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DeStefano's Steak in Williamsburg

Worth the scratch? I'm always a little wary when I can get a reservation on a Friday night with short notice so easily.


Jun 05, 2009
dosteov in Outer Boroughs

Casual Restaurant near Bourbon/French Quarter

I'll be down in NO with about 5 friends. We're looking for a good restaurant for lunch that will allow us to dress casually in the Bourbon street French Quarter area. Money is not an object but we want to go to a place that will allow us to wear jeans as none of us wants to bring down slacks or a suit.


Nov 04, 2008
dosteov in New Orleans

Greenpoint update

I actually went to Sakura last night and was pretty impressed. My wife and I split the Tuna Carpachio and Spicey Salmon salad and two rolls. One roll was the Spicey Rainbow roll (same as a regular rainbow roll but with spicy tuna in the roll not california). The other roll was similar (Salmon and Eel over a mixed fish and cucumber roll). Overall was very impressed. The fish seemed extremely fresh (the tuna was super bright which is always a good sign). Fresh fish is pretty much all you hope for when you go to a sushi restaurant. The texture was nice as well.

The spicy salmon salad was deliscious as well (pieces of salmon with a mayo like sauce and crunchies over seaweed salad).

I'm a fan of sushi but have kind of given up on it because of the lack of good sushi restaurants in Greenpoint/Williamsburg.

Will definitely be going back.

Also they seem to have an interesting Japanese beer selection. Some beers I've never seen before at sushi restaurants (although I didn't order one).

Aug 08, 2008
dosteov in Outer Boroughs

Best time to go to DiFiaras and pizza recommendation

I have off all next week and want to finally check this place out.

I'm thinking Tuesday at about 2PM. You think I'll have a long wait.

What pie does everyone recommend? The Square or Round? And what toppings??


Jul 10, 2008
dosteov in Outer Boroughs

Where are the Pilsners?

Staropramen is another one from the Czech republic. I like it better the Urquell.

Apr 04, 2008
dosteov in Beer

Are there any good Latin American beers?

I think for a lager the Dominican beer presidente is pretty nice (much better then any mass produced American lagers).

Mar 27, 2008
dosteov in Beer

greenpoint mini update

Agree with you about Lokal being an eyesore. What is it exactly? Restaurant? Wine bar?

Anyone try that Korean place yet?

Mar 27, 2008
dosteov in Outer Boroughs

Restaurant Suggestion Manhattan

Living in Brooklyn/Williamsburg my wife and I are looking for a change of pace. We almost never go out to dinner in Manhattan

How about one steakhouse recommendation and one "other". We're very open when it comes to all kinds of food. Price is not a concern.

Thanks all!!

Mar 27, 2008
dosteov in Manhattan

Bachelor Party for 15-18 people

I'm looking for a good restaurant for a BachelorParty dinner in Manhattan.

Was originally looking to book Strip House but they can only accommodate 12 people.

Can anyone suggest a steakhouse that will accommodate a party this large and has comparable quality? Thanks!!

Jan 23, 2008
dosteov in Manhattan

Greenpoint. Please.

Syrena bakery is very good. That's where all the local bread comes from in the Polish markets. They have good baked goods and real good smoked salmon actually as well.

That bakery (can't recall the name) next to Citibank on Manhattan Avenue is pretty decent for pastries/sweets and decent inexpensive coffee.

Nov 02, 2007
dosteov in Outer Boroughs

5 Star Punjab in LIC still good?

I haven't been there in years. I know it's still open and was just curious if it's still good. I used to love that butter chicken dish.

Oct 25, 2007
dosteov in Outer Boroughs

Recommend 3 Restaurants in Vegas (100-125PP, including alcohol)

Steak (leaning towards Craftsteak)
Eclectic (maybe seafood? cajun? mexican? I like all kinds of food and trying new things)
Alcohol. VodkaMartinis/Wine/GoodBeer. I like it all really. I'm from NYC so there's lots of variety out here.

Is Isla in the TI any good? We'll be staying there.


Apr 17, 2007
dosteov in Southwest

Recommend 3 Restaurants in Vegas (100-125PP, including alcohol)

I'm going to Vegas in late June and will be staying at the TI. I was hoping for some recommendations for dinner. I'm hoping for some recommendations on the strip as we will not have a car. Also how soon should I make a reservation (we're staying from Sunday until Friday).

Thanks all!!

Apr 17, 2007
dosteov in Southwest