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The Indian Chipotle Exists Right Now in San Francisco at Tava

Didn't some guy try doing somthing like this a few years ago on a TV show, which, by the way, Steve Ells was part of? (America's Next Great Restaurant?)

Jan 18, 2013
vachona in Features

Merken (Chilean Spice Blend) ?

It's also available online. Amazon has it, as do other sources. The company name is Chilean Gourmet, and "Merken" is also known as "mapuche". Try any combination of those names on Google or Yahoo. Penzey's usually doesn't carry other companies' spice blends, since they make their own. (They may have something similar.) Otherwise, you can also try The Spice House, and there are many other spice companies online.

Sep 30, 2011
vachona in Los Angeles Area

Merken (Chilean Spice Blend) ?

Merken is available at Whole Foods.

Jun 05, 2009
vachona in Los Angeles Area