problem IMO is if your are there after dark, there is absolutely nothing to see as an ocean view. It gets dark, dark over the water. So if you're going to George's, get there well before sunset and walk around beautiful LaJolla and take in the great scenery before you dine.

Another fun place is World Famous in Pacific Beach. Located right on the boardwalk looking out on the surf. Always alot of surfer in this area to watch. Food is typical beach city steak/seafood/etc. The bar has some good happy hours deals on food & drink as well.

Jun 21, 2009
Stuffy in San Diego

Lunch near Farmer Market?

Thank you everyone for the great suggestions!

Apr 17, 2008
Stuffy in Los Angeles Area

Lunch near Farmer Market?

Taking my Grandmother and Aunt to Santa Monica for the Farmers Market and would like to have lunch anywhere between Santa Monica and Hawthorne. Nothing fancy, just chow worthy. Great seafood would be good. Ethnic's always good! Any suggestions?

Apr 16, 2008
Stuffy in Los Angeles Area

Good Chow Near Town & Country Hotel, Hotel Circle

Thanks for all the great recs. Will let you know how it turns out!


Nov 06, 2007
Stuffy in California

Good Chow Near Town & Country Hotel, Hotel Circle

Hi Everyone, We will be at seminar next weekend at the Town & Country. Our group of approx. 8 ppl. will have lunch/dinner together. We need a place near (walking or short drive) that can seat us together and service us quickly. Something interesting but not too adventures and of course, reasonably priced. Any suggestions? Last time, we ended up at a well known chain Coffee Shop. I thought I would die! Anyone have any suggestions? A Food Court situation with outdoor seating would work for lunch.

Thanks, Steph

Oct 30, 2007
Stuffy in California

What's Chow-ish in Palm Springs?

It always amazes me to read other hounds impression of the food in the Coachella Valley. My family has been in the Palm Springs area since the early 70's and I have watched the restaurant scene develop. Contrary to popular belief, we actually do have a few good restaurants here.

For Jewish deli food, forget Sherman's and go to Mahattan in the Desert on East Palm Canyon in PS.

We have eaten at the original Las Casuelas in PS and remember the Mr/Mrs Delgado that started the restaurant so many years ago. It has lost alot of it's homestyle charm, although Las Casuelas Terraza in downtown PS is alot of fun at the bar with live music in the evening starting about 6 PM.

If you are yearning for good tex/mex homestyle, run to El Gallito in Cathedral City.
Make sure you bring cash, because they don't take credit and be prepared to wait. They do a brisk business.

I personally love Zin in downtown Palm Springs. The wife runs the front of the house and the husband runs the kitchen. They are well worth it.

Also consider Europa Restaurant off of East Palm Canyon. Wonderful high end restaurant tucked away off the main drag at a small hotel. The food and service can't be beat.

Stay far way from Kaiser Grill or any of their other restaurants. Mediocre and unreliable on a good day.

Agree with the other post that mentioned Matchbox. Had a wonderful meal there a few weeks ago and plan to return this weekend for pizza.

Hope this helps. Good eating and enjoy your stay in our beautiful valley!

May 03, 2007
Stuffy in California

Palm Springs Area - Best Sunday Brunch

This conversation just came up yesterday at work. A reliable coworker and foodie stated how wonderful the brunch is at the La Quinta Resort. Extensive selection with seafood, etc and a whole room devoted just to desserts. According to her, the presentation was outstanding. She said it was pricey but well worth it. Let me know if you try and what your impressions were.

May 03, 2007
Stuffy in California

Great Mexican in Grand Junction!

Had a delightful lunch at Conchita's Authentic Mexican Dining on Hwy 50 in the Orchard Mesa area of Grand Junction. Being from Southern California, my expectations are high and I have been disappointed time again by what Coloradians consider good Mexican chow.
The Chile Relleno and Green Chile Tamale special was delicious. Relleno was very tasty and not greasy in the least. The tamale was a bit spicy for a sissy palate, truly full of flavor. The mex rice was done perfectly, not that converted rice wantabe that you get so often. Guacamole was creamy good without fillers and salsa was the smooth tomato style with loads of flavor. Of course, plenty of fresh hot chips to scoop up the goodies.

Had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Dan and when he realized my interest, he brought out a sample of the pozole that was just finished. It was loaded with flavor, probably the best I've ever eaten in a restaurant.

The restaurant is in a little strip mall long the road. The inside was clean, spacious and nicely decorated. The wait staff was friendly and helpful. You could tell that they took pride in their restaurant. They also have a full bar, with a large selection of domestic and mexican beers, Next time, I'll try their Margarita's.

Thank Dan and staff for a great experience. "I'll be back!"

SoCal girl lost in Western Colorado,

Apr 18, 2007
Stuffy in Southwest

Palm Springs for a long weekend

My vote is for Zin. Great food. Husband is the chef, wife runs the front of the house. Can't go wrong.

Mar 02, 2007
Stuffy in California

Palm Springs great Mexican and beer?

Grill-a-Burger is one of my favorite places to grab a great burger and the wait staff is alway cheerfull and does a good job. For great Tex-Mex style try "El Gallito" in Cathedral City. Take it from a local girl!

Mar 02, 2007
Stuffy in California