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the GOOGLE company /employee cafeteria

I heard a rumor last year that Olivia Wu, from the San Francisco Chronicle, signed on at GOOGLE. There is nary a better authority on Chinese Cuisine around. I also understand she is a tremendous cook. If all this is true there is some quality, there, in that kitchen.

flaming cheese (queso flameado)

Anyone know if there are any SF restaurants that serve queso flameado (flaming cheese) it is soft white cheese baked and topped with chorizo and onions. Booze is poured over and ignited. It is served with tortillas and can be very delicious... I need a fix.

Cuban Food (Counter Style Restaurants)

It was Taza de Oro!!! I will go there to try your recommendation. Love it!

These are great suggestions peeps! I can't wait to try some of them too!

Feb 26, 2008
denochow in Manhattan

Cuban Food (Counter Style Restaurants)

I am planning a trip to NYC and I'm interested in some good honest cuban food. Years ago, I went to a hole in the wall place near the 8th Ave/14th Street Subway station. I remember some enjoying some very tasty puerco asado. I don't recall the name of that place, and I'm not even sure if it is still there, serving the awesome carne, with plantiains and black beans. Nonetheless, I am looking for similar places to check out and would love some suggestions?

Feb 26, 2008
denochow in Manhattan

Salty Liquorice

Salty Liquorice is an aquired taste and I love it. Are there any fans out there who know where to get salty liquorice in San Francisco? I am looking for the kind you might get in Holland, Germany, or Scandinavia. I have a craving for some and have not seen it anywhere in the city. I hope someone out there can help.

favorite spots in Chinatown for a tourist who is not afraid of authentic food?

Well if you are not afraid and want a very authentic experience there is always DOL HO. Is is a small dive dim sum place, very cheap and good. You will definitely get your moneys worth. Make sure to order the dried shrimp rice noodle roll which i believe is called "Sin Ha Cheong Fun". The Glutenous rice with pork is also good and you will need to ask for that as well, or just point to the steamer in the front window. This is a Chinatown dive and not for everybody, but if you are adventurous, you will probably like it...

Original San Francisco Dishes/Recipes

A number of good replies...
Does Strawberries Romanoff count?

Original San Francisco Dishes/Recipes

Our fabulous city is noted as the mother to a great number of original foods such as Green Goddess Dressing, Crab Louis Salad, Irish Coffee and the Fortune Cookie. Do any chowhounds out there know of others? Maybe there are resources on them. I think it would be neat to have a list of these and maybe learn a little about the foods made famous by our city by the bay.

Oakville Grocery (SF) CLOSED????

Anyone have any idea what happened to Oakville Grocery in Fishermans Warf. I've heard they are closed for good. I tried calling and there is no answer.