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Centro Tapas Bar $3 Tuesday?

I have a question about Centro's in Baltimore $3 tapa, beer, wine and sangria special. Is this only at the bar or in the whole restaurant? Also are they doing restaurant week only?


Baltimore - Unique food tour of best item at each restaurant??

Ethnic foods - Trinidad Gourmet is great - I like to get sides, especially the pumpkin, and a roti. There's a great Ethopian place on Washington in Pigtown as well. For Greek, Samos or Ikaros. Thai Arroy in Federal Hill is amazing.
Falafel - Baba's Kitchen
Ice cream sundae or gelato - Vaccaro's for gelato and Sylvan Beach for ice cream.
Cupcake - Cupcake Company or Charm City Cupcakes
Unique girly cocktail - Red Maple is fun but the food just isn't the same since Jill (the chef who was on Top Chef) left. I'd suggest Baltimore Pho for drinks. Get a 900 - basically a sparkling lychee martini.

Marie Louise Bistro....Baltimore

As I said, I was there the first week and alcohol was not served at the time. Glad to hear they have one now.

Economy = Cheaper Eats?

My husband and I eat out far too much and have noticed that it is much slower on weekdays than before the recession. I recently read a news story that stated that people are eating out on a 'budget' by cutting courses not trips out or making bigger events of eating out i.e opting to make quick pasta dish at home rather than carryout to save the money for a good dinner. Many people are skimping on tips to cut the bill as well - not that I agree with that, it was simply mentioned in the article.

Marie Louise Bistro....Baltimore

I ate there the first week they were opened and fully intend to visit again. The venue is casual, comfortable and well laid out, offering three distinct dining areas in one space. Our server was attentive and friendly. The prices are quite reasonable for the type and quality of food they offer. If I didn't live in the neighborhood. I would have never known that it was their first week in operation.

They had a few vegetarian items - always nice since most places only include one token vegetarian item. My husband ordered roasted cornish hen and was served a remarkably fresh, large portion accompanied roasted potatoes an vegetables. My food was wonderful as well.

When I was there, they did not serve alcohol but it may be in the works. Regardless, there is a great wine shop next store so I hope they'll at least offer a BYOB option. We were too full for dessert and coffee but their offerings looked delicious. I walked past it last week and it looks like they've expanded there menu to offer brunch. In my opinion, it is absolutely worth a try.

Cheap, fun eats on the Balt north side?

I just tried the Blue Grotto on Chesapeake Ave. The venue is enormous so great for groups and the food was good and the prices were very economical fro a crowd.
Another great option is the Orchard Market. A bit more expensive but well worth it.

Aloha Sushi v. Aloha Tokyo HH?

I have not bee to Aloha Tokyo, but Aloha Sushi is great!!!! They $1 sushi all the time. The $1 sushi features most of the nigiri on their menu. They use fresh product and give you big, but not too big cuts of fish. Their happy hour downstairs is mostly chicken wing specials and maybe a beer special, but it is so cheap all the time it does not matter.

Asahi used to be my go to place until Aloha opened, Aloha is much closer to my apartment. I have not been to the new loaction, one block north of the old one, but they have good sushi as well. The old place was BYOB i think, so they may not have happy hour specials.

Real Polish Pierogie in Baltimore

Thank you very much! I needed a pierogie fix.

Looking for best Belgian beer for holiday gifts

Great gift! Well's Liquors on York Road has a great selection of Belgians, including my favorite, Brugges Zot. The Wine Source is great as well and has a better layout and fantastic service.

Good Veggie Burgers in Baltimore?

I am looking for good veggie burgers in Baltimore. I love them at Waterfront, but am looking to expand. Who has the best, non-frozen veggie burgers in and around Baltimore?


Real Polish Pierogie in Baltimore

Does anyone know where I can find traditional Polish-style pierogie in Baltimore?


Federal Hill Bar Food

Also: Stalking Horse, and Crazy Lil's

Riptide by the Bay

I've been there twice, once for dinner and once for drinks. Both were wonderful, especially considering the restuarant opened a day or two before I first visited. They serve typical bar food that is done extremely well.
One of the daily specials was the soft shell crab sandwich and it was fantastic. I hope it makes it to the regular menu. They actually put some effort into their veggie burgers too and it shows - something that can't be said for the majority of bars in Baltimore.
They have a little (covered) outdoor seating area that is perfect for sipping some of their yummy, fruity drinks. If you visit, I'd suggest you get the drink that uses fresh squeezed orange juice (Chesapeake Bay Crush, I think).

Chicken Rico

It is in Highlandtown near the corner of Eastern Ave and Eaton, and it's worth a trip.

Chicken Rico

There is a metered lot basically across the street from Chicken Rico. It costs $0.10 an hour until 6 and free after that. (3700 Fleet Street)

Chicken Rico is my favorite. I love the sides and the chicken is always perfectly cooked.

Not sure what Hispanic part of Eastern Ave means as all of Baltimore, particularly Southeast, is seeing huge investment by the Latino community.

Victoria Gastro Pub in Columbia?

Went for brunch on Sunday and had a great experience. At around 1:00 p.m. the place was somewhat busy, but there was no wait. The service was great!!!!! We started with Poutine (duck fat fries with gruyere cheese, duck confit and duck gravy) they were tasty and almost filled me up. I had their take on eggs benedict with biscuits, blue crab meat spinach and citrus hollandaise. It was great, had loads of crab and was only $12. My wife had the lobster grilled cheese, $12. The cheese was a brie gruyere fondue, there was a ton of lobster meat and it was delicious, the Belgian fries that came with were also very good.

We were too full for dessert and took home the extra Poutine which heated up quite well and served as dinner for me. We will be making the drive from Baltimore again in the near future.

All you can eat crab legs in Baltimore

I have some visitors coming from out of town with a child who wants all you can eat crab legs. I have no idea where to go in or around Baltimore. A chinese buffet would even be okay. This child wants crab legs, not whole crabs. I know there used to be a place near Carney, but it closed a few years ago. Any help would be great.


Sunday Birthday Lunch in Baltimore

I would suggest Lebanese Taverna for some great ethnic food. They are open at noon on Sundays.

719 S. President St. Baltimore, MD 21202

A week in Philadelphia

I will be staying at the Mariot in Center City, but can travel around the city.

Jan 09, 2008
elnicka in Pennsylvania

A week in Philadelphia

I will be in Philadelphia for a week in late March/early April. What are some good breakfast, lunch and dinner spots? I am staying downtown, but can travel throughout the city. Price is not too much of an issue, but dinner for one without drinks for $35-$40 is about as high as I can go. I don't eat red meat or pork, but can do anything else and any ethnicity.

Any recs?

Jan 09, 2008
elnicka in Pennsylvania

Fogo de Chão in Baltimore????

I had lunch there a few weeks ago and will return. The meat is perfectly prepared and the salad bar is great. The deserts are also fabulous. I would recomend it. They are only open for dinner on weekends.

Most romantic in Baltimore

I just ate there for the first time on Saturday. The food is great, it is very cozy and the service staff are warm and friendly. The food is also a great value of the money.

Baltimore's Best Bar Food

The Stalking Horse in Federal Hill on the north side of Cross Street is my new favorite cheap bar food place. Great flat bread pizzas, quesadillas and nachos, huge grilled wings (lots of sauces), stuffed baked potatoes, plus $4 frozen drinks all the time. I think they have specials every night. It is owned by the same people who own Ropewalk.

Thirsty Dog..... I mean Dog Bar on the same block has great personal pizzas for @$10.

Kid friendly Crab House in Inner Harbor or just off I95?

Stoney Creek Inn is off of 695 in Curtis Bay. It is a little out of the way, but they have great crabs, very cheap. You can even get "light dozens" for about $10 most of the time. They are very kid friendly and have great food and service.

LP Steamers in Locust Point is much closer and very good.

Fun restaurant in Downtown Baltimore

Thisty Dog and Bicycle in Federal Hill are great. Brewer's Art or Helmand in Mt. Vernon. Milton's on the 300 Block of Charles is pretty good and very cheap. Little Havanna is right on the water and has great cuban food. Waterfront Hotel in Fell's Point is also fantastic and has water views.

Vegan in Baltimore?

Does anyone have suggestions on lunch spots in Baltimore that serve Vegan and non-Vegan food? We have tried the Yabba Pot and love it, but need a place we can take meaties as well.

Sour Beer?

You can get Cantillion Lambics in Baltimore at the Wine Source or at Max's the Gueze is very good. I think they brew the Monk's beer, but could be wrong. Visit the brewery if you are ever in Brussels, it is a lot of fun and they beers that they don't export.

May 18, 2007
elnicka in Beer

Best beer store near Merriweather Post Pavilion?

Corridor Wine & Spirits
(301) 617-8507
3321 Corridor Marketplace
Laurel, MD 20724

They are a huge store, they have just about every kind of beer you can imagine. If you call ahead of time, and they don't stock it, they will most likley be able to order it for you. Plus they are open on Sundays are real rairty in Maryland.

Great Crabcakes and/or Dives in Baltimore

Captain Larry's and Truman's in Locust Point are great as is Duda's in Fell's Point. I've only had the crab cakes from Larry's but they are great and half priced on Wednesday nights.

Wings in Federal Hill / Locust Point

Eden lounge has pretty good Tapas. I bet their wings will be very good and they will have probably have funky flavors. They have great drink specials.