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Best shop for Loire goat cheeses in Mission/Noe

Strangely, eating there was a huge disappointment. The sandwiches were borderline inedible. But yes, the cheese room is magnificent. :)

Best shop for Loire goat cheeses in Mission/Noe

Gourmet and More is very convenient to Mission. We walk there all the time. And I second Melanie's opinion about it being the best selection of French cheese in the city (as does my French husband).

Luna Park SF closed?

Pretty sure it actually got bought by the Mission Beach Cafe folks, not Plumpjack. More recent article here:

Bibimbap: SFBA Dish of the Month June 2015

I didn't eat it in June, but I will comment that Namu Gaji's version of bibimbap is pretty solid. It gets a nice crisp crust and the presentation is particularly lovely: a shallower, wider bowl than the usual, which makes it nice for sharing (and also increases the surface area of crispy rice crust). It inspired me to create a larger, paella pan style bibimbap for dinner parties. Sauce has decent depth and spice, though I would prefer a bit more tang.

Trinidad scorpion peppers at Whole Foods on Market [San Francisco]

Bought a pack of Trinidad scorpion peppers from the Whole Foods on Market to make into sriracha. Though I've seen ghost peppers from time to time (at Andronicos among other places), this is the first time I've seen fresh Trinidad scorpion peppers for sale. In the past, we've been lucky enough to score some from various friends who grow them. Sriracha turned out great. Hope this isn't a one-time sighting!

Persian / Afghan in Berkeley area? Or head to city?

Oh well, I guess they have yet to update their website. :)


Persian / Afghan in Berkeley area? Or head to city?

My husband and I like De Afghanan in the city. They have branches in Fremont and Berkeley, though I seem to recall being underwhelmed by the one meal I had at the Berkeley location. Chicken kabob is outrageously tender and I like all the tangy salads/condiments they serve alongside. Beef chaplee kabob is our other favorite.

Boiling Beijing (San Bruno)

That spicy dish that you linked to sounds like something my husband and I would love. Plus hand-pulled noodles? Definitely trying this soon!

Where to buy baby artichokes?

Iacopi Farms stand at Ferry Plaza has them. Have also seen at Bi-Rite recently.

Crenn cuisine at a lower price coming to Hayes Valley, SF

Amazing! Probably the only news that could make up for the loss of Bar Jules in that spot.

Maruya post chef turnover: report [San Francisco]

Sorry, I may have misspoke. For some reason I thought the departure was involuntary.

Maruya post chef turnover: report [San Francisco]

Well, we live basically across the street from Maruya and loved it while Masaki and Hide were there. After their dramatic firing, we have hesitated to return, because it seemed impossible that the quality would be maintained after such an upheaval. I combed the boards looking for reports, couldn't really find any info, so we finally bit the bullet tonight and went.

First of all, the format has changed considerably. You basically can only order omakase, and if you order a la carte, there is an $80 per person minimum. All of this was explained to us fairly gracelessly by our waiter. I could not shake the feeling of being milked for all of our money. I am not a person who cares about service pretty much at all. I notice it if it is exceptionally good or bad. This was the latter.

We made a miscalculation and brought our 4-year old with us. She has successfully made it through many nice dinners out, but tonight was not that night. While we were ordering for her, we asked for miso soup. They told us they did not serve that dish. At the end of the meal, however, after she had left ignominiously escorted by her grandmother, they served us miso soup as our final course.

It doesn't help that we had had an excellent meal at Kusakabe only a week earlier. Basically we were served very large pieces of adequately decent sushi for twice the price of Kusakabe. So disappointed. Will not return.

Best current option for Shanghainese anywhere in the Bay Area?

Had an excellent takeout meal from Little Shanghai about a week ago and looking forward to exploring more of their menu. We ordered fairly randomly and there wasn't a dud in the bunch. Of particular interest was the tofu with ma lan vegetables, which had a lovely slightly bitter, slightly floral flavor, subtly sauced with sesame. That dish was everyone's favorite. The sheng jian bao had great flavor and a moist filling, though the skins had gotten a bit flabby upon cooling down (our fault for doing takeout). Lions head meatballs were tender, flavorful, and succulent. One note, the reason we chose to do takeout is because the restaurant was absolutely packed, so it may be a challenge taking a group of 23 here.

dou ban jiang in ebay or sf?

Found this today at New May Wah on Clement along with the also oft-discussed pickled Szechuan vegetable ya cai. They also started carrying green Szechuan peppercorns (previously only red was available).

Al's Place, San Francisco

Thanks for the info. We ended up going to Bodega Bistro (meh) because we didn't want to risk a wait. Best dish of the night was bahn xeo. Everything else was forgettable or downright stingy.

Al's Place, San Francisco

Was thinking about trying this place this week, but couldn't find a reservation on Open Table. Did you walk in? And how was the wait if so?

Does Berkeley Bowl have Finger Limes?

If you strike out at Berkeley Bowl, I have also seen them at Bi Rite and on the Good Eggs website.

Goat Cuisine in the Bay Area

Sorry, just to be clear, 4505 meats is a butcher, so they sell the goat raw. You cook the medallions like a thin steak. I believe they also sell bone-in cuts.

Goat Cuisine in the Bay Area

My husband and I have had incredible goat, tender, flavorful, moist...at Flour + Water, but it is only a periodic item. 4505 Meats also sells goat tenderloin from time to time and it made me rethink goat entirely (usually I enjoy it in a slow-cooked context, but this we quick seared more like a rare lamb medallion). It was excellent, not gamy in the least.

Fermented Tea Leaves on Good Eggs

Tried it out tonight and we were pleased with the results. The dressing had a nice, complex, smoky flavor and the crispy bits were fresh and crunchy. It was particularly nice to be able to control the amount of acid. Though the package says lemon is optional, I would say you need at least an entire juicy lemon per 4-person salad.


Fermented Tea Leaves on Good Eggs

I've seen discussions of this before and just want to point out that Burma Superstar is now selling Burmese tea leaf salad kits on Good Eggs. It's $25 for dressing & the crunchy bits and they say it's enough to make 4-6 salads. Just ordered one.

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot now open in the TL. [San Francisco]

Tried it yesterday for the first time and was greatly disappointed. For starters, the service was laughably bad. We were stuck in a private room as a large group, so maybe that was the reason. We ordered items from the checklist menu that never arrived. All the food came out, but we never received our sauces, until I finally ran out and tracked down a waiter 15 minutes later. Napa cabbage came as huge whole leaves and when we asked if they could be cut to a more manageable size, we were told they don't do that.

In terms of the food...even the spicy broth was quite bland, and the satay sauce had almost no flavor (unless oily counts as a flavor). I'm not sure if it was the sauce or the broth, but I felt like I consumed a lot of oil during the meal. Veggies were pretty nice and fresh, and there was a nice selection of meats. We liked the spring lamb, and the fish balls stuffed with roe.

The broth also had, disappointingly, almost no ma la. Definitely not planning on returning. I have heard nothing but good things about San Mateo, so I'm guessing this franchise just doesn't have their act together. Restaurant was half-empty at Saturday lunchtime if that says anything. On the plus side, no lines!

Any place one can buy Kouign Amann in SF?

Spotted kouign amann in the frozen pastry section of Trader Joes. I'm sure it's not very good (though their chocolate croissants get surprisingly good reviews), but I did think it was funny evidence that kouign amann has reached some sort of cultural saturation tipping point.

Where to find ya cai (preserved mustard green leaves and stems)?

Just an update that I was indeed mistaken and thinking of zha cai.


ISO schmaltz

Just spotted schmaltz on the Good Eggs website today. Roti Roti is the seller.

Quest for amazing ingredients in SF

I like Hodo Soy's products, particularly their yuba and the braised tofu (if you have the time, their factory tour is really fun).

Tons of sources for great farm-fresh eggs. I believe this is the most complete thread on that topic:

Also love Gioia burrata, which is made in the the greater L.A. area, but is available at places like Cowgirl Creamery, Bristol Farms in the mall, and occasionally Bi Rite.

Oh, also a fan of Sinto Kimchi. You can find it at Whole Foods and Rainbow. Speaking of which, I also like Bubbies sauerkraut from the bulk bin at Rainbow, which somehow seems tastier than the jarred version, but maybe it's my imagination?

4505 Meats is well worth a visit. They have an outpost near 16th and Mission (easily combined with a trip to Kun Wo) that's open 7 days a week.

SF Source: Berbere?

Spice Ace on Steiner has it:

Restaurants with movies playing

Curious about the experience of watching a movie at Foreign Cinema. Can you actually go and watch the whole film, or is it more of a background atmosphere kind of situation?

House of Xian Dumpling (in old Chef Jia space) [Chinatown, San Francisco]

Nice find! Got takeout from here last night and I was pleasantly surprised. Not a lot of dishes that struck me as particularly Xian-ese, but a lot of clean, well-executed renditions of some small dishes and dumplings. Standouts were the beef tendon, which had a pleasant chewy bite and addictive ma la sauce, the lotus root salad, which had a nice crunch and acidity, and the spicy dumplings, which actually disappeared before I had a chance to snag one.

One comment is that, other than the soup noodles, the portions were bizarrely tiny. I actually don't mind this, as I feel the dishes were executed thoughtfully and with a surprisingly delicate touch for such typically hearty fare. But I ordered 10 dishes (many of them small plates) and it was just enough for four normal adult eaters.

Dumplings were well-made...juicy and with nicely-textured wrappers, but about half the size of dumplings that I usually get at Beijing Restaurant or the San Mateo places. Soup noodles were generously portioned, and the broth was beefy and nicely spiced (and also not too oily, a plus). The noodles didn't stand up well to takeout (even though they packed them separately)...they seemed overcooked, so I would need to eat in to give an accurate assessment of those.

All in all, I would happily get takeout from here again. Especially the lotus root, which I have not seen anywhere else.

Barberries - where to find?

Spice Ace in SF has them in small jars. I also order organic ones from Nuts.com