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Open Pit Steak Houses

If you are near Bellingham any time soon Herb Niemans in Everson does and is well worth the drive.

Herb Nieman's Steak House Restaurant
203 W Main St, Everson, WA 98247

Apr 05, 2011
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest

Where oh where is the real NY pizza?

I beg to differ. I lived in NJ, 24 miles east of the City, for 7 years and Number 1 New York Pizza actually pulls it off. You don't go here for the atmosphere but it's got real NY style pizza. Garlic salt and oregano on the table, you get yelled at for ordering more than 3 toppings and they throw you out if you ask for fruit on your pizza. Give it a try it's worth the trip for a slice of NY pizza.

Feb 03, 2011
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest


Suprisingly the Beer Store at 85th and 8th Ave NW, has a couple. Purple Haze, TurboDog being the ones i remember.

Dec 06, 2010
gt1485a in Greater Seattle

Sous Vide entrees [sea]

I had a sous vide cocks comb at Avila in wallingford, don't know what other items on their changing menu are sous vide though...

Jan 28, 2010
gt1485a in Greater Seattle

Grouchy Chef in Mukilteo closed

Called at 11 for table at 11:45, not a problem. How can you beat the lunch special? He had halibut cheeks, bacon potatoes, egg omelet wedge and salad for $10 (almost too much food) and Duck Confit for $7. He currently doesn't have heat but it wasn't too bad and was a nice large space, you would hardly guess you were in a industrial park from the inside. To me it is a nicer place and better atmosphere for the same price. He even came over and talked to us when we were leaving. Shook my hand and wished me a happy new year. I too wish gourmetlight finding better food for the money.

Grouchy Chef
9999 Harbour Pl Ste 105, Mukilteo, WA 98275

Jan 06, 2010
gt1485a in Greater Seattle

Delancy Pizza (Ballard)

We tried to go last night. We got there at 6:35pm and was told it was a 2 hour wait. I guess the moral is get there early early.

Oct 16, 2009
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest

Ground Beef Woes :(

You can always try explaining what you want to DD meats in Shoreline or AJ Seafood and Meats in Queen Anne. They are both well respected butchers ready to help and are both very friendly. If you do make it to DD you should give their homemade sausages a try they are great!

Aug 13, 2009
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest


I believe the mexican grocery just north of 85 on Greenwood has a mexican version...

Jul 02, 2009
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest

Paladar Cubano

Went by Paladar Cubano at 90th and Aurora,, on my way home the other day. I had the sandwich puerco. I can't speak to how authentic everything was, but the bread had a nice texture to it, the pork was very tasty(could be slightly more tender) and the aoili was nice and garlicy. Overall a great sandwich for $6.50. I'd definitely recommend giving their other items a try.


Jun 25, 2009
gt1485a in Greater Seattle

seattle wedding dinner spot for 20 - urgent

We had our rehersal dinner at Maximiliens in the Market, Willy was great. Very friendly, great food and well priced. Beautiful view of the water as well.

Apr 10, 2009
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest

Piccolo Abruzzo in Rome

What a great place! We ate there last week and it doesn't seem to have changed in all this time.

Antipasti: A large slice of ricotta drizzled in herbs and olive oil. Pork carpaccio, that was oh so good and my favorite item of the night. A fried dough item with tomato and cheese sprinkled on top. Procuitto. Buffalo mozarella. Fagioli beans in a spicy tomato sauce, still a bit crunchy on the outside creamy inside, perfect!

Ravioli with ricotta, pecorino and spinach. Rigatoni in tomato sauce.

Veal in a butter sauce with potatoes. Excellent, brought to the table and self served.

A flan like custardy item.

We had 2 bottles of the deliciously smooth and full bodied house wine, just an empty bottle refilled from a large wooden vat with a plastic spigot. For a digestive we had two kinds of italian liquors that vaguely tasted of Robutissin and Yeager/Cherry flavor. We asked the waitress about the menu change if we ate there the next night and she said only the Antipasti would be the same. Make sure to ask for the Salumi as it is offered as an alternative to the conventional antipasti. The prosciutto was awesome!

I highly recommend this place and I'll be going back with a very empty belly next time in Rome.

Nov 19, 2008
gt1485a in Italy

Lunchbox Laboratory

Went yesterday, Burger Day. They had quite the selection of burgers. Some pre-made combos or build your own from: Meats:beef, ribeye, organic chicken, buffalo. They had tons of cheese to choose from, about 15 sauces, toppings: crispy onions, camelized onions, roasted peppers, and another onion, sides included: skinny fries, tater tots, mac& blue cheese, sweet potato fries with your choice of salts: sea salt and black pepper, bacon onion, smoked tea and another one i can't remember. Overall the food was excellent. I got a burger and side for $10. The burger must have been over 1/3 lb. probably 1/2lb....HUGE! Very tasty! Highly recommended. Closes at 8pm on weekdays.....

Mar 27, 2008
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest

Lunchbox Laboratory

I stopped by tonight, the chalk board in the window stated that they open again on the 5th and closed Tuesdays.

Mar 03, 2008
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest

Mexican restaurant

Ballard Cocina Esperanza off 85th. The specials of the day are not to be missed.

Mar 03, 2008
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest

Great Food Products in Washington

Snoqualmie Ice Cream
Estrella Cheese's are the best!

Dec 20, 2007
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest

Second Annual Ultimate Seattle Restaurant Poll (2007)

Boat Street
La Gourmand
Tamarind Tree

Dec 04, 2007
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest

Favorite Wine Shop?

I've always been impressed by the french selection at Champion Cellars on Denny. Emile, the owner, is very knowledgable. The prices may not be the cheapest but they have the best selection of Bordeaux splits i have ever seen.

Oct 25, 2007
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest

sitka and spruce

I went last week with a party of 4. While the food was excellent the "theme" of the meal was that the plates come out the kitchen totally at random and are meant to be shared. I don't know if this is a trendy excuse for a slow kitchen but it doesn't work well for parties who have restrictions. Two of the party didn't eat pork(a true travesty) which comprised about 75% of the menu and sharing the items containing pork didn't really work well for those 2. While I thought the food was excellent the price was still pretty high. We had 3 entrees(left before the last one came out cause people were starving), 1 salad and a bottle of wine for $140. You be the judge.

May 20, 2007
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest

Best ribs in Seattle?

I went about 6 months ago with our weekly "try a new resturant with the neighbors night". I had the fried chicken, very good. My fiancee had the catfish, I don't like catfish and can't judge wether it was good or bad, but it must have been river cat cause it smelled fishy, not like the farm raised stuff. She couldn't eat it. We also had the fried corn app, pretty tasty and interesting. As far as i remember everyone really liked their meal except my fiancee....

Apr 20, 2007
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest

best best best new fave

The breakfast at their old location was my favorite in Seattle. I haven't been to the new location yet. Sounds like i have to go now...

Apr 20, 2007
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest

Seattle- Perfect french fries?

I gotta say the truffle fries at Saltoro are pretty damn good.

Apr 15, 2007
gt1485a in Greater Seattle

Sydney Burgers

Does anyone have an opinion/leads on the best burger in Sydney?


Mar 24, 2007
gt1485a in Australia/New Zealand

Looking for best inexpensive Indian food in Seattle

I've had excellent food at the Kabab House, you just have to go knowing what to expect. The mutar paneer, chicken tikka masala, and kahari ghost are some of my favorites in fact the best i've had in Seattle. And as you stated I don't think i would recommend the kababs. I just call my order in ahead of time and eat at home. After moving to the new location they have had trouble finding wait staff so service is in fact dreadfull. In response to karen2006 I personally think Cedar's is a bit bland, most meals i've had there leave me feeling dissapointed.

Mar 21, 2007
gt1485a in Pacific Northwest

Thailand? Does anyone eat there? [moved from International Bd.]

I've an upcoming trip to Thailand and I can't find a single reference to Thailand anywhere on chowhound. Does anyone have any recommendations/experiences they can share?