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Cheap Eats in Venice (near Lincoln & Rose)...

Looking for some recommendations for cheap filling food in Venice, open late, after 9pm Monday nights near Lincoln and Rose, around the Oakwood recreational area of Venice. By cheap I mean $10-15 a person, as I will be dining with college students. How far are we willing to travel...a five minute ride is fine or anything on our way back to UCLA in Westwood. Also, plenty of parking is a must. We have done La Cabana, at corner of rose and Lincoln, in the past, hearty mexican food, good margaritas and close to site. We also tried C & O Trattoria off of Washingotn- large portions, parking was the pits. Looking for more options and some tasty recommendations. Thanks for your recommendations.

Jul 06, 2007
sstuder in Los Angeles Area

Cheap food for a party with kids

Need ideas for food to serve at a party for a non-profit I work with. There will be about 30 people at the party; about 15 kids ages 4-15 and roughly 15-20 staff members mostly college students. Basically, each staff member, about 10-12 of us, is expected to bring some food item for the party. We have roughly $50 to spend for the night. Have done pot lucks in the past with mixed results. Looking for an alternative to ordering pizza. Healthier option are encouraged as we are a health promotion organization. Also, limited resources are available at the party location; a sink, a microwave, a fridge, and a crockpot. I am looking for recipes/menu ideas that require various ingredients but little if any prep time to pull together to make a complete meal. I would like to have them all contribute to one main dish or a cohesive meal. Also, I am looking for ideas that are kid-friendly and allow kids some choices; i.e we did nachos once and let the kids choose their toppings. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Feb 28, 2007
sstuder in Home Cooking