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Sepia recently?

Really, chefs taking off on New Years Eve. First I don't think you mean fine dining chefs taking off and I would stake a large sum that Sepia's chef after only a few months in business won't be anywere but his kitchen.This however dosen't guarentee a great meal as New Years runs more like a banquet at most restaurants than a normal night of service. Good luck and enjoy your meal.

Dec 05, 2007
jmiller07 in Chicago Area

Butcher with veal shanks for Osso Buco?

Big Apple Market on Clark street has what you are looking for. Expensive but not over priced. Ask for Bill or Chuck and enjoy your veal dinner.

Oct 31, 2007
jmiller07 in Chicago Area

4 nights of Chicago fine dining

Make it easy on yourself. Make a reservation at Sepia and don't worry about anything else. Ate there 2 weeks ago and it is some of the best food in teh city. Kind of like Blackbird a few years ago.

Aug 31, 2007
jmiller07 in Chicago Area

Best Butcher Shop for Aged Beef

Big Apple Meat Market. Located inside Apple grocery on Clark just south of Fullerton. The best full service butcher shop in teh city. They only sell PRIME steaks and dry age them themselves. The only place in the city I know that actually brings in sides of beef and breaks them don themselves.

Aug 31, 2007
jmiller07 in Chicago Area


Cheeseburger Cheeseburger inside teh Ft. Lauderdale airport. One of teh best burgers around and by far the best Airport Chow I have found

Aug 26, 2007
jmiller07 in Florida

3 nights in Town

I am going to be in LA from Chicago on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night of this week. Will be part of the Western Food Show and was hoping for recomendations both around the convention center and other must go places.

Any and all replies are appreciated and the favor will be repayed if your ever comming to Chicago. Thanks for the help.

Aug 17, 2007
jmiller07 in Los Angeles Area


I ate here 3 weeks ago with my girlfriend and had a wonderful experince. I was under dressed for dinner so just went in and asked for a menu to look at and they assured me that it wasn't a problem at all. We had all antipasta, salumi, an asparagus flan that was truly amazing. She had the lamb with orchiette and I had one of the best pasta's ever, teh bucatinni with pea shoots and chili. A bottle of wine and a desert to share this was a close to perfect meal. For teh price point I would say this is our new favirote meal in Chicago. The chef even took the time to come and say hello while checking to make sure everyone was happy with their meal. Good luck to others and to Antiprima!

Jul 03, 2007
jmiller07 in Chicago Area

I need some serious help!!!

If you want the best view in the city go to Lincoln Park and take her to North Pond restaurant. Something hip, Avec and Blackbird. Their next to each other and maybe the 2 best spots in town. Go to Weiner circle in Lincoln park after North pond for a dog.

Jun 19, 2007
jmiller07 in Chicago Area

Looking for Mexican supermarket instead of DELRAY

I'm not sure about the name but there is one at belmont and california that is great Best ox tails in town and they sell amazing taco's.

Mar 02, 2007
jmiller07 in Chicago Area

Interactive Cooking Restaurants

There is actually a new place in town to do exactly what you are looking for. It is called Chicago Chefs Table and is in the Beldon Stratford Hotel in Lincoln Park. They do cooking classes followed by dinner as well as the " Chefs Table experince" in a beautiful kitchen. They have a web site too, it's kind of new but has contact information. Hope this helps!

Mar 02, 2007
jmiller07 in Chicago Area