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Mid-Town West, good for large group

Hi - I've searched this board, and I don't think I am replicating any past posts:

I am looking for a tasty restaurant for about 30 people that would also act as a good '"Welcome to NYC" first dinner. The group is staying in the mid-50's, on the west side, but if you have a great recommendation for place in another neighborhood, that would be fine. I am trying to avoid cutesy and gimmicky. For 30 people, finding something nice can be hard, but I thought if it exists, you all would know.
Price range: $15-30 for a main.
Type of food: anything, as long as it is good.

Jul 15, 2008
rosiebg in Manhattan

Sweden - Ystad and the Skane Coast

Thanks so much!

Jul 07, 2008
rosiebg in International Archive

Sweden - Ystad and the Skane Coast

Hello! I am in Sweden for the summer, and will spending 3-4 days around Ystad, Simrishamn, etc. Can anyone please recommend good markets, restaurants, or cafes?

If you have ideas for other parts of Skane, please let me know, as I am spending the whole summer in the area.


Jul 07, 2008
rosiebg in International Archive

Restaurants in Istanbul

Hi there. My mom is going to be in Istanbul for 2.5 short days and would like restaurant/food suggestions. She is staying in Sultanahmet, but is willing to travel. She and her friend are adventerous eaters and like to find unusual ingredients (to taste and to take home). Thanks!

Mar 01, 2007
rosiebg in Europe