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Dining suggestions for Ontario, CA

I mentor a girl who is moving to Rialto, CA. From what I can see, there is not much in the form of good dining there. Ontario has been reccommended, what can you share with me? I am looking to give her some guidance as she leaves. Thank you...

Jun 30, 2008
foodissexy in Los Angeles Area

Best dining in Rialto, CA

I mentor a young chef who is moving to Railto... where should I guide her to dine???

Jun 30, 2008
foodissexy in Los Angeles Area

Big City Burrito (CO)

ahhh... memories of many, many tasty burritos form college... if only every small business owner of a great place like this would follow the no-frills and very delicious model. I would never pass one by. DELISH!!

Jun 22, 2008
foodissexy in Mountain States

Marathon for foodies... please guide our week!

how do you go about having a restaurant cook your catch for you? (sorry if this is obvious in the keys, but seems so foreign here in Colorado!) any specific ones that you know do a good job?

May 13, 2008
foodissexy in Florida

Need Bakery suggestions for Anniversary Cake-Denver Area


Barkley is such an amazing baker and the cakes are such fun works of art... I ask for one every year for my birthday... Everyone should be so lucky to have such a delicious and beautiful cake. Worth every single penny spent!

May 12, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Marathon for foodies... please guide our week!

thanks for the reply, keysmickey. As a long time local, is there something you can recommend that we should not miss? I will be with my family (grandparents, parents, anunt, uncle) so we have a large range of ages, but are up for great eating and drinking between fishing and enjoying the FL sunshine.
It is my first time to marathon, but everyone else has been, though we are always looking for new experiences.

Is the fish tales market and eatery really a market or just a cute name? Is that where we should go for good groceries?

Where should we go for a good local happy hour? what is the best tourist happy hour?

May 03, 2008
foodissexy in Florida

Marathon for foodies... please guide our week!

We will be in Marathon for one week... the third week of may. We will be a group of 7... we will do some cooking at home (hopefully) with the fish we'll catch... and love to dine out as well. We prefer to frequent only local and independent restaurants and markets.

Please recommend:
Tasty lunch and casual dining.
Fun happy hour
Delicious seafood
Favorite dinner spots
Anything else we shouldn't miss...

Thank you so much for guiding our dining!

Apr 30, 2008
foodissexy in Florida

Vail Valley mud season deals... please share!

five spice was under construction in the chapel square (right next to zacca za) but not much has happened there in months. Thomas N was the chef/partner so I am not sure waht is going to happen, but the valley could sure use some good dim sum!

Apr 17, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Shopping for food (and dining out) in/near Summit County, CO

I really like malbec in the Dillon shopping center next to city market. They have tons of wines by the glass, menu changes at least monthly, and hess, the chef/owner is great... I think she's bringing a much needed breath of fresh air to the foodies in summit...

Apr 17, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Vail Valley mud season deals... please share!

thank you for the updates... I am excited to try the blue plate bistro after your kind words... I trust your palate.
sucka za, (zacca blah)... has anyone been there recently? Has it gotten any better over the past year?
Any word on Five Spice? Is it put off (still... it was supposed to open over a year ago) now that the chef has split town after the embarassing $$ disaster with Zacca Za?
Frites is closed. For good. Word on the street is that one of Vail's most popular chef's is looking to do a more casual theme, and there are a few others looking as well. We are all hoping for something to rival Zino when it was there in its heyday.

Apr 16, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Z cuisine bistro and a cote (denver)

has anyone been to z cuisine recently? I have heard that a cote (next door in french) has opened as an extension of z cuisine... any details? has the menu changed as well?

Apr 08, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Vail Valley mud season deals... please share!

good to hear... I will have to give it another try... thank you, and I hope you're right!

Apr 03, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Vail Valley mud season deals... please share!

As off season rolls around, please share any great specials you find or how your dining experiences are... we are always looking for a fun spot and especially interested in supporting businesses that stay open and treat the locals well year round...

Apr 03, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Vail / Beaver Creek

Vin 48 is good, very pricy for what you get and iffy service, but the food is good and wine list huge (did I say expensive yet??)...
as far as blue plate bistro, I have had only one horrible meal there... I was very excited about the concept, love the "americana" and local food, but the ribs I had were so salty, they were inedible, the cole slaw was mushy and runny, the mac and cheese (which I had high expectations for) reminded me of my college dormatory food. The hot rolls were great, but I had to ask for them. I didn't get much in the way of serice as a single diner at the bar.
Add in about a zero in terms of ambiance, and I haven't been inclined to rush back! I'd skip this spot...

Apr 03, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Please rate my downtown Denver options

check out fruition!! also great is steubens... upscale hip diner.

Mar 29, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Lack of Denver Chowhound postings

I can't believe you are still complaining about the lack of posts on the denvernboards... hello!!! foodies know foodies and eat with people who love food... tell you friends and those you meet in restaurants to chow... be the solution, don't just whine about our problem, please!!

Feb 12, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Cheap Eats in Cherry Creek (Denver)

you can't go wrong with the cricket burger... always a fun time... for a great dinner with a group (2 at least) hop to wash park and have an italian family style dinner at carmines on penn... you are crazy if you miss troy cone, denver's best bartender (imho) when he is at the bar, it is sure to be one the best dining experiences you've ever had... (food is ok, maybe not the best CH food, but the service he gives makes up for it... ask for one of his fancy gelato cocktails he'll make you for dessert...)

Feb 10, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Spago -- Bachelor Gulch, CO

the salmon on the pizza is "local" to where????
I am very curoius to know as a CO native...
I know the restaurant is beautiful... down to the tiles on the floor... you pay for the sexy napkins in the bathroom... but after all is said and done, a meal is a meal, and we all get what we pay for. Or do we??? can you have this same experience for half the price in a different spot in the valley?

Feb 09, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Jerusalem, Denver

jerusalems makes great food but is hands down the dirtiest restaurant I have ever, ever, ever been in... I can only eat there when I am very drunk past the point of caring...

Feb 04, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Denver's Z Cuisine no more?

I love this place!
hopefully the transformation will be as lovely as the z cuisine was.

Jan 17, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Vail, Beaver Creek, or Keystone Mountain Top

that is not being a prissy pain, claire, all chefs I know work their whole lives for a little pay and a lot of, well, work and passion. Being called the correct name and recognized as such shows how much you understand this...

Jan 13, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Great Lunch at Denver's Domo

I ALWAYS have a mindblowing meal there. You really can't go wrong with anything on the menu... In the summer it is amazing to sit outside in the garden, they give you traditional sunhats or fans to keep cool when it is hot... the service is always pretty awful, but the servers are actually participating in the classes at the cultural center connected to the restaurant. Domo is always a do not miss and one of my favorite meals in denver.

Jan 05, 2008
foodissexy in Southwest

Spago at the Ritz Carlton-Bachelor Gulch,CO

you are correct... the soft opening weekend is around the 6th. I will report after a visit!!!

Nov 27, 2007
foodissexy in Southwest

NEW Culiver's Butter Burger of Mesa

I am not sure of this location, but I have eaten a butterburger in Fargo, ND. Pretty tasty, from what I remember... esp for fast food...

Oct 19, 2007
foodissexy in Southwest

Matsuhisa - Aspen

Ate there a month ago... so very disappointing.
I would never go again unless Matsuhisa was there himself. Expensive (even in Aspen) and such proof that restaurants who have a celebrity chef often suffer when he (or she) is never there.

Aug 28, 2007
foodissexy in Southwest

FARGO... please help with decent dining

I am heading to Fargo this weekend with all the women in my family to see my great grandmother... she is 99... we are looking for one decent dining experience. Every year we have more than plenty of fried food and buffet dining. We try for one good meal out (huge foodies + one 99 year old) but have failed every year.
Please give me any reccs you may have... we must stay in fargo as big drives are out of the question...

Aug 21, 2007
foodissexy in General Midwest Archive

Where to find Vosges Chocolate in the Valley?

oh yes, my friend, a beautiful dark milk chocolate bar with baocn and alder smoked sea salt. brand spankin' new and delish!!!!

Jul 11, 2007
foodissexy in Southwest

Where to find Vosges Chocolate in the Valley?

bacon bars are out of this world... don't miss the barcelona bar, with the sea salt, hands down my absolute favorite!!!

Jul 09, 2007
foodissexy in Southwest

Vail/Beaver Creek CO (Splendido in particular)

ditto on the bookworm. I haven't been to starbucks in Edwards since they opened in their new location serving great crepes, wine by the glass and amazing local novo coffee. Another great addition to Vail's newest culinary mecca!!

Jul 05, 2007
foodissexy in Southwest

Lunch in Denver

we had an outstanding lunch at lola yesterday (sunday).
They have a brunch... leading into a great live band and fabulous meal. Great mojitos and vibe... not sure if it is open every day for lunch, but I will hit it again very soon.

Jun 11, 2007
foodissexy in Southwest