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What to do with overcooked tri tip roast

Bought a tri tip roast from TJ's, over cooked it slightly. It wasn't way over cooked, but I don't think it could survive another reheat. Any suggestions on what to do with it? I've got somewhere under a pound left.

Was thinking sliced thin and making sandwiches.

Feb 11, 2010
DanInCambridge in Home Cooking

How's the food at The Field in Cambridge?

Standard after thought pub food.
I've only ever had the turkey club, which was ok for a turkey club.

I'd be interested to try the fish and chips to see if it's something they make any attempt at as part of their irish bar theme.

Just a reminder: Haymarket Pizza sells their dough for $1

The beer special would have to be a permanent, or at least monthly, special. Remember, Massachusetts and those silly blue laws restricted alcoholic drink specials.

Mid-Level Portuguese Restaurant with Pleasant, Comfortable Atmosphere?

Since we are making suggestions no where near the 495 belt I'll throw in for Con Sol. It is a new comer, "intimate" atmosphere, REALLY attentive staff.

I grew up in Fall River in a very Portuguese family so I know my portuguese food. They do it right. Comfortable seating? back rest and four legs? what more is there?
Nice atmosphere? Sure, it's not the oak room but it isn't a cafeteria either.
Varied Menu? It's portuguese food. That means you can have anything you want as long as its Cod, Steak, or Pork and Little Necks.

Wondering why you skipped Sagres on your trip to Fall River?

Company Lunch in Woburn area?

Looking to have a company lunch, somewhere that can accommodate 25 people, with various food requirements, not all that picky though. We usually order in pizza, pasta, salads, Thai, Chinese etc. for these types of events just to give you an idea of the kind of fare we are looking for. Nothing fancy. Looking for something on the informal to very informal scale.

We are by the woburn mall, close to the 128/93 interchange. Travel would probably be limited to no more than 10 miles.

Any ideas?

What to do with 2lbs cooked lobster

I have 2 lbs of cooked lobster in my freezer that I want to use. It is a mix of tail and claw meat. I am trying to stay away from a lobster salad, but if you have a really unique recipe (or one with no mayo) I'd like to hear it.

Jul 14, 2008
DanInCambridge in Home Cooking

is Four Burgers in Central Sq open yet?

I went last Tuesday night to avoid cooking in that heat and try the new place out. So did some others. While I was there the place was always full, and there were 3-4 people waiting for to go orders.

The line moved quickly, ordered a cheeseburger with american and caramelized onions, a side of regular fries, and a harpoon root beer.

harpoon was poured into a glass that could fit no ice. I usually prefer my soda without ice, but on a day like that, it would have been welcome. Also it seems they are wasting a lot of time having someone grab a bottle of soda out of the fridge, open it, pour it into a glass. Just get a soda fountain or give me the bottle.

A little over 10 minutes later and the burger was delivered to the table, which was odd. The burger was delicious, juicy, cooked perfectly, waffle chips meh, good solid pickle. The fries were pretty boring, oily, hot as hell, no seasoning at all, and it looks like most tables went for the sweet potato fries. Didn't notice they forgot my onions until I walked out of the place.

The total was 12 and change for an average size burger, fries and a soda. Which is totally bizarre. Guess beef prices are rising.

Murphy's Irish Stout

90% sure they had it at Audubon Saturday night.

Looking for out of the way by motorcycle chow - up to 2 hours from Boston

Just some clarifications.

I don't mind going great distances. Like if you know if a good seafood shack on the coast in Maine and know of a "scenic" route to get there.

Or a BBQ pit in New Hampshire.


Looking for out of the way by motorcycle chow - up to 2 hours from Boston

So the motorcycle is out and I'm looking for destinations.

I live in Cambridge. Looking for probably no more than 2 hours one way.
Avoid highways, traffic, etc at all costs. Nice meandering back roads are key.

I'm thinking nice lunch spots, outdoor eating, maybe on the beach, bbq?

Any ideas?

Best thing to eat at Fenway

As far as sausages go, I did a taste test side by side one from ChiChi, one from Sausage Guy. Just Bun, Sausage, peppers, onions. No condiments.

Sausage Guy won hands down by flavor, being cheaper is also a bonus.

You would think they all get their sausages from the same suppliers.

Your laziest salad

Bag of salad, sliced tomato and avocado, salt pepper, olive oil, vinegar, and cooked shrimp or canned tuna.

Apr 29, 2008
DanInCambridge in Home Cooking

A fish (and chips) story

I recently had some great fish and chips at Atwoods on Cambridge in Cambridge. Also had the awesome seaweed salad.

Not exactly the deal as Courthouse, but you have a nice selection of beverages at Atwoods.

Fenway Park

you can bring drinks in if they are wrapped in foil and look like a sausage you just bought...

best eats near Fenway

Probably not what you are looking for, but I can't imagine going to fenway and not getting a sausage guy sausage, $5.

The other vendors don't compare. This guy is on lansdowne in a little cart. You can take the food in to the park as well.

Central Square Breakdown

Just to clarify, I only "reviewed" places I had been in Central Square (they are mostly cheap places only because I eat mostly cheap). If its off the list its because I've never been or I don't consider it to be in the square such as river gods, basta pasta, consol, La groceria, carberrys, royal east, izzys, coast cafe, koreana.

I was hoping someone would chime in about the burgers at Cantab, I've heard...things.

Central Square Breakdown

Excellent responses.
Also forgot Asmara, the first place I ate when I moved to Central Square. I was impressed with my new neighborhood.

Central Square Breakdown

I love cubans and haven't even heard of this place. Good god.

Guess I know whats for dinner tonight.

Central Square Breakdown

I only eat cheap.

Tavern On the Square - good for 1am nachos and cheap pitchers of beer while watching the game.
Picante - all right for the only mexican in the square, a large burrito with guacamole will run $10 which I think is a travesty.
Moody's - delish, cheap, quick. I usually only go for the shwarma but the meat pies are pretty good too.
The Field - I've had really good BLT turkey clubs, everything else doesn't look so hot.
The Phoenix Landing - avoid the food
Pepper Sky - I am no thai hound, but I think it's great
Green Street - Not cheap, but I've been for dinner and everything was good
Indian Place with the prepared foods in the back - don't know good Indian, but I've stuffed my face once or twice from the back food counter.
HiFi - quick cheap pizza open late. I've also had chicken parm subs, which were pretty good.
Mary Chung's - my go to for chinese, it's had enough coverage at CH
Cinderellas - Good basic subs, pizza always seems confusingly expensive, cheap on the toppings.
Asgard - everyone hates it, but I like the "Irish dip" if I'm there.

Atasca, Portugalia, O Cantinho, or Casa Portugal?

I grew up in Fall River. A lot of the restaurants around here are mainland style portuguese, where as back home we are all from the islands. I've been to Portugalia, Snack Bar, J+J, Sunset, and Con Sol, and I can say without a doubt Con Sol is the place to go with friends for a dinner out. It's got a better ambiance than J+J or Snack Bar, and its a better value than Portugalia and Sunset. The owner/chef's family is from St. Michaels. The do beer and wine, and sadly the place is always dead so you'll get plenty of attention. Plus parking isn't an issue over there, and even walkable from the Central Square T.

Con Sol is closed on Sundays.

Where ever you choose please report back.


I stumbled in to this place back in December. It ended up being a promotional event for some liquor. Anywho, by that time it was more of a club/lounge than a restaurant but they were serving hor'dourves and some on skewers. Guess I didn't put two and two together, but like I said, I stumbled in to the place.

Free food in Boston?

Eggs(and condiments) at the bar at BSide when I was there 2 weeks ago. Maybe just a weeknight thing.

Atwood's Tavern

Stopped in last night to pick up a quick dinner. Had the fish(Pollock) and chip special, with a side of the seaweed and soba noodle salad. Two good size pieces of fish, fried perfectly. Fries looked over done, but had a great taste. The seaweed was amazingly crunchy, in a good way. I also had a beer while I waited, don't remember what it was besides it was an oatmeal stout.

Good service, even though it was just take out. You know they are pros when they punch holes in the Styrofoam containers of the fried food.

Green Street Grill

I've been once and it was pretty damn good. It was probably about a year ago so not much to remember. I had the steak frites which was excellent, I don't remember what my gf had, but I remember she enjoyed it. I think it was some sort of duck dish. We both had beer so I cannot comment on drinks.

Con Sol - first report?

That was my report back in september.
It is always sad seeing it empty everytime I drive by.

Interesting mussels?

This is how I do them.
Clean the mussels
heat a deep pan on medium heat
saute half a chopped onion for a minute, add salt, pepper, red pepper flakes
add in mussels
when most are open and its still crackling, add about 1/3-1/2 can of coconut milk
add some more red pepper flake
when the milk starts to turn red/brown its pretty much good to go, I squeeze juice from 1/2 a lime in and serve with lime wedges.

Nov 05, 2007
DanInCambridge in Home Cooking

Waiting for Godot at Moody's Falafel Palace

That is very odd. I swing by there every few weeks, and it is usually pretty busy and I am still out of there in 10 minutes tops, and I usually order the chicken rollup.

I am usually in there for a late snack (8-10pm), never been in the afternoon.

Con Sol

Con Sol is a Portuguese restaurant that opened a few months ago on broadway in Cambridge. They recently got their beer and wine license and I decided to give it a try seeing I live a block away from it. Parking shouldn't be an issue as that whole area is full of 2 hour parking that ends at 6pm.

This was about 7pm on friday, it was pretty much dead except a few people that seemed to be friends of the business. Service was attentive to say the least. We did not get any appetizers, and we both got the portuguese steak plate with egg on top. I grew up on portuguese food so this is a my bell weather dish. It was a good size sirloin and came with great chipped potatoes and perfectly cooked rice. The steak was ordered medium and came out slightly more pink than medium. The rest of the menu looked appetizing and varied.

The owner/chef came out to check on us and it was slow enough that he hung out and we chatted for a bit. He says he pretty much just set the place up and put a sign on the window, so its been a slow start. He plans to start to advertise.

two steak plates, one glass of wine, one beer. 34$ not incl. tip. It was a bargain.

What's Good at La Hacienda in Somerville?

I swung by there for the first time a few weeks ago. The pizza was good, basic garden salad was big, fresh, and came with plenty of the good stuff. Stuffed quahog was flavorless.

Cambridge (Central Sq. area)

I think a lot of the places mentioned are well out of a college students budget. Here is my strictly cheap list in C-Square.

Mary Chungs
Cantab for the burger
The Field for the Turkey BLT, nothing else
Mass Ave Diner for cheap! breakfast