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Green coffee beans and quality

I'm thinking about buying some green beans in quantity (10lbs +) but am not sure which direction to turn. Greenbeanery certainly has lower prices compared to say someone like Birds and Beans but should I expect Birds and Beans to be a better quality since they are also a prominent cafe as well? (I want to go Fair Trade organic so my options are not as plentiful.)

It seems a bit hard to find a green bean wholesaler in the southern Ontario area that utilizes the grading system of beans which would certainly help out an amateur home roaster like myself.

What I guess I am asking is there any green coffee bean wholesaler that is known for selling top quality beans?

Coffee's "best before" date

I'm hoping you can help me out. I do not profess to being a coffee connoisseur, however, I as I understand it, roasted coffee does not have an extended shelf life.

I am confused when I read that roasted coffee specialty coffee such as Kicking Horse and Starbucks has a "best before" date stamped on their bags. The thing is, they are for around July 2008 and it's only November 2007.

Now I am aware that good bags and the C02 valves allows roasted beans to be bagged right after roasting but I've always been under the impression that beans start to loose their freshness and aroma after the roast. Now I am aware that they have no been exposed to air if they aren't open, but a 9 month "shelf life" seems almost bizzare.

While most likely these beans will never reach the nine month mark I am confused about this date. Is it true that these beans will produce "good" coffee nine months from now if properly packaged or is this more of a marketing ploy to get consumers to think this is top-quality coffee since it lasts so long.

Dec 08, 2007
tommy99 in General Topics

Do-it-yourself coffee roasting

I'm putting together a business plan for a cafe.

Now obviously to have larger profit margins, green coffee in bulk is the way to go. Saying that, I'm not entirely sure I am ready to deal with the roasting process at this point.

Is there any "you roast" coffee business in the Toronto area - similar to the U-Brew establishments for beer and wine. I'm guessing not but thought I'd ask.

Ice Cream wholesalers

Thanks for all this - it is a great start. After last night's ice storm (Mar 1st), I certainly do wish summer would get here quick!

Ice Cream wholesalers

Tried an Internet search without success.

Planning for the summer and am considering selling ice cream, not a lot, maybe four flavours to choose from but don't want the "supermarket" brand.

Was hoping a Greg's or Ed's Scoop might sell wholesale but can't locate their website. Any suggestions and recommendations?

Best bread wholesaler in GTA

Looking for any experience with a wholesaler of top-quality, specialty breads.

Looking for 2-3 times a week delivery of select breads. Want something you're not going to see at Loblaws/Dominion.

Trying to introduce breads to a community.

Any experiences/recommendations you have are greatly appreciated.