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Where To Find (Small) Baby Sized Octopus and or Squid

I'll put a call in to Diana's to see what they have.
T.T, I'll try them as well. Thanks for the info.

Jul 10, 2015
Porto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where To Find (Small) Baby Sized Octopus and or Squid

Looking for anywhere within the GTA that I could find, fresh or good frozen baby octopus and baby squid.


Jul 10, 2015
Porto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Hi Sturmi,
Been back in Canada for two weeks although locked down in a new workplace, finally getting to you with some feedback. My wife and I shared a great dinner at Petz.
Calf's Head, Beef Tartar, Beef Patty in Gravy with Spetzle, and Char with Dumplings in Broth. We also had desserts with a wonderful Gruner Wine. The Tartar was the least successful, given it was minced just to fine. The Char and dumplings were amazing, also the patty with gravy was extremely tasty. Attached are some photos, Petz was very enjoyable.

Jul 06, 2015
Porto in Europe

Have reservation at Tickets Barcelona 5/30... anyone looking?

Hi xoxolesley
May 30th will be my first night of 6 in Barcelona. I tried every night at the midnight release to book a dinner with no such luck all week long.

I also had my hotel concierge attempt a booking with no luck. I have no trade available unfortunately, but would be so grateful for such an opportunity in surprising my wife with dinner to Tickets.

Thank you for the possibility, Porto
Let me please know if there could be any chance.

May 09, 2015
Porto in Spain/Portugal

Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Wow, Great report back Sturmi,
I'm really looking forward to our dinner at Petz.
We will be more than happy to see what seasonal fresh market options are presented in June. It sounds as though although the menu may vary the quality of the product is always top notch and this is what I'll be anticipating the most.
As far as the young wines go, hopefully we will find a winner in the group of options.... This is great feedback Sturmi.... Thank you

Apr 21, 2015
Porto in Europe

Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Hi Sturmi,
Great to hear about your latest dinner at Petz. I'm really looking forward to your next review of your upcoming April 18th dinner and any other specialty dishes you try.

Mar 30, 2015
Porto in Europe

Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Hi Smarty,
I went to the website and clicked on this link
which is their email:

In my email I asked for a specific date , time and told them the size of my party and they were good to reply within a couple of days with confirmation.

I hope you get the date your looking for.

Cheers, Porto

Mar 19, 2015
Porto in Europe

Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Great Thank you for the additional outdoor options Sturmi.
Given I was fortunate enough to secure a table at Petz im Gußhaus are there any specialty or specific dishes I should me sure not to miss by the great chef.

Thanks again, all your help is extremely appreciated.


Mar 11, 2015
Porto in Europe

Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Hi Strumi,
I have booked several restaurants for my June Trip.

Saturday Night - Petz im Gußhaus
Sunday Night - EF 16
Monday Early Dinner - Gasthaus Poschl, before Mozart show.
Tuesday Lunch - (Thinking Of Cafe Central)???
Tuesday Dinner - Gasthaus Woracziczky

What do you think....??

Thanks, Porto

Mar 09, 2015
Porto in Europe

Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Thank you Strumi and thank's for the confirmation Simon.
I'm really looking forward to spending a few days once again in Vienna. The Food and the city as a whole brings back great thoughts of enjoyment....Your Advice is greatly appreciated.


Feb 26, 2015
Porto in Europe

Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

This time around will be focused around 4 nights, 3 of the nights will be my wife and her parents, mid 70's in age. Timing will be in early June. Will be staying at the Hotel Austria. One place near our hotel today which we went on your advice back in 2008 was Beim Czaak.Do you feel it still hold up with good quality or I see that you really enjoy Gasthaus Poschl these days.
Some other options I'm considering are:
Zum finsteren Stern
Zu ebener Erde und erster Stock
EF 16 Restaurant Wweinbar
Going back to try Kolonitz Beisl
Do you know if Pfarrwirt is still doing great meals.
Thinking also of Cantina Osteria or
Trzeszniewski Sandwiches for lunch snacks
Konditrei Heiner for Dessert (Strudel) and Coffee Melange or do you still prefer Aida

Any direction or better choices would be greatly appreciated Strumi!!!

Thank you,

Feb 22, 2015
Porto in Europe

Camp 31 BBQ.....Paris, Ontario (Not So Great)

Have been looking to get here for about 3 years now, finally made it Saturday. Place feels like a saloon with many Southern Alabama pictures, license plates and good old country theme all about.
The food is what I was looking for, The place was really busy with a 30 minute wait for a seat followed by a 40 minute wait for food. S.O and I had the St.Louie style ribs, beef brisket, corn on the cob, mac"n"cheese and the baked beans.... Not great at all... Where was the smoke... No smoke flavour, if there ever was that it was masked by the heavy coating of BBQ sauce. The Ribs were dry to the point that the exterior of the meat was tough, dried out or sitting on a shelf for to long once they were cooked, only to be doused in the sauce later to add some moisture, definitely these ribs had been reheated... Exact same scenario with the brisket and it was just chunks of meat not properly cut or sliced... very disappointing. The corn on the cob, salty and boring to eat... The Mac n Cheese... Dry, old, tasteless, mushy, the baked beans are more of a soup than they are baked.... A real shame... Last month I was down in Clarkson MI, north of Detroit and ate at Union Woodshop, OMG, That was smoke flavoured BBQ, real juicy tasty meat with a smoke ring, not smothered or hidden under sauce, The Mac n cheese was luxurious and the Ribs / Brisket unlike any you have eaten before... The guys from Camp 31 should go for a drive and try their hand at some real BBQ.

Aug 05, 2014
Porto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

ISO - Pecan Pie

This may be out of your distance to travel for Pecan Pie. The Village Grocer, 4476 16th Ave, Markham, ON L3R 0M1 (905) 940-0655

High End Grocery Store in Markham, They make all pies in house, I special ordered mine but they also bake pies daily. They have the sweeter chocolate version but also the original pure and true to basics pecan pie.. it's everything you want as per your description above, tons of pecans, just the perfect crust and not overly sweet with the right ratio of filling, not dry and not runny, Perfect in every way!!..... Extremely Tasty.... Worth the drive, I would call in advance to have them bake or set one or two aside for you...

Jul 07, 2014
Porto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Visiting Venice, Chianti Area and Florence Aug 24 to Sept 1st, will post for each individually, need your help.

Thank you Chow's... Given where our show is on Sunday the 25th, I've researched Osteria - Enoteca Ai Artisti for dinner... Any feedback on this place..... Thank you

Jul 16, 2013
Porto in Italy

Visiting Venice, Chianti Area and Florence Aug 24 to Sept 1st, will post for each individually, need your help.

For now it's Venice,

Sat the 24th, getting in late, would a booking for Antice Carapane 9:30pm be ok seeing they close at 11.

Sunday the 25th, thinking of Lanice Sellatto, at the same time thinking of taking in a 8pm show at Musica A Palazzo, any good recomendations for dinner in that area before or after the 1 1/2 hour show.

Mon the 26th, thinking Osteria Da Alberto

We are staying at the Hotel Ai Reali, any not to miss panini or cicchetti / wine bars, coffee shops.

Your thoughts as always, greatly appriciated.
Thank you,

Jul 10, 2013
Porto in Italy

The Revenge of...My Upcoming Las Vegas Vacation

Do the Milos Lunch for just over $20 on the prix fix.... cannot go wrong.

Jan 08, 2013
Porto in Las Vegas

Thanks Vegas Chows - My Recap of Dec 28 to 31

Thanks LongIsland Chef, Cut is a great restaurant although just make sure you communicate to the the staff your likings
as far as seasoning goes. I enjoyed they great char they are known for. It was just the salt that was overdone on the thinner cut. My wifes filet mignon (thicker), nearly 2" tall was great with the seasoning as applied. Enjoy your upcoming trip.

Jan 06, 2013
Porto in Las Vegas

Thanks Vegas Chows - My Recap of Dec 28 to 31

Thanks Vegas Chows,
Had a great few days, plans were slightly altered Friday night as the misses was ill. Friday started with breakfast at Grand Lux Café (Palazzo) -Standard fare options with well executed eggs, bacon, and hash, juice and decent coffee, pricey although a good option if staying at the hotel.
Lunch at Estiatorio Milos (Cosmopolitan)– Run, don’t walk to their lunch deal. How they afford to prepare these dishes at just over $20 for three courses is amazing. Service was spot on. Get the Whole Grilled Sea Bass – Perfect with Tomato Salad App and the Walnut Pie. Dinner, due to an unscheduled solo dining I cancelled the Barrymore and went to
B & B in the Palazzo. Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich have a great place, I was seating in the wine room at the corner table looking out. Had a quartino of excellent wine with a warm lambs tongue with black truffle, chanterelles and a 3 minute egg on top to start. Flavours were highly developed and the tongue was just the right texture and moist. Next, Homemade orecchiette with spicy lamb sausage and rapini, again textures and flavours were spot on, perfectly prepared. Service was prompt and well executed.
Saturday began at Bouchon (Venetian) for Brunch, Roast chicken and bacon & herb waffles and vanilla bean butter. This dish is flavourful, satisfying and delightful, a must to have. Service was great on Saturday although not as from another waiter on Monday again. Misses had the Quiche of the day and a wonderful side salad. Coffee is really good and the whole Paris bistro feel of the place really adds to the experience.
No Lunch – Dinner @ Le Cirque (Bellagio) Pre dinner menu.
$100 each got us three courses and wine pairings to match. Really great value. We both had the beef tartar to start which I enjoyed although the misses felt the horseradish and mustard was a bit overpowering. Pork tenderloin with a nice Jus was perfectly executed medium. tender and moist. The highlight although came at dessert with a piping hot moist and airy full size chocolate soufflé –Outstanding!! Service was superb!! Sunday – Breakfast – The Wynn Buffet @ (Wynn) As Far as a breakfast brunch buffet goes I would give them a 7/10, they hit most of the marks with a decent omelette & pancake station although the various asian dishes and breakfast pizza were not appealing. The dessert station although huge in variety did not excite. You’ll get what you need at the Wynn buffet but no real wow. Late Lunch – Grimadi’s Pizza (Palazzo)
We did takeout of a small pie back to the room. Nice wood oven thin crust pizza, good blistering on the crust and just enough chew. Toppings tasted fresh, I would recommend pizza from this location over the secret pizza at the Cosmo which I had on another trip. Better value and the wood oven flavour imparted here seals the deal.
Dinner – Cut @ (Palazzo) – Great room, ask for a booth if you can get it. Service became attentive once I requested to have my water glass refilled. We started with the Bone Marrow Flan with mushroom marmalade and a parsley salad. If you enjoy bone marrow get this dish. Everything you would expect, rich, velvety, smooth, extremely indulgent. Next were our mains, the misses had the petite cut filet mignon.
Excellent, nice char and perfectly medium, flavour was really tasty and as tender as one could imagine. I had the 35 Day Nebraska 12oz Ribeye. Had I known would be a thinner cut, no more than 5/8 ”of an inch thick at best I would have selected another choice. It was still prepared correctly to medium although given Cut seasons their steaks
so heavily it was a bit overpowering with it’s ratio to each bite of the thinner cut. Be sure to ask how thick the steak cut is prior to ordering. Otherwise ask them to lighten up on the seasoning. The side dishes of swiss char and butternut squash were just fine.
My clear winners if I was to return would be in order, Estiatorio Milos,
B & B, Le Cirque, Bouchon, Grimadi’s Pizza. I would probably try an alternate steakhouse next visit (Delmonico)?? Depends where I stay, I would also try to get to The Barrymore.
Thanks for all your help in making my dining choices successful in Vegas… Until we "Meat" again!!

Jan 03, 2013
Porto in Las Vegas

Finalized Choices, Arriving Tomorrow Night 27th. Please Provide Specific Dishes If Possible...Thank you

That's great fledflew, really looking for a great trip.
Any and all suggestions are welcomed ... Thank you

Dec 27, 2012
Porto in Las Vegas

Finalized Choices, Arriving Tomorrow Night 27th. Please Provide Specific Dishes If Possible...Thank you

Friday 28th
Breakfast - Grand Lux Cafe
Lunch - Estiatorio Milos
Dinner - The Barrymore

Saturday 29th
Breakfast / Brunch - Bouchon
Lunch - Grimaldis (Palazzo)
Dinner - Le Cirque - Pre Theater
Late Night Snack - Tacos El Gordo

Saturday 30th
Breakfast / Brunch - Wynn Buffet
Lunch - North Outlet Mall
Dinner - Cut @ 9pm

Sunday 31st
Breakfast - Palazzo Area

Any specific Apps Or Mains would be most apreciated.
Thank you

Dec 26, 2012
Porto in Las Vegas

Staying At Palazzo Dec 28 - 31, Best Options Please

Friday 28th - Milos Lunch
Saturday 29th - Buchon brunch and Le Cirque pre theater

Need some great dinner rec's Fri and Sun.
Not into Wagu, would I be best to still go to Cut or the Barrymore has peaked some interest. I'm afraid to go to any of the Batali to feel let down at the end of it, I see so many mixed reviews.
Where would you eat at the Wynn. I heard they have a great breakfast at Tableu and what do you think about the Country Club.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you

Dec 14, 2012
Porto in Las Vegas

Delmonicos or Cut

Staying at the Palazzo during the last week of December. Looking for a top end steakhouse dinner.
Both Delmonicos and Cut are located within the property.
Hoping to find a great steak with a perfectly made cesare salad, tableside service would be great.
Where wine is concerned I'm certain both offer some great options. Does one location provide better service over the other. Is one place more cozy, quiet (romantic) than the other.
The bottom line really is about the meal (meat).
I'm usually a fan of a rib steak.
What would you consider the best steak offering at each place. (No Wagu)
I appreciate any input you may have to offer.... Thank you

Nov 18, 2012
Porto in Las Vegas

Sunday Smashed Burger

Golden Star Restaurant. If You can travel just north of Steels Ave @ Doncaster Ave on the East side of Yonge St is an old school burger joint. Easy comfortable seating.
Get the 6oz Homeburger. Great fries and onion rings too.Beer is available in the event you wanted it. Good old fashioned family joint. Nothing fancy..Oh Yeah Cash Only.....

Jun 07, 2012
Porto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Rec's in Vegas

Hi BLover33,
I'm just back from 5 nights in Vegas and stayed at Aria as well. A must go to is Sage in the Aria hotel. Spectacular meal. Highlights, Wagyu Beef Tartare, Heirloom Tomatoes, Maine Day Boat Scallops.
An excellent bottle of wine around $69 is Zenato Ripassa Valpolicella I believe 2007. Great value and greater fine dining food in a truly quiet modern and chic restaurant. Don't pass this by. Truly great refined service too. My wife and I each had apps, mains, a bottle of wine and shared a dessert with two cappuccinos for $235 before tip. This caliber food and service are not easily found in Vegas. Trust me on this....Enjoy

Jan 02, 2012
Porto in Las Vegas

Wife craving good Italian - has chosen five possibles....

The Just Desserts being discussed would be that in Woodbridge. It's on Weston Rd just north of Langstaff. Very casual place, usually busy with the local's (italians). Also they often have a birthday or babtism celebration going on in the rear and upper rooms. Family run and has solid italian fare, not fussy at all. Pasta, Pizza, Salads. Portions are of fair size.

Again not fancy by any strech. Great for a family meal, this is italian comfort food done very well.

Nov 16, 2011
Porto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Tried To Have Lunch At Fabbrica.....Never Again

Walked in on my own to be seated in the main dining at about 12:20 this afternoon.
Waiter came by to take my beverage order, bottle of sparkling water $7.91
No issue with the price, it was as expected.

Room was empty but for a large table of 8 - 10 people.
I waited, waited and waited seriously for 14 minutes, was looking at my watch.
I understand my waiter was busy with the large table describing the food and taking orders.
As he should, but with an empty room and at least 2 - 3 other waiters having nobody to tend too,
one may just possibly think of the guy sitting for almost 15 minutes with placing his lunch order.

I asked one of the non busy waitresses for my water bill as it was ridiculous I've been left to sit unattended in an empty dining room for so long. My waiter when told of my request did appologize and said he spoke to the manager who was willing to comp the water. I insisted to pay for it, although only having drank one glass from it and I was off.
It's most unfortunate the manager could not take a moment to come to my table himself.
Not impressed................


Sep 22, 2011
Porto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to find Real Fresh Italian Buffalo Mozzerella

Thank you to the entire group, I will try About Cheese and Quality Cheese out and see what I find. Great feedback ...

About Cheese
483 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2C6, CA

Sep 13, 2011
Porto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to find Real Fresh Italian Buffalo Mozzerella

Just back from a trip in Italy.
Buffalo Mozzeralla that easily pulls apart with your hands that has an almost
stringy inside as you pull it apart. Fresh and tasty. Does anyone in the Toronto Area
actually import or make such a cheese that can be purchased fresh.

I live in North York are but will travel anywhere into the GTA to find the real thing.


Sep 08, 2011
Porto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

first time to italy: rome & sicily (& possibly aeolian islands)

Hi there,
I recently returned from visiting both Sicily and Rome.

Here is my take on a couple of things.
Sicily, do visit Taormina, it's too wonderful a landscape to miss.
We stayed at the Hotel Villa Schuler which comes with an amazing breakfast offering.
The view of the sea from one balcony and Mt Etna from the other, wonderful place.
Don't be put off by the tourists, it's now the slower season.

Go to the western town of Erice which lies atop Trapini. Stay in Erice, wonderful medieval walled town. Eat at Restaurante Monte San Giuliano (have the S. Giuliano Busiate, and the pasta a La Norma) Amazing dishes.

Ice Cream - Gelato, I tried several, go to Giolitti, located behind the Italian Parliment building, near the Pantheon, the ultimate Ice Cream in Rome - Seriously.

I was recommended to go to Osteria La Gensola for Fish although found the dishes to be nothing special and would not reccomend due to their prices.
So many great places to eat in Rome. Good Luck....

La Gensola
Piazza della Gensola, 15, Rome, Lazio 00153, IT

Monte San Giuliano
Via San Rocco,7, Erice, Sicily 91016, IT

Sep 07, 2011
Porto in Italy


Thank you Elizabeth and Jen for your feedback. I will follow through certainly with the Saturday option with respect to La Gensola, that's a great tip Elizabeth I would have never known. Jen I will do some work through the list you provided as well. This is a great help and start for me.


La Gensola
Piazza della Gensola, 15, Rome, Lazio 00153, IT

Jul 24, 2011
Porto in Italy