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Best Fish and Chips in Detroit ?

My uncle (Harry Barber..or as I call him 'Uncle Harry') is the owner of Scotty's. My mom has worked there (on and off) for 35 years (If your waitress's name was Lee...that's my mom). I also have worked there and grew up in that neighborhood. My brother, other uncle, aunt and several cousins and friends have worked there. Most of the employees are family or friends of the family which I think makes for the friendly enivornment. I grew up on Scotty's fish. I never ate any other kind of fish until I was an adult.

Scotty's is the best. I grew up watching my uncle and the previous owner (Sean) cut fish, make the cole slaw and the tarter sauce. The place is my second home. When the family talks about Scotty's we just call it 'The restaurant'. As in 'Let's go to the restaurant' or 'Are you working at the restaurant today?'. I will be sure to ask my uncle about Milroys. If he doesn't know Sean (he happens to be my dad's godfather too) would know.

The fries are fresh too. I have sat and watched the cooks peel (via a machine) and cut the fries and then put them into the cooler to keep cool but never frozen. Same goes for the fish. Delivered fresh, cut and put into the cooler, never frozen.

It's good to hear that people are still willing to go into that neighborhood to eat at Scotty's. Keep coming back : )

Mar 01, 2007
jdcmom in Great Lakes